03/30/2018 (2615)

Public School Email address (@k12.nd.us) concerns/problems.

For those of you employed with the ND Schools, using your @k12.nd.us email address.

You employer has placed a lot of restrictions and red flags on these accounts. As a result, many messages sent to you, from whomever, are not delivered. Not all are returned undeliverable either. Those messages not returned and not delivered end up in outer space somewhere never to be seen again. A big percentage of my returns are these address.

For those of you using these addresses, for better, more reliable service, I highly suggest using Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo or any of the other major email providers for your personal email. They are all free and easily set up. I use Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and AOL. They are all good. Gmail would be my recommendation. For a monthly fee of $9.00 AOL allows me to send unlimited messages however they do cap me at 1,000 daily. There are days I exceed a thousand and have to use one of my Gmail accounts.

All seven of my email address are good. I use Microsoft Outlook to manage my email. Message from all my email accounts are fed into and displayed in outlook.



Condolences to the Virginia Poitra family
From Marlys Hiatt (’71): Dunseith, ND.

To the family of Virginia Poitra – I am so sorry to hear of Virginia’s passing.  I know she was a was beautiful lady in every way.

Marlys Hiatt


Patrick J. Liere scholarship
Posted by Larry Liere (’55):  Devils Lake, ND

Hi All

I have visited with most of you over the years about our son Patrick who died at age 23 of cancer while a senior in college at UND.  Yesterday he would have turned 54 had he lived.  Every year the college foundation holds a luncheon for the families that have given scholarships and since we could not attend our daughter Sara went in our place.  She sent the picture in the attachment of Patrick taken about two years before he got sick and put it side by side of another picture of the commemorative plaque about the scholarship in his name.  Thirty one students have received a Patrick J. Liere scholarship over the last 31 years

Since I have talked to many of you about the loss of a loved one many of you have told me about your loss of a loved one.  I am sharing this story with you because I feel doing something like setting up anything that keeps on giving for many, many more years is a great way to keep the memories of a loved one alive.

Thank you for being a friend,



Message from Allen Richard (’65):  Midland, MI

I’m trying to switch from AOL to Gmail.  Please add my Gmail address to the blog.

We moved from Midland, MI  to Grand Rapids, MI —- Wonderful place!

Most importantly, Our daughter, Alaina, who accompanied me to the reunion, Has won a full scholarship to the University of Michigan  — and will be fully funded through her PHD — in Chemical Biology.  Alaina graduated from Alma College here in MI a couple years ago.  Since then she has been working in a drug testing lab in Kalamazoo.  Like most things, she “did it her way.”  We are very proud!

Gary’s Comment.
Allen, I have added your new email address to my distribution. Congrats to Alaina too. I remember her well, being with you at our 2007 reunion. Very nice girl indeed.


Blog (691) posted on January 21, 2010

Posted on January 21, 2010

Mel Kuhn (70):

Reply from Larry Hackman (66): Bismarck, ND


Just a few items that I have rolling around inside the old cranium that I thought I would put out there. Maybe someone has a answer or two.

I wish I would have known about old Mel having problems? I would have went up and hooked him up to a trickle charger. We could have probably saved him some gas money. Glad to here you are is doing fine Mel. Hang in there old buddy, there is life to be lived.


DeAnn Gottbreht, Dughter of Ernie Gottbreht & Brenda Hill, has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer:

Posted by Verena Gillis: Dunseith, ND

Gary, would you please post this on the blog? I know this is Super Bowl
Sunday but we will be quite finished with everything before 5:00.
Thank you-Verena  PS-currently working on vender bids for the reunion meal.

Reply from Barbara Tent (Bergan) Riehm: San Diego, CA.

 Yes – thank you for adding me to your distribution list. You do such a great job – time consuming I know, but we all do appreciate all the hard work.

Folks, Barbara was a first Cousin to Clayton Bergan. Oscar Bergan was her uncle. Alfred Bjornseth was her first cousin too.

Barbara, In my growing up days I really didn’t know you, but Oscar and Sylvia Bergan mentioned you often. I felt as though I knew you well thru them. My dad knew your mother, Julia Bergan Trent, pretty well too. Gary

Snow Planes:

Reply from Allen Richard (65): Midland, MI

Wow– Does that bring back the 60’s!!! Gary Pigeon had one with a 125 hp Lycoming (sp?) We were over run with jack rabbits back then and there was a bounty. Gary’s plane had a “pop top” and he would ride shotgun and I would drive. It was way more fun than I ever had on a snowmobile — (I won’t talk about a few trips to Metegoshe :-)) Anyway, Gary had a two ton truck load of rabbits at the end of the season. We got 45 in a couple hours one afternoon–and quit. There was no more room in the plane for either of us.

Gary went to Canada with a note pad and came back and built a prop machine that would cut props from a laminated block of wood. That was kind of important since the ejected shotgun shells sometimes went into the prop and knocked the leading edge off. Major vibration. We would take a vice grip and break off a similar sized piece form the other side of the prop so we wouldn’t trash the engine on the way home.

I recall one day when we were heading home from town on the soil bank when Gary told me to put my foot in it. John Bedard was next to us on highway 3 in the 60 Pontiac he had– we went side by side until I had to let off because I ran out of “road.” I never did ask John how fast we were going, but it was one of my quicker trips home!

One “snow planer” mounted a mower sickle to the front of his so he could slice through barbed wire fences–I took his name in vain a few times when I “fixed fence” in the spring.

It all begs the question–why am I still alive to write this????????


Snow Planes:

Reply from Susan Fassett Martin (65): Spearfish SD

#1 is Bernard Morin and the Harley Davidson guy is Travis metcalfe (married to my cousin Debbie Armentrout)

Snow Plane folks identification:

From Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND.


It appears I overlooked listing the guys in the snowplane picture.

L-R Bernard Morin, Roger Humphries, Travis Metcalfe, and Gib Donovan.
Bernard is from here and the other three are from Arizona. Travis is
originally from here and is the son of Emil and Ann Metcalfe and is the
only brother of Elaine and the late Kathy and Janice. Thanks Gary!


L-R: Bernard Morin, Roger Humphries, Travis Metcalfe, and Gib Donovan

The following postings are posted by

Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND.

Lester and Marian lived for a number years on Lester’s home place located several miles NW of the Ackworth cemetery. Lester’s dad, James Johnson, was a brother to Sander, Eddie, Mrs. Jacob Bjornseth & Mrs. Art Bjornseth. I must be getting old because I remember all those folks all so well. Gary

03/28/2018 (2614)

Aime Casavant (66) Visit’s Bill Hosmer (’48) in Tucson AZ.
Posting from Aime Casavant (’66):  Jamestown, ND

 Bill Hosmer, Aime Casavant and Dale Banot.

Having a good time at an Italian Restaurant in Tucson. Bill is such a great host. An evening of good conversation and celebration of growing up in Dunseith, serving in the Air Force (Dale and I were jet mechanics and trained together, Dale went to Minot AFB and I went to Edwards in CA and of course, we all know Bill who flew left wing with the Thunderbirds).

We all served in SE Asia, Bill did two tours.

Gary, it was such a good time, I  thought I would share this on the blog.  Cheers!

Gary’s comment
Yes, Aime for sure we will post this on the Blog. So glad that you were able to see Bill Too.
Casavant Hosmer 2614

Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe:  Bottineau & Minot, ND

Virginia Poitra

Virginia Poitra, age 88 of Dunseith, died Thursday at a Rugby hospital.  Her funeral will be held on Wednesday at 9:00 am at St. Michael’s Catholic Church in Dunseith.  Her wake will be on Tuesday beginning at 6:00 pm with a service at 7:00 pm at the church.  Burial will be at the St. Mary’s Catholic Cemetery in the spring.

Virginia M. Poitra was born the 2nd oldest of 14 children on December 29, 1929 at home to Mike and Josephine (“La Se Do” Davis) Poitra. She was raised in the Dunseith area and attended Greatwalker and Roussin schools. At the age of 17 she began working at San Haven doing various jobs. She married Alfred R. Poitra on October 17, 1950 at Belcourt and together had eight children. They were married for 46 years until he passed on February 26, 1996. Around 1966, she went back to work in the laundry department at San Haven until it closed in 1987.

After her retirement, she enjoyed playing bingo and spending time with her family. She was a great cook and made Sunday dinner for them. She was well noted for her homemade noodles and donuts. In her younger days, she did a lot of canning in the fall. She did embroidery, also. Her favorite holiday was New Year’s Day and tended to bake up a storm. Virginia was a devoted Catholic and a member of St. Michael the Archangel Parish of Dunseith.

In November 2014, she entered in the Rolette Care Center and was later admitted in Rugby Long Term Care until her passing. She will be lovingly missed by her family and friends.

Virginia is survived by her children: Susan (late Alan) Poitra, Bonnie (Lowell) Poitra, Ola Houle, Curtis (Linda) Poitra, Donna (Carson) Belgarde, Pam Poitra, Nolan (Lynda) Poitra all of Dunseith, ND; and Pearl (Mark) Poitra of Wisconsin Rapids, WI. Sisters: Ina Allery of Dunseith, Esther Eller of Dunseith, Mabel (Morris) Delorme of Bismarck, Mary Ann (Sandy) Morin of Dunseith, Linda (Dubby) Morin of Dunseith, Geraldine (Lindsay) Larson of Belcourt. Brothers: Arnold (Sonny) Poitra of Belcourt, Raymond Poitra of Dunseith, Peter Poitra of Rolette, Gene (Karen) Poitra of Belcourt. Sister-in-law Ginger Poitra of Belcourt. She had 27 grandchildren, 79 great-grandchildren and 36 great-great grandchildren.

She was preceded in death by her husband Alfred, parents Mike and Josephine, 3 siblings, numerous brother and sister in-laws, and 2 grandsons.

Meal following at The Eagle Heart Building in Dunseith, ND.

Arrangements were with the Nero Funeral Home in Bottineau.  Friends may sign the online register book at www.nerofuneralhome.net.


Sincere sympathy to the  family of Virginia Poitra.

Message from Vickie Metcalfe (’70):  Bottineau, ND

I  recall her daughters, Susan, Bonnie and Ola attending Dunseith School in Junior High. I believe,  Susan was in our class.

Vickie L. Metcalfe


Blog (690) posted on January 20, 2010

Posted on January 20, 2010

Reply from Vickie Hiatt LaFontaine (73): Grafton, ND

I smiled so over the red hats picture. When my mother-in-law Lillian LaFontaine was @ the Bottineau nursing home I gave her one of my red hats. Come on Ladies 50 and over grab a red hat, laugh, and dont give a darn what anybody thinks. If younger then 50 grab a pink hat and do the same. I hope everyone reading is having a blessed winter season. Vickie Hiatt LaFontaine

Message/Request from Pam Wenstad Lane (78): Dunseith, ND.

Hi Gary,

Is it to late to sign up for the reunion? I hope not. Don Wenstad would like to be signed in. He is from the class of “66” and lives in Overly. Thanks for everything you do. I can’t imagine how much time you take out of your day to keep everyone in contact with each other. I don’t know many of the people , but its nice to be in a close and Proud relationship of people.

Thank You, Pam Lane “78”

Pam, I have added your brother Don to the reunion list. I will be posting an updated copy tomorrow. Gary

Email address change:

From Michael (59) & Jan LaCroix Kester (59): Fargo, ND

Hi Gary! My e-mail is now: Thank you.

Email address change:

From Marshall Awalt (51):


After fighting this computer thing for so long we just got a new E-mail address. Please make the change.

Thanks for every thing.

Have a great day Marshall

Reply from Barbara Trent Riehm: San Diego, CA

Thanks for sending the pictures of your wife and you. Looks like you live in beautiful green surroundings. It is finally raining here in southern california – we have needed it so badly. Really enjoy watch it come down.
I had a lovely visit in Montana with my family – all on ice however. I was so careful walking to and from cars and homes not wanting to fall. Then on my last night there fell down some stairs inside my daughter’s home. Landed on my left shoulder and arm. Thanks goodness I didn’t break anything,but was one armed for awhile. Still bothers me some but I golfed last Saturday !!!
Happy New Year to you. I always look forwad to your e-mails.
Barbara Riehm

Barbara, I know this was a personal reply, but with you being related to the Bergan’s and some of the Bjornseth’s I’d like to share your reply with our readers. I’m sure many others know you too. I know many folks remember your mother, Julia Bergan Trent. She was pretty well known in the Bottineau community. With this reply, I have added you to our distribution list. Please let me know if that is OK. Gary

Picture from Neola Kofoid Garbe: Bottineau & Minot, ND.

As you can see, this is “yours truly”. It appears I’m talking–what a surprise!! Neola

Neola, This is beautiful picture! You look absolutely wonderful! You are good for another 70. Gary

Replies to Picture below:

Reply from Roger & Connie Zorn Landsverk: Bottineau, ND

How fun to look @ the photos on the Dunseith alumni.

I know Ina Johnson. She does well of her age. She’s out driving yet & does well!!I knew her brother Maurice & his wife Adeline & children. I know their daughter Karen the best. I think they have one boy living yet but not quite sure (Terry)? I know Janice ( Kersten) Bjornseth & her parents.

Is Virgil Rude a brother to Glen Rude?? I know a little bit. I visited his mom when working as a home health nurse.

I knew all the Red Hat Ladies pictured with Alice Kuhn. They are all deceased but Alice.

I had a nice visit with Marie Lafromboise on Monday afternoon. She had been to her brother,s funeral in the morning

take care Connie & roger

Connie; Virgil and Glen Rude are first cousins. They are double first cousins. Viola Bjornseth, Virgil’s, mother and Gladys Bjornseth, Glen’s mother were sisters. They were also sisters to Ralph Bjornseth. Viola and Gladys married Twins, Alfred & Albert Rude. Glen’s brother, LaVerne is married to Carrole Fauske.

Reply from Mel Kuhn (70): Saint John, ND.

Howdy Gary,

A big thanks to Neola for the picture of my Mom. It feels good to be back home reading your daily mailings. The week before Christmas I was in Bismarck for a regular doctor’s visit and I flunked my stress test. An appointment was set up for me for last Wed. the 13th. to checkout some suspected blockages. They went in and found 2 and put in 2 stints, everything went well until I got put into a room and I crashed. A heart attack and 2 more stints and I’m back at home. Total 4 stints. Now this story just leads up to what happened back in “95” when I had a heart attack and a by-pass done. What I’m thinking is that I should have sprung for all new parts last time instead of going with the used Ford parts from Dick Johnson. He says no warranty, what do you think?

Mel Kuhn [70]

Mel, Since we had not heard from you in a while, I was wondering what happened to you. I am sorry to hear of your heart attack. You were in the right place when you had it. I am hoping those 4 stints will do the trick forever. I’ll bet you are feeling better now too.

Speaking of Dick and used car parts, I recently got in touch with Kenny Pederson. Kenny and I were confirmed together in Nordland. His parents were Fern and Oliver Pederson. When I mentioned Dick Johnson’s name to him, he said “I know Dick. We’ve done a lot of horse trading.” I’m not sure if it was Kenny or Dick that told me Dick had bought a whole bunch of ‘Model – A’ ford car parts from Kenny. It was like a grab box with a collection of what ever. So I know Dick has a collection of car parts and a nice collection of old classic cars too.Gary

Reply from Vickie Metcalfe (70: Bottineau, ND.

Alice (Cote) Kuhn (Mel Kuhns mom) is still living, in the photo shes
across the table from my mother. They both were from Dunseith area.
My mother moved to St. Andrews on her birthday, 3 years ago, where
she lived until she passed away two years ago. Vickie

Reply from Neola Kofoid Garbe: Bottineau & Minot, ND.

Hi Gary,

When I took the picture of the “red hat” ladies, the only one I knew at that time, was Mrs. Block. She was (has now passed away) from the Gardena area. I met her/her daughter/sons “way back” when I was in high school. When I saw the picture today, because of your newsletters, I recognized the names Metcalfe/Kuhn. I didn’t realize this was Vickie’s mother. Actually, at the time this picture was taken, I didn’t know Vickie, either. I recognize the Juntunen name because of Linda Juntunen.


Gary and Friends,

This past Sunday, I had some old and new friends up here at my place
for a nostalgic afternoon. Nostalgic for me, but new and exciting for
them. Travis Metcalfe and a couple buddys from Mesa, AZ and Bernard
Morin from Dunseith came up and took turns driving my old snowplane
around on Horseshoe Lake. Trav had asked me several times if there would
be a rally where he could get to see a snowplane in action. We haven’t
had a snowplane rally for two years so I just got the old beast going
and turned them loose here on the lake. They were up for a couple days
and were also ice fishing on Carpenter Lake and visiting friends and
family. I took a few pictures for the rest of you to see. Thanks Gary!


Dick, These are great Pictures! Which of the four are Travis Metcalfe (76) and Bernard Morin (76): Gary

03/23/2018 (2613)

Message from  Esther Murray Flemming (65):  Burton, MI

Hi Gary

Just a short note to let you know my father-in-law  passed away  this morning at around 4:00 in the  Arkansas Methodist Hospital in Paragould, Arkansas.  All prayers are welcome.

Thank you so much.

Love to all Esther.

Our condolences are with you and your family Esther.


Blog (689) posted on January 19, 2010

Posted on January 19, 2010

Johnson picture:

From Neola Kofoid Garbe: Bottineau & Minot, ND.


This was taken at Ina Johnson Jensen’s 90th birthday party. I don’t know how many of the girls your readers know, but I’m assuming they would know Ralph/Luella’s daughter–Luella provided the information.

Again, the world is so small. Ralph/Luella’s daughter is married to Brian Kersten. Brian is from the Gardena/Kramer area. I was his third and fourth grade teacher when I taught in Kramer, 1961-1963. Brian/Janice live in the Max, ND area. Karen Johnson was in my Sunday School Class of five-year-olds MANY years ago at First Lutheran in Bottineau.

Thanks to Luella Boardman Bjornseith for identifying these ladies.


The girls are from left to right: Janice Bjornseth Kersten (our daughter) with the striped shirt), Karen Johnson (Maurice Johnson’s daughter); Amber Kirkeby Hedstrom (Adeline Johnson’s daughter) & Mavis Gronneberg Siem (Sylvia Johnson Gronneberg’s daughter). All four cousin’s daughters. and they are all nearly the same age. Amber is just a little younger than the other girls. The picture turned out real good.


Virgil Rude:

From Neola Kofoid Garbe: Bottineau & Minot, ND.

Note: Virgil is also a cousin to the gal’s pictured above, thru his grandparents, Jacob and Cora Johnson Bjornseth.

Gary, I’m sending this update on Virgil’s health, with his permission to include it in your newsletter.



I am almost back to my previous health except I tire easily.
I will be working at the college again in couple weeks, but will only
see 7 students. Gerry (Virgil’s wife–also a retired teacher)and I are again
doing some work with the National Assessments. We are doing a pilot
program on testing with computers in 5 schools. Bottineau is one of them.


Folks, Many of you know Virgil Rude. He is the son of Alfred and Viola Bjornseth Rude. They lived about 3 miles east of Lake Metigoshe on the south side of highway 43. Virgil is recovering from a stroke. He was an educator/administor in the Minot school system for years. He is also a retired Senior Officer from the ND National Guard.

Virgil Rude

Dorothy Block, Charlotte Metcalfe, Betty Juntunen, Alice Kuhn Picture

From Neola Kofoid Garbe: Bottineau & Minot, ND.

Hi Gary,

Have I shared this picture with you?

One day I was visiting

at Good Samaritan in 2005, they were having “Red Hat” Day. I had my camera with me, so I took many pictures of the ladies/gentleman who were attending the event.


Neola, I have never seen this picture before. Another Jewel to be treasured.

I’m not sure about Dorothy Block & Betty Juntunen, but the other two I am.

Charlotte (Lottie) is Vickie’s mother and Alice Kuhn is Mel’s mother.

Thank you Neola, Gary

Added Metigoshe Pickup sinking picture posted yesterday:

From Ele Dietrich Slyter (69): Dunseith, ND.

Here, I hope I did things right, is another picture to add to the Metigoshe pickup file.
Thank you for all your hard work and sticking with us through all these emails.


03/21/2018 (2612)

Latest  Journal Entry on  the Caring Bridge Site:
Judy LaCroix McGuire (’59): Malignant Brain Tumors

Judy most likely will be released from the hospital today!

Journal entry by Lynn Negaard — 11 hours ago

Judy’s left side has almost woken up completely
Occupational Therapy has cancelled any food restrictions
Physical Therapy has released her to go home to outpatient rehab
Medical team has released her to go home with follow up treatment to be in St Cloud

Prayer requests:
Judy’s short term memory would return
Judy’s safety as she returns home and that she’ll remember to slow down
Larry’s stamina to care for her needs
For pathologists to determine effective treatment plan for this rare & unresponsive type of cancer
Adjustments to the new normal at home

Judy is headed home and will enjoy about a 3 week break of healing and recovery at home now.
Larry and Judy are planning to spend the next couple of days at Bob and Janel’s house in Owatonna.  We promise to keep everyone posted on when they will be returning to Litchfield.

 Web Link


Honoring the wives of Vietnam veterans
Loretta Neameyer Wall ’72 receives the surviving spouse pin

Posted by Vickie Metcalfe (’70)

Live video link of Loretta receiving her “Vietnam Surviving Spouse Pin”


Dr. Gary Wall and Gary Stokes Meet in Vietnam (Vietnam War 1969)
Bottineau Courant Article provided by Loretta Neameyer Wall ’72


Loretta was so kind sending me this article yesterday. I had lost my copy years ago.
Thank you Loretta.

Loretta’s Note:
“Here’s Gary’s copy of the article. Little yellow now and faded”
Vietnam, Stokes and Wall


Iris Wolvert’s Obit provided by Neola Kofoid Garbe:

 I was very surprised and saddened to hear of Iris’s passing. Her mother was a Bedard. Over the past years, we exchanged many messages with her contribution to the blog. She was a good Face Book friend too. I/we will miss her dearly.
Wolvert, Iris 2612


Blog (688) posted on January 18, 2010

Posted on January 18, 2010


With today’s posting of the Pickup truck breaking thru the ice in the middle of Lake Metigoshe, I have included a lot of my relatives and friends with today’s message that are not normally on our distribution. For you folks, I thought this would be of interest to you as well. Those stories and pictures are near the bottom of this message.


Dorothy Pritchard’s 97th Birthday:

Previously posted with message 676 on 1/5/10

Note: Folks this is just a reminder of this message that was previously posted. With this being a suprise, again, I will delete this posting with Dorothy’s copy today. Let’s make Dorothy’s day.

Birthday Card shower for Dorothy Pritchard:


Dorothy Pritichard will be 97 years young on January 25th. Dorothy has been a resident at Saint Andrews long term for several years now. She’s a little slow moving around, but her mind is sharp as ever. The hospital prints off all of these daily messages for her to read, however the copy they get from me today for Dorothy will not have this posting of her. This card shower will be a surprise for her.

Dorothy and Robert Pritchard and family were our Neighbors to the south up in the hills. Their children John (62), Dale (63), and Carol (67) graduated from Dunseith. Robert was a brother to Corbin Pritchard and Winifred Eurich.

If at all possible, please send Dorothy a card. Your cards will for sure brighten her days.


Dorothy Pritchard

Room 109

316 Ohmer St

Bottineau, ND 58318

Marie Graber:

Posting from Neola Kofoid Garbe: Bottineau & Minot, ND.

Hi Gary,

I think someone mentioned Marie Graber awhile ago, and I said there was a Mrs. Graber who lived across the hall from Mom. It is Marie. If someone would like to send a note to her, they can send it to this email address. I’ll print it and give it to Marie the next time I visit Mom. I’ll be in Bottineau until about January 25th and then back again about a week later.


Neola, Marie is a sister to Willie Lafromboise, who recently passed away. Gary

Dunseith Baseball stories from the 60’s:

From Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND.

Gary and Friends,

Larry’s story of the baseball in the park got me thinking of a few
stories from that same field. I remember watching Don Egbert playing in
a game and what happened to him is still real clear in my mind. Don was
up to bat and was wearing the normal batters hardhat for those days. It
was just about like a baseball cap and had no ear and side protection
like the newer ones have. There was a fast pitcher and he whipped one in
that caught Don right on the left temple. Don dropped like he had been
shot! I helped butcher here at the farm and saw how animals drop so this
made me think he was a goner! The coaches game on the run and both teams
ran to the plate but poor Don just laid there for a minute or two.
Pretty soon he started to move and got up and stumbled over to the
bench, much to my relief. In another game a couple years later there was
a car parked directly behind the catcher and a foul ball went over the
back fence and came down on the roof of the car. The guy in the car
backed out of the spot and headed for a safer spot along the west fence.
Ernie Gottbreht came driving in, in his dad’s copper colored ’60 Olds,
and saw the perfect spot to park–right behind the catcher. He hadn’t
even shut the car off when a high foul ball came down over the fence and
landed right in the middle of that big windshield. There was a ‘spider’
from top to bottom and both ways to the side. It seems I didn’t really
understand all the terms Ernie was muttering about the mishap!

There was another time when there were several teams of softball
players made up of local guys who played in the evenings. Lots of us
kids would walk or ride bikes down behind the city park to watch. I
remember a game when Bobby Pigeon was playing in the outfield. He was a
guy who looked like the ‘Fonz’ on the TV show called ‘Happy Days’. He
had his hair combed back and was wearing a white T shirt and we thought
he was cool! Someone hit a high fly over the snow fence and Bobby took
off toward the fence and jumped it and caught the ball. The people were
blowing their car horns like crazy for this amazing feat. A few innings
later there was another high fly over the fence and my old buddy Lowell
Leonard took off to catch it like Bobby Pigeon had done. He jumped the
fence but only got one foot over and landed straddling the fence—not
good! He pulled the fence over and landed on the ground in agony. I
still remember how he pulled his leg off the fence and let the fence
stand back up and then had to lay behind it while all the people were
blowing their horns and laughing! Poor Lowell!

One more memory of baseball. In a Babe Ruth game in the park, Don
Mongeon was pitching for Dunseith. He was a good fast pitcher and put
out lots of batters. He wound up and sent in a fast pitch and the big
guy batting hit a line drive right back to Don’s knee cap! It hurt
everyone that saw it, including Don! Thanks Gary!


Pickup truck breaks thru the Ice in the middle of Lake Metigoshe:

Folks, I received all of the pictures pasted below of this incident from Neola Kofoid Garbe, Dick Johnson & LeaRae Parrill Espe. When I first saw these pictures I did not think this was for real, but it is and this did happen. What a genius recovery. I’ll have to say the ND folks were pretty cleaver with this rescue. It’s a wonder this did not make national news. I’m curious as to the extent of damage to the pickup? I’m hoping to get that feed back.

I remember back in my days, up in the hills, folks used to drive on the lakes all the time in the winter months. I never remember hearing of any vehicles going through the ice. I know Lester Johnson used to drive the Bottineau School bus across Bergan Lake when he got snowed in to the east. Since he lived right by the lake, I’m sure he did not have any kids on the bus crossing the lake. This has been a cold winter too. The ice should be pretty thick, I’d think.


From Neola Kofoid Garbe: Bottineau & Minot, ND.

This email was forwarded to me; Chad is not my brother-in-law.  ng

These are pictures from Lake Metigoshe over by
Larson Marine. My brother-in-law Chad dived under the ice
to hook the pickup up to lift it out of the lake.

The pickup fell through the ice about two weeks ago. It was 364 yards off shore

and the ice was too thin to pull it out so we ran ropes under the ice
for over 1000 feet and dragged it to shore and cut a bigger
hole close to shore and pulled it out. I helped cut holes, run
rope and dive under the ice and hook the ropes and straps to
the pickup. What a great day. It went really well, something
that not everyone gets to experience. Hope you enjoy the

Reply from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND.


This pickup went through the ice by Masonic Island. It appears they brought it out in front of Larson Marine, which is next door to our place. They had a diver go down and hook a rope on to it and take it to another hole in the ice near the shore. They pulled it along the bottom and then cut a hole near the shore and lifted it out. I heard about it going in but didn’t hear when they got it out.

I understand it is Chad Driscol from Sherwood. He is married to Dana Feland from that area and is originally from Australia. My brother-in-law knew he was called to dive for the search. This is according to him though so I hope it’s correct.


Reply from LeaRae Parrill Espe (67): Bottineau, ND

We heard the guy who drove the pickup in the lake works for Larry Tooke. Larry bought Merle Allard’s business which was selling and putting up steel buildings. There was alot of talk about fines for pollution if they left the pickup in the lake. It was supposedly going to be very costly to get it out. No one was hurt.. Maybe the Metigoshe Mirror will have more.

If we get anything else I’ll let you know.

Yes Vickie will know if it is Chad Miller, but he works in Bismarck for the State Health Dept. , Environmental Division and so does my son Brady. Brady is pretty sure the Health Dept was not involved with the incident.


Going thru some pictures I noticed this one taken on mothers day 2009 that I thought I’d share with you. It’s a nice picture of Bernadette. I also thought I’d include the one of me so you can see where all these daily messages are originated from.


Cebu, Philippines – Mothers day 2009

Gary & Bernadette Stokes

Cebu, Philippines – 2009

Gary Stokes


03/18/2018 (2611)


I don’t have much new today. I was busy so I didn’t get a blog posted this past Friday or yesterday either. It is Sunday today, so this will be tomorrows blog a day early.

I will go with what I have plus the Archive posting from January 16, 2010.


Face book posting
I was asked to post.

Hopefully someone can be of some assistance enabling Shawna to find her mother.
face book


Blog (686) posted on January 16, 2010

Posted on January 17, 2010

Clyde Chase correction:

Reply from Bill Hosmer (48): Tucson, AZ & Lake Metigoshe, ND

Gents, It is MY error in this case and I am sorry for any ill will or embarrassment I may have caused.
Indeed, Clyde and my uncle Fred Hosmer used to work together on paint projects in the Dunseith area. I’ll be more careful in the future. Gary, you can sure put this out in your offering, to clear the issue, and I sincerely apologize for my error. Bill Hosmer

Bill, These errors happen. I’m sure the family understands. I know you did not have Clyde on your mind when you replied. Because his name is the most familiar Chase family name to you, his name is the one you absentmindedly listed. I am so famous for doing that very thing. I catch most of those errors before posting, but a few get out and that’s OK, even though I kick myself in the butt for doing it. You and everyone else do a remarkable job of remembering so much from the past. This stuff all happen 70 years ago or there about. These errors grab folks attention and generate comradery. That’s the big plus side to all of this. Gary

Clyde Chase:

Reply from Gary Metcalfe (57): Forsyth, MO

Hello, I know it was an unintentional error, but Clyde Chase did not kill anyone. As no one responded yesterday, I will offer some information about Clyde. Clyde had 13 children and he was the number one painter in the Dunseith area all his life. He lived north of San Haven in Chaseville.

Gary Metcalfe

Clyde Chase:

Reply Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND.


I’m pretty sure the man convicted of the murder was Fred Chase, not
Clyde Chase. I hope the family isn’t upset with the mistake. Clyde was
a painter of houses and buildings. Fred went to the penitentiary for the


Clyde Chase:

Reply From Cloette Hosmer (64): Santa Fe

I had intermittent internet contact for a couple of weeks during “reentry” back into the USA from China and due to my great old age, it has taken me awhile to catch up. Thanks for your responses, Gary and Dick, to my comments about Dad’s ’54 Red Jeep.

Can anyone tell me if Clyde Chase was the house painter? As a young kid, I remember him as a kind man (with one lame arm?) who painted some inside walls of our house when I was a small kid. He generously showed me how to dip the big brush in the bucket just so, and would even let me paint a little. Thanks, Colette

Reply from Marshall Awalt (51): Newport, NC

Gary, Thanks for 685. Had 28 degrees this a.m., got up to 60 this afternoon and expect 1-2 inches of rain tomorrow.


Message posted on our Dunseith Alumni Website:http://garystokes.net/default.aspx

From Carol Boucher Lorenz: North Myrtle Beach, SC

From: Carol Boucher Lorenz
Gary, I want to thank you for this great blog. Although I didn’t attend school in Dunseith, we lived only 5 miles away in Russell township. So many of the names are familiar because my parents talked about them. We are related to Gottbreht’s, Mona Johnson and Roland Mongeon.
I was especially happy to see a picture of Pearl Pigeon. She was my 4-H leader in the 50’s. She was a wonderful woman and taught me so many life skills. To this day, I remember her every time I sew or cook. What a special person who died too young.
Does anyone have pictures of Russell school? I’d love to see some.
My sister,Peggy, and I also worked at the San during the mid 60’s as did our mother when she was young.
Carol Boucher Lorenz

Carol, When I received your message last night, I forwarded a copy to Sharron Gottbreht Shen. I have pasted her reply below. Where did you go to school? With your phone number I see you are living in North Myrtle Beach, SC. Gary

Sharron’s reply: Everett, WA.

Yes Gary, thanks for sharing this message from Carol Jean, youngest daughter of Hector and Celia Poitier Boucher. At first, I would forward items to Peggy, and she would pass them on to Carmen and Carol. Carol and her husband spend their winters at shore of N Corolina. Bad case of beach envy here. Uncle Hector left each of those girls a chapter of his life and times growing up in Russell Twp. Hint, hint, Carol! Sharron

Another great Donald Egbert Story:

From Larry Hackman (66):


Glad to see that you are doing well. Them little fellows running around in the buff reminded me that we use to have that happen in Dunseith once in awhile, also. But, old man winter usually solved that problem purity fast. Actually a nice cold winter does cause people to do a lot of things that they would not ordinairly do, and quit a lot of things they ordinairly do. Well, you know the story. I’m sure you froze your donkey off a few times. +75degrees -cold, Does that even go together in the same sentence? What would Mr. Grossman say?

Have a nice day, Gary.


Larry, I’m sure that someone will share this story with Donald and it will for sure make his day. He has good recall of the past with great detail. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful story. Gary

Donald Egbert Story and More

Donald Egbert was quite a young man.I really didn’t do him justice with the story about the kinds of automobiles he once owned and that he was a outstanding basketball and football player in his younger days.He did play varsity when still in grade school. He also played baseball with the older fellows when he was about a 5th grader.

Don was also a young fellow that loved the ladies.He made more then one girls father nervous and caused some to drive the streets and roads in and around Dunseith looking for their daughters.One fellow told me that in the halls of Dunseith High, Don was also a terror.A gal meeting him in the hallway didn’t know whether to carry her books up high or down low?I,ll let someone else who knows more then I was told, finish this paragraph?

Don was never afraid to attempt anything.If he needed or wanted a job and if hefound out a contractor or business man, who needed a certain type worker.Thats what Don would become.I remember a contractor needed painters.Don told him that he was a painter, and was told to show up the next morning to go to work.Don went and walked around the construction site, finding out what kind of equipment he would need to have of his own, to perform the work.Then he went to the hardware store and bought all the necessary brushes and equipment that was required to do the job.He was hired and worked all summer as a journeyman painter.

I remember Don coming by the house one evening in the late 50’s.He asked me to go for a walk with him to the south part of town.Apparently there was a new girl in town and he wanted to check her out.We got down to her house and I think over half the boys in town were there.They were everywhere you looked.The girl was out visiting with a few of the boys and most all the rest were on standby and in a purelyobservation type posture.Then as if on cue into the yard pulled this vehicle, and out jumped this fellow.It was the girls father.He yelled, ” What hell are you?A bunch of dogs in heat?Get the hell out of here”.It didn’t take us long, we and the other boys scattered, and the girl disappeared into the house.Everyone was gone.

Being a young fellow and only an observer on this occasion, I just took mental notes.How was I to know, that about 30 years later, that I would be able to put to good use, the information I had gathered from that incident?

I had moved my family back to Harvey, ND and had bought a house.I came home after a long hot day at work.As I pulled into the driveway, I couldn’t help but notice that my house, and the entire property was crawling with boys.They appeared to be circling.I swear, some even appeared to be marking their territory, and others sniffing and remarking the same spot.My daughter was standing on the step visiting with a few of the boys.I immediately had a flash back to that time in Dunseith.I got out of my pickup and growled. ” What the hell are you?A bunch of dogs in heat?Get the hell out of here”.To my surprise and satisfaction it worked.Them boys all disappeared in less then a heart beat.My children occasionally remember and bring this experience up in conversation, and remind me howembarrased they were.But, as I leave the room, I smile to myself, thinking back and remembering , how well this worked for Mr. Fassett.I bet he was chuckling to himself too, and a little surprised, at how well it worked.It sure worked for me! When the same situation presented itself to me.A lesson learned!By the way, I’m sending a copy of this to my kids, and if their replies aren’t to bad, I’ll foreward them onto Gary.

I remember another time when Don came upon two girls fighting.The loser was left sitting on the ground crying.Don walked over to her and picked her up.As she wrapped her arms around Don’s neck, she looked up into his eyes and stated to him. ” your just like superman”.Don walked a little taller that day.However, it was rumored a few years down the road that the same girl called him a banana-nose.I don’t know what Don did or was attempting to do to cause this responce.Actually I do, but I’ll let someone else tell that story.It seemed that it took Don, and everyone else a long time, before everyone forgot this moniker. (thanks Kenny).

Don was also a outstanding baseball player.Don’s nick-name at the time was Lee May.I don’t recall why the other team members gave him the name.It may be that Don hadn’t quite grown into his ears yet and resembled the fabled baseball players look.Have you noticed that boys at a certian age have ears that stick straight out from their heads.They kind of look like a semi coming at you with both doors open?Girls, I suppose have the same problem, but are able to hide them with their hair.

Don played the position of either second base or shortstop.Which in itself says he was good baseball player.I think John Morgan and George Gottbreht were assistant coachs for the summer baseball team, andClarence Michaels, who was the cop, was the coach for the team.Some of the other players on the team were John Leonard (right hand) and Julian Kalk (left hand)- pitchers, and Jim Evans -catcher, and Lyle Lamoureux -first base, and Dave Shelver-third base.I don’t recall who the other players were and I may have some of their positions wrong, but I do remember that there were two or three more cousins of John Leonard’s that played on the team.I think there family ran the restaurant that was located along Main, where Wayne’s Grocery store is now located.Because, after baseball practice, The Leonards and I would wander up there and the people running the restaurant would give us each a chocolate ice cream sundae.I remember that summer (1957?) as being really hot.Them ice cream sundaes tasted real good.In the afternoons we would all make our way down to the creek, straight west of the new high school.The school wasn’t built yet, so this statement is for the benefit of the younger crowd.For the older crowd, the swimming hole was straight north of the slaughter house, intersection of highway#5 and Willow Creek.There was a small crook in the creek with a tree on the east bank with a slopeing trunk you could walk up and a large branch that hung out over the creek that we dived off.The area was shaded and was a great place to swim and hang out during the hot sunny afternoons.How did a young fellow like me get involved with the baseball team.Well, John Leonard would come walking by the house every morning on his way to baseball practice and invite me along.We lived in the large two story house (Richard House) just west of the Methodist or Stone Church.The ball field was located in the large flat area west of the creek, straight west of the Catholic Church, as was the football field and the track field at that time.What did I do there with all them kids?Apparently they needed someone to run down the foul balls and return them to the playing field and apparently I thought it was worth doing for a chocolate ice cream sundae.Of course the ice cream was better back in them days as everything was.

Don, “We never called him Don, we always called him Egbert” was a good softball player also.We played for John Awalt’s(65er)Standard Service Station in the late 60s.Don played second base or shortstop and I was a outfielder.Snowflake (Gene) Poitra was our pitcher.

The most fun game was a game we played up at Deloraine, Manitoba.Unknown to us was that they played fast pitch up there and we always played slow pitch.So, it was decided that when they pitched to us at bat, that they would throw fast pitches and when we pitched to them, we would slow pitch.It was a great experience, was fun, and we also won.I think their team consisted of mostly Goodons and Mcleods, so some of players did know each other.

The worst game was a game we played a tMylo, ND.They had erected a snow fence in the outfield and ruled that every ball hit over the fence was a automatic home run.There was no opening in the fence and it seemed, that every pitch them farmers hit, went over the fence.Being a outfielder and having to retrieve the ball meant I had to run all the way around the end and back the same way.After about 5 trips like that I was getting a little tired of that fence and it looked like I was going to be chasing homerun balls all night.During these bouts around the fence I was trying to figure out a shortcut, and I began checking and looking for a spot I could work with.So, when the next fly ball went sailing over my head, I started running toward the fence, went into a horizontal position, and drop kicked the supporting fence post.Ya, I didn’t think I could do it neither.Well wouldn’t you know it?Them farmers were some damn good homerun hitters, but not very good fence erectors.That fence started falling, and it was like watching dominoes, it kept on falling until it was mostly all down, and was no longer a barrier.They complained about the fence, and they also still won the game.They killed us!We got even though!We went to their bar after the game and drank up most of their beer.

The greatest game was a game we played in Rolla against the Dunseith Teachers.They had beat us every game up until this tournament in Rolla.That game, we could do know wrong and we beat them.What a great feeling.In fact John, didn’t we win the championship?

Damn, this story kind of reminds me of the comment on my term paper that had to be in before they would let us graduate high school, “A conglomeration of material leading to nowhere”, byMr. Grossman.

Laugh and the world laughs with you.


Frozen Fingers Festival:

Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Bottineau & Minot, ND.

Hi Everyone,

It’s Frozen Fingers Festival time again.  There will not be a dance on Friday night this year; there will be a jam session instead. The jam session is open to anyone who would care to participate.

As you can see, there is a dance on Saturday night.

Highway 43 is performing on Saturday. They are Dick/Brenda Johnson and Ron

Tina Pladson Bullinger, David Mettler, and Don Boardman are “Just Us”. They perform on Sunday.

Don Lee is a friend of mine from Minot.

I plan to be at the festival from 1:00 until closing both days–most likely I’ll be selling tickets.  If you see me, please stop and say “hi”; tell me who you are if I don’t know you. 

See you at Frozen Fingers!!


Dunseith News posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Bottineau & Minot, ND.

03/14/2018 (2610)

Judy LaCroix McGuire (’59) Has Malignant Brain Tumors
Posting from Joan LaCroix-Lannie (’67): Olive Branch, MS

Gary I’m sorry to tell you Judy is having surgery on Wednesday morning in Rochester Minnesota for brain tumors.

This is the link

Gary’s comment
So sorry to hear this. Our thoughts and prayers are with Judy. She is strong. She will pull through this.


Reply to Dunseith Lutheran Confirmation Photo
From Harlyn Oppeboen (’51):  Colorado Springs, CO

Thank Murl,  I did not remember Gordon Peterson.  The picture was taken before the summer of 1946 because that was when I moved to Watford City, ND

Harlyn Oppeboen

Note: with today’s archive posting below the date on the picture is Nov. 18 1945.
Reply to the St. John Woodchuck Basketball Team


From Don Martel (Former Principal):  Rosemount, MN

Go Woodchucks.
Must be grandsons of some of the guys that I played against in  the 1950’s.


Dr. Gary Wall (Loretta Neameyer Wall ’72) Obituary
Posted by Jim Kofoid Bottineau, ND

Dr. Gary Richard Wall, 75, West Fargo, ND, formerly of Bottineau, ND, passed away on March 9, 2018, from heart failure and pulmonary fibrosis.

Services will be held at 10:30 am Friday, March 16, at Parkway Funeral Service, 2330 Tyler Parkway, Bismarck, with Deacon Jerry Volk officiating. Burial will be at 12:00 Noon Friday at the North Dakota Veterans Cemetery, Mandan.

Visitation will be held one hour prior to the service.

Gary was born May 4, 1942, in Detroit, MI, the son of Ingval and Velma (Emerson) Wall. At age 10, the Wall family moved to Bottineau. He graduated from Bottineau High School in 1960, continued for two years at NDSU-Bottineau, and two years at UND in Grand Forks. In 1964 he started dental school and graduated in 1968 from Creighton University in Omaha, NE. Gary joined the US Army immediately following dental school in 1968 and was commissioned a Captain in the Army Dental Core including one year in Vietnam. After practicing in Freemont, CA, Bottineau, ND, and Napa, CA, Gary retired after 30 years in dentistry.

1998 was a homecoming for Gary as he returned to Bottineau of which the Turtle Mountains were a special place in his heart. He was never so happy as to have toiled and started “Wall’s Raspberries” along with his wife Loretta. Gary enjoyed visiting with the people when they came to pick, especially the children.

He belonged to several organizations including the VFW #8688, Bottineau, in which he was Post Commander for several years.

Gary is survived by his loving wife, Loretta; four sons, Scott (Charlotte) Wall, San Leandro, CA, Andre (Phebe) Wall, Lynnwood, WA, Jason (Kelli) Wall, Napa, CA, and Jeremy Wall, San Diego, CA; one daughter, Heidi Wall, Fort Bragg, CA; six grandchildren, Emma, Carris, Ruben, Emily, Luke, and Pablo; one brother, Dr. Wayne (Joanne) Wall, Green Valley, AZ, four step-children, Marshall (Jennie) Coleman, Hatton, ND, Maureen (Chris) Selzer, Glen Carbon, IL, Meredith (Joel) Bell, Owatonna, MN, and Monte (Kayla) Coleman, Minot, ND; sisters-in-law, Jerilyn Neameyer, Moorhead, MN, Janet Krogman, Bartlett, IL, and Loraine (Larry) Haas, St. John, ND; eight step-grandchildren; and many nieces and nephews.

He was preceded in death by his parents, Ingval and Velma Wall; brothers-in-law, Gordon Neameyer, Keith Lien, and Stan Krogman; and sister-in-law, Ronette Lien.



Friday, March 16, 2018
9:30 AM – 10:30 AM

Parkway Funeral and Cremation Service
2330 Tyler Parkway
Bismarck, North Dakota 58503

Funeral Service

Friday, March 16, 2018
10:30 AM

Parkway Funeral and Cremation Service
2330 Tyler Parkway
Bismarck, North Dakota 58503


Graveside Service

Friday, March 16, 2018
12:00 PM

North Dakota Veterans Cemetery
1825 46th Street
Mandan, North Dakota 58554

Gary’s comment

I am so sorry and hear of Gary’s passing.

We extend our condolences to Loretta and all of Gary’s family.


Gary Wall and I were stationed together, from July to December 1969, in Cam Ranh Bay Vietnam. Even though we were both from the Bottineau/Dunseith areas, we never formally met until the day I was assigned to the Dental Clinic he was in assigned to Vietnam. What a pleasant surprise that was.  Gary was a Dentist and I a Dental Technician. We worked in the same small Dental Clinic. There were only about 20 staff total in the whole clinic, so we learned to know one another very well. Gary and I knew a lot of common folks. From those days on Gary and I remained very good friends. Gary was always the life of the party. He enjoyed people. Very much a people person.  I will most certainly miss him.    
1969 Cam Ranh Bay Vietnam


Blog (686) posted on January 16, 2010


Reply to Personal message:
From Jackie Peterson Hanson: St. John, ND.
Yes, I’m a teacher for Belcourt schools. I teach the visually impaired
students from preschool through high school. I live with my husband, Tim
in St.John and taught there for the first twenty years of my career, first
in elementary and later high school English. Yep, I’ve been to college
four times. I’m planning on retiring at the end of this school term.
Email address change
From Dan McKay (69): Mooreton, ND
Gary and All,
Just enjoying our 30 degree weather here in SE North Dakota. Thats above zero too!!
Our IT department has, after four years, finally recognized us as being part of Masonite so my new e-mail address is:
dmckay@masonite.com. Thanks, Dan
Dan, The ole thermometer dipped all the way down to 75F last night here in the PI. It’s the coldest I have seen it here in the 6 plus years that we have lived here. These folks are cold. Gary
Confirmation Picture Date:
From Harley Oppenboen (51) Colorado Springs, CO


Gary, the date on the back of the confirmation picture is Nov. 18 1945.
I am the left most boy, Paul Lovaas is next to me.
Harley Oppeboen


Confirmation Picture Identification:


From Mona Dionne Johnson (48): Lake Metigoshe, ND
Next to Delores Hiatt is Marlene Molgard. After Ione Haberstad, is
Doraine Haberstad .
First row – Marlene Tooke – I think.
Middle boy is Paul Lovaas.
Mona Johnson, ’48Mona Johnson ’48


Confirmation Picture Identification:


From Gary Morgan (54): GARRISON, ND
Gary & All,
I’m pretty sure that the girl between Delores Hiatt and Bernice Olson in the Confirmation picture is Marlene Molgard.Gary





Confirmation Picture Identification:
From Murl Watkins Hill (50): Dunseith, ND.
Gary, The names of the Confirmation class: Delores Hiatt, Marlene Molgard Sanders, Bernice Olson Johnson, Shirley Olson Warcup,
Iona Habberstad Nelson, Dorraine Habberstad Worral, Murl Watkins Hill, Marlene Tooke Fugere,Harlan Oppeboen,
Paul Lovaas, Gordon Peterson (?), Minnie Mary Mckay Merrill. I can find the date later. Thanks , Murl




Back: Deloris Hiatt, Marlene Molgard Sanders, Bernice Olson Johnson, Shirley Olson Warcup,
Iona Habberstad Nelson, Dorane Habberstad Worral, Murl Watkins Hill
Front: Marlene Tooke Fugere, Halan Oppeboen, Paul Lovaas, Gordon Peterson, Minnie Mary McKay
Sitting: Rev. Lovaas


Dunseith Confirmation (Jan 14-2010)


Pictures from Allen Richard (65): Midland, MI



Me and my favorite/only babysitter– Rochelle Pigeon — Pigeon Store in the background







Olynda, me, Ydola Pigeon, grandman Pigeon holding Stephaine. In our “living room” — sitting on the sofa– actually the cot Floyd Richard Slept on during the 6 + years her and Dad farmed together.



Below — me, Uncle Floyd, and Stephanie– late 1952







The Bae Pigeon kids— Need I say more? :-) Below– Ormal “Red” Kester late 1930’s



Man could he reload ammo–his reloads ran through my .270 Remington auto and jammed less than 10% as often as factory loads!












From Neola Kofoid Garbe: Bottineau & Minot, ND.



Hi Gary,



Perhaps Kelsey is related to some of your readers.



Thanks to you, Vickie, others who have commented on my contributions to your newsletters. I thoroughly enjoy being able to contribute to your newsletters. I’m grateful I seem to have so many pictures/articles/etc. you can use. :)



As you know, I enjoy your newsletters tremendously, even though I don’t know all the people mentioned. The old pictures are wonderful/the stories are interesting/your pictures and descriptions of your life in the Philippines are delightful/etc.



Thanks for all you do. :)









Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Bottineau & Minot, ND.


Willie Laframboise

(November 10, 1919 – January 10, 2010)

Sign Guest Book Send Private Condolences
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WILLIE LAFRAMBOISE Mass of the Christian burial for Willie Laframboise, age 90 of Dunseith was held on Monday at 10:00 A.M. in the St. Michael the Archangel Church in Dunseith. Officiating at the service was the Reverend Father Jeff Eppler S.O.L.T. Special music was provided by Troy DeCoteau and Cheryl Haagenson. Casket bearers were Randy Norquay Jr., Donovan “Duck” Charbonneau, Louis DeCoteau, Alfred DeCoteau, Todd Laframboise, Rick Laframboise, Dennis Baker and Clarence Laframboise. The Honorary Pallbearers are all friends and family in Rugby, ND.

Willie Laframboise was born November 10, 1919 to Noe and Florida (Cote) Laframboise, in Russell Township at his grandfather’s farm. They moved to various places in his childhood, until his grandfather bought 120 acres in the san hills. He lived here during his school years. He went to Poplar Grove until he graduated the eighth grade in 1933. Then they moved to Dunseith where he met his wife Deloris Baker. They married on August 17, 1959. They had three loving children. They also took many children in to their home to raise during their years together. Willie worked on the Air Base building houses. He worked for various farmers in the area; one that he helped put all the water lines in Souris. He worked for the civil engineers putting in many missile sites in the state. He finished his career at the San Haven state hospital where he worked for 18 years, until he became blind. Willie enjoyed working on cars, ford trucks, fishing, gardening, carpentry work, spending time with family, playing cards, watching grandchildren at powwows, watching old westerns, cooking for his family, and eating his wife’s fry bread

He passed away on Sunday, January 10, 2010 in a Rugby hospital after a long illness.

Willie is survived by daughters Cheryl (Randy) Norquay, Laurie (David) Laframboise, Mary (Peewee) Lockwood, Susie (Dwight) DeCoteau all of Dunseith; Joanne DeCoteau of Belcourt. Sons Willie (Penny) Laframboise of Dunseith, Darrell (Peggy) DeCoteau, Daniel DeCoteau and Patrick DeCoteau all of Flandreau, SD; Ambrose ( Kelly) DeCoteau of Sisseton, SD; 25 grandchildren; 45 great- grandchildren; 3 great-great grandchildren; Brother Paul Laframboise and sisters Emeline Counts and Marie Graber of Bottineau.

He is preceded in death by both his parents, his wife Deloris, Brothers Felix, Leo, Arthur and Sister Cecelia.

Neola’s comment: Everett and Emeline LaFromboise Counts are on page 141 in the Bottineau Centennial Book. Emeline’s daughter, Darlene Skaaden is deceased.
There is a Mrs. Graber who lives across the hall from my mother at Good Samaritan in Bottineau. I don’t know if it is Marie. I should have paid more attention to her “first” name.





Folks, I had the camera in hand yesterday when I was up by our garage and snapped this photo. These boys and several others are frequently seen playing in the Neighborhood just as you see them here with no clothes. They are looking thru the fence into the school yard. I’d say they are about 4 & 5 years old. They are getting kind of old to be running around the neighborhood with no clothes. They are not phased in the least. I don’t know these kids, but I’m guessing they just don’t have clothes to put on. I understand their mother gambles with what little money they have. Gary




Consolacion, Cebu Philippines




03/12/2018 (2609)

Dunseith Lutheran Confirmation Photo color correct
From Kaye Lystad-Kirk (Bottineau):  Fargo, ND

Hi Gary,

I took it upon myself to color correct your confirmation photo. I hope you don’t mind.
(I like playing around with Photoshop.)


Thank you so much Kaye. Very nice. I have replaced in my files too.

Mid to Late 1940’s Dunseith Lutheran Confirmation Picture Identification:
From Murl Watkins Hill (50): Dunseith, ND.

Back: Deloris Hiatt, Marlene Molgard Sanders, Bernice Olson Johnson, Shirley Olson Warcup, Iona Habberstad Nelson, Dorane Habberstad Worral, Murl Watkins Hill
Front: Marlene Tooke Fugere, Halan Oppeboen, Paul Lovaas, Gordon Peterson, Minnie Mary McKay
Sitting: Rev. Lovaas
Dunseith Confirmation (Jan 14-2010)


From Vickie Metcalfe (’70):  Bottineau, ND

Gary and Dunseith Friends,

I recall Mr. Klundt, a memorable American & World history teacher at Dunseith High.

Later, as an undergraduate in college, I read of the Cherokee, the Choctaw and the “The Trail of Tears”.

I’ve  been  intrigued  in  recent months  reading more about the Irish famine of the 1800’s

The Irish call it  ” the Great Hunger.”

I find  interesting,  it was the  empathetic Choctaw nation who collected and shared the little they had  to  aid  the Irish during  the Great Hunger.

A link if you are interested:

Thank you  Gary,
Later, Vickie l. Metcalfe


St. John Woodchucks – Class B boys Basketball Tournament
Posting from LeaRae Parrill Espe (’67):  Bottineau, ND

Congratulations to the  St John Woodchucks. They are headed to their first State Class B Boys Basketball Tournament ever.  In a nail biter which was broadcast on a Devils Lake radio station KZZY, they outlasted the Langdon-Edmore-Munich Cardinals by only 2 points. Fourth quarter leads of up to 14 points were whittled to two points. The announcer said they had appeared in a State Class C tournament in 1949,  69 years ago.  The state tournament will be in Bismarck on March 15-16-17. Rolette County will be cheering for the Woodchucks.


Blog (685) posted on January 14, 2010

Reply from Bill Hosmer (48): Tucson, AZ & Lake Metigoshe, ND
Gary, In the last issue, Jackie commented on the mattress matter. Clyde Chase murdered a Gehres woman. Her brother, George was a couple of years older than me and spent time in Dunseith school and would have been in the class of ’46 or ’47. He and I went to Boy Scout Camp at Lake Metogoshe in the early ’40s. He was a good friend and taught me alot about rabbit hunting in the hills during winter months. Later he served in the Air Force in the Strategic Missile force and eventually retired. His widow visited Lake Met. and we gave her a tour of the hills and the Peace Garden a few years after his death. One of his other sisters, Gladys, married John Tennancour and lived in the Rolette area.
I did not know of the mattress tie, but it sure could have been. The Gehres family lived north of the San, and I used to see George, also known as ” Junior” walking back or forth from the drug store where he purchased those paper back books about Cowboys on the top shelf of the magazine rack in the northeast corner of the store. His dad, George operated the green house at the San, and later moved to Rolette where he operated a cream station on main street near where my wife and I were born. Didn’t mean to carry on, but you have created a pleasantly felt infection of memories of the past that are generated by questions and comments from all our friends of the Dunseith community. Thank you, Bill Hosmer
Reply from Brenda Hoffman (68): Greenville, SC

Gary, can you believe how vital your blog has become to us Dunseith people. I bet most people don’t understand how big 1,500 hits is. And I wouldn’t have either before posting my own website. You go guy!

And please keep sending those pictures of those little cuties. Absolutely darling.
Pigeon family:
Reply from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND.

Gary and Friends,

Allen Richard’s posting of the Pigeon family pictures brings to mind
the summer of ’68 when I worked at the ‘Dunseith Sand and Gravel’ gravel
pit west of town. There were three truck drivers hired on to do the more
local hauling. Corbin Sime, Junior Cote, and Romulus ‘Bae’ Pigeon.
Corbin and Junior had big Ford trucks and Bae had an older International
that had been Lawrence Berube’s. One of them had replaced the engine
with a 348 cubic inch Chevy engine. Bae drove the devil out of that old
truck! He would usually make three loads to Rolla while Corbin and
Junior made two! They all got paid by the hour I think so they weren’t
trying to set any records! I remember how he would come roaring back so
fast that when I would look I could see daylight under the rear tires as
they bounced down the rough road into the pit. I weighed trucks and
other stuff and got to know all the habits and ways of each of the guys
who worked there. Bae would get reloaded down in the pit and as he was
heading back up the grade to the scale I would watch him. If he held his
hand out the window with a screwdriver in it, it meant for me to
subtract 175 lbs from the gross weight because he was going to be on the
scale as I weighed his truck. He would jump out and pop open the hood
and set the carburetor while I was weighing the load. I used to have to
laugh when he came in to grab the scale ticket because he would say, in
his French brogue, ” I don’t know if it’s da carbur-A-ter or da g___d___
distri-BU-ter dis time!” He would roar off the scale and out of site for
another load. He was a good mechanic and wanted that old truck to
perform to the max and it did! Seeing the picture of Bae Pigeon brought
back the memories! Thanks Gary!


Memorabilia from Sharron Gottbreht Shen (59): Everett, WA.

Dear Gary,

In September when I met George and Ronnie at Fort Benton, MT, George conveyed an old ledger of my Gr Grandfather William Gottbreht. This was found in the basement of Alice Tennancour Berube and given to George by Jim and Cheri Evans. I have reviewed the time line that extends from April 1914 thru April 1927 and feel certain that your visitors will appreciate a glance from time to time. I tried to use my home scanner but the book is large and heavy so I shall be better prepared with my next posting. Bill Hosmer mentioned his potato picking lark with Chuck Johnson for the San Haven harvest; this sparked my recall of potato transactions of the State San with Wm. Gottbreht enterprises.

April 7, 500 lbs feed ordered. Cost $5.62
April 21, 2 bushels potato “now” and another 18 bushels next trip – Ales Fassett made the delivery. $8.00
April 25, 500 lbs feed; 20 bushels potato. Cost $13.95
May 11, another 32 B potato.

Fred, John, George and Teddy were all useful hands about the place, but John seems to have been manager and factor for his father regarding aspects of planting and harvest. The men he employed would go to Wm Sr. for wages. These wages would include some cash, but also flour and animal feed/fodder. Some men listed were Delany; Ray Wickshem; Ole Olson; F Delorem; Louis Allery; Burchem and Joe Delorem. Wm Gottbreht’s pen is quite legible, but I need to verify some of his spelling of surnames. Please excuse. Burchem was paid $37.42 for picking potatoes Oct 5 and 8. John Gottbreht was paid 1/2 the value of the potato harvest from 250 acres owned by Marion Edwards: $125.00, 26 Oct 1914. Edwards, a banker in Rolla and Rolette held vast acreage in Rolette County. The other half of John’s harvest was paid against the note held by Edward’s bank: $202.00. I would suggest the land that John rented or leased were in Sec 9 and Sec 21 of Hillside Twp.

The May delivery was the final potato order; the Gottbreht supply was no doubt exhausted. There were very few requests for livestock feed after June 1; natural grazing for milk cows and horses? Probably. The next potato order was for 125 B [5 loads] $71.85 Nov 18, 1914. It may have been less expensive in early years to contract for the big demand of the State Sanitarium.

I have 3 items marked in this ledger regarding D. Dion, Floyd’s father, by way of thank you. It is always great to meet with Floyd when home and I sure appreciate that date.

For Larry: Frances Barnhart, age 20, was the public school teacher Hillside Twp 1930. She roomed at the home of Jos. Wm. and Alphonsine Poitra who lived a short distance from the school. Eleanor Metcalfe was 6/7 that school year. Agness [sic] Leonard, age 20, lived at home, she had not worked the previous day. That’s a laugh, I cannot imagine a gal of 20 without ten tasks a day. Interesting challenge Larry, and I’ll give it further study. I can scan the census records, but poor quality? Wish I had some pictures ready for Gary M and bloggers, tomorrow maybe; I want to post a great one of Darrell Getzlaff who celebrates his 80th year 29 Jan 2010.

Lord have mercy on all those suffering in Haiti. Sharron

Confirmation Picture:
Reply from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND.

Gary and Friends,

I can name some of the people in the confirmation picture.

Back Row: L-R Deloris Hiatt–?–Bernice Olson Johnson (Mom)–Shirley
Olson Warcup–Iona Habberstad ?–Atherton girl?–Murl Watkins Hill

Front: I only recognize the girl on the far right. She is Minnie
Mary McKay

Thanks Gary!


Thank you Dick. You did well. I’m wondering what year this photo was taken?
Folks, If you know any of these 6 unidentified people, please let us know. This is another great photo for our achieves. Thanks, Gary
Back: Deloris Hiatt, ?????, Bernice Olson Johnson, Shirley Olson Warcup,
Lona Habberstad, Atherton girl?, Murl Watkins Hill
Front: Girl?, Boy?, Boy?, Boy?, Minnie Mary McKay
Sitting: Rev. Lovaas
Dunseith Confirmation (Jan 14-2010)
Dunseith HS Class of 63:
Photo posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Bottineau & Minot, ND.

Did I copy this from one of your news letters?

I’m assuming that’s how I came to have this picture.





Neola, I don’t ever remember seeing this picture before, so I’m not sure where you got this from either. Anyway, it’s a great picture of our DHS class of 63 folks. Again, Thanks for being there for us with all this memorabilia that you have stored in your achieves. The stuff you provide is so valuable. Gary


Dunseith High School Class of 1963


03/10/2018 (2608)

Reply from Neola Kofoid Garbe:  Bottineau & Minot, ND

Hi, Gary.

Another interesting newsletter.  Thanks!  I’m sorry to report that at this time, I am retired from almost everything, even making caramels.  I’m hoping this will change SOON! LOL  However, life and God are still good. :)

I officially retired from teaching school in May 1999.  The last almost 19 years have passed quickly and enjoyably, even if I haven’t always felt/don’t always feel the greatest.  I have a very positive attitude/turn everything over to God/am not complaining about anything.  I know God is in charge of my life, and I’m just along for the ride.  In spite of many problems along the way, it has been/still is a great life!  I’m grateful for all of it–the great (I’ve experienced MANY REALLY greats!) and the not so great!  “This too shall pass.”

Thanks again for your great newsletters!



Bottineau cancels classes, others enter soft lockdowns following threat
Link posted by Vickie Metcalfe (’70):  Bottineau, ND



Blog (682) posted on January 14, 2010

Posted on January 14, 2010

Message Posted on the Dunseith Alumni Website:

From Jackie Peterson-Hansen, Daughter of Jack (deceased) & Nettie Hiatt Peterson

From: jackie Peterson-Hansen

Thank you Gary. You’re blog is so informative and entertaining that I had to read all of them. I’m not a Dunseith alumnus, but I have family ties to Dunseith and was a Mountaineer 4-Her under the fine leadership of your mom and Orvin.
When I’m curious about something that shows up in you communications, I talk about it with Mom (Nettie). I think it was Dick Johnson who asked about a mattress factory. Mom told me that there was a mattress making project in a building on the north end of Dunseith during the 30’s.( Dick probably doesn’t remember that far back  ) The first nonstraw mattresses they had in their home came from there as her parents both participated in the project. She also said that the person who headed up the project was murdered by a Chase. There was some communication on this site about that event also, but Mom read the story in an old detective magazine too.

Jackie, How wonderful to hear from you. You are most certainly Dunseith Alumni having lived up in Dick Johnson’s neck of the woods. I know your address was Saint John, but you guys were Dunseith folks. Your dad was on the very top of my dad’s list of friends. They’d call each other at least once, and often many times more, each day. With your mother being a Hiatt (sister to Leola Lagerquist) your folks were very active in all of the Ackworth community events in my growing up days. You were very young in my days, so I don’t remember you quite as well as the older kids of my error back there. Your dad was tops in the Lagerquist boys eyes too and Evon’s as well. In their eyes he was the greatest uncle on the face of this earth, of which he was. They’d often mention all the good things Jack had done for & with them and their family. These are conversations I remember hearing from Rodney and Lyle at the good ole Ackworth School. Ackworth was your mothers school too. She and all of her siblings and Hiatt cousins accounted for more than half the enrolment of 45 plus kids that attended Ackworth in her day.

Many of your Peterson and Hiatt relatives are on our distribution. I know they will be delighted to see your posting. Where are you living now? We’d love to hear some of your mothers memories too. I see your mothers name frequently mentioned in the Dunseith News that is posted in the local papers. Gary

DeAnn Gottbreht Fund Raiser:http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/deanngottbreht

Posted by Paula Fassett (71): North Branch, MN


I mentioned earlier a fund-raiser for DeAnn Gottbreht that is to be held in Portal, ND, on January 21st. For those of us who would like to contribute but cannot attend, you can mail donations to the organizer of the event:

Jake Douts

P.O. Box 425

Powers Lake, ND 58773

Please make your check out to TRIVENT FINANCIAL. They will make each dollar amount that is donated……


Paula Fassett

Nordland Church:

Reply from Cheryl Larson Dakin (71): BEDFORD, TX

Hi Gary

Were you confirmed at the Nordland Church up near Lake Metigoshe? If so, that’s the cemetary where Martin and Nikolina Larson, (my Greats) and Mensvil and Alma Larson (my Grands) along with lots of other relatives are buried. My Dad helped to build that church. If we’re talking about the same place, it’s one of my very favorite places in the world. Just down the road across from the Christian Center is my Dad and Uncle Dick’s homeplace, the farm my Great Grandfather homesteaded and my Grandfather took over. A little farther down the road on the same side as the Christian Center is the Roland Township School that belongs to the Larson Brothers also. Dad talks about having to go to school early to start the fire in the schoolhouse before the teacher and children would get there. I would love to hear stories that anyone would care to share….


Cheryl Larson Dakin

Cheryl, That’s the same church. I have contacted Kenny Pederson and Jerry Larson who were confirmed with me, to get a copy of their picture. They are both currently searching for their copy and will scan and send me a copy when they find it. It was thru the Metigoshe churches that I learned to know a huge percentage of the Bottineau County Turtle Mountain folks in my growing up days. Gary

Confirmation Picture:

From Harlyn Oppeboen (51): Colorado Springs, CO

I enjoyed hearing about someone in my confirmation class. I have already scanned the picture and have attached it. I dont remember all of the people however.

Harley Oppeboen

Harley, This is great! I’ll bet we’ll get these folks all identified too. I know you must be one of the three standing behind Rev. Lovaas.

Folks, Please reply with identities of these folks. I will repost with names. Gary

Rev. Lovaas
Dunseith Confirmation (Jan 14-2010)
Alex/Dianne Voeller Pedie Family photo:
From Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND

As you know, Dianne taught in Dunseith, and, I think, Belcourt. She/I are classmates.


Dunseith Alumni Website http://garystokes.net/default.aspx

Folks, I thought I’d share this with you. This is the activity we have had on our Website this month. The past several months we have been averaging about 900 visits per month. With the pace this month we are on our way to 1,500 visits. As you can see, folks are viewing multiple pages with each visit. I try to post the daily blogs on this Website at the same time I sent them out via email. Gary

Activity per day for January, 2010
Date Visits Views Views per visit
1/1/2010 32 105 3.28
1/2/2010 38 84 2.21
1/3/2010 62 538 8.68
1/4/2010 63 294 4.67
1/5/2010 54 326 6.04
1/6/2010 34 176 5.18
1/7/2010 70 217 3.10
1/8/2010 55 248 4.51
1/9/2010 61 292 4.79
1/10/2010 45 85 1.89
1/11/2010 42 382 9.10
1/12/2010 38 186 4.89
1/13/2010 37 86 2.52
Total 631 3019


Folks, Since posting Isa’s Picture (Bernadette’s 3 year old great niece) several days ago, several of you commented wish comments wishing to see more pictures. Her she is with her 5 year old brother, JM. I took this picture several hours ago and they are still in the same place exactly as you see them in this picture. Normally it’s JM and his brother JO that are waiting for me in the mornings to get on the computers. This morning it was Isa and JM. With the noise of their computer games and their excitement with them, they get a bit noisy for me, so I take them and the Laptops outside on the porch. They have a good strong internet signal out there as well. These kids are so involved and into their games, that they did not even realize I was taking this picture. Their mother will come looking for them in an hour so for their dinner meal. Gary

9:00 AM Thursday Jan. 14, 2010 – Cebu Philippines

JM (5 years old) & Isa (3 years old)

03/07/2018 (2607)

Message from Dick and Vi Hobbs Ziegler (’54):  McMinnville, OR

Due to Vi’s Alzheimer’s, and other health issues, we are moving into an assisted living facility.

This old computer is barely working anymore, and we’re not getting a new one right now, so we won’t be getting any email’s anymore.  She has enjoyed all the email’s  you’ve sent here over the years, but doesn’t really remember any of those people any more.  Thank you for all the information she’s received from you.  Take care, and God Bless.

Dick and Vi Ziegler  (Hobbs)


Happy birthday to Rodney Armentrout.
From Bob Lykins (60’s DHS teacher): Hutto, TX

We were close friends when I was a teacher at Dunseith HS.

I agree with the points that Vickie made about the UND women’s hockey program.  I was surprised to learn it was dropped since this is a growing sport. Especially in Minnesota and Massachusetts as well as other states.  If it was dropped because it was losing money then for shame.  The objective for sports in schools (irregardless of what many may think) is not to put butts in the seats and break even at the ticket booth.  Sports, like any class the STUDENT/athletes take, is for educating them and providing them with a background that will benefit them in the future.


Happy birthday to Rodney Armentrout.
From Greg LaCroix (6 Fargo, ND

Hi Rodney.

I sure wish I could come to Dunseith to help you celebrate your BIRTHDAY!!  Wishing you a WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY WITH YOUR DEAR friends and LOVE ONES!!  I have so many great memories of you and your dear family!  Have a wonderful time!

Your friend Greg LaCroix


An update on area basketball for those out of the area who may not have followed Rolette County Basketball.
Posted by LeaRae Parrill Espe (’67):  Bottineau, ND

Last week the Dunseith Dragons defeated the St. John Woodchucks in the championship game of the District tournament by 2 points. St. John came into the game with an undefeated record and had been rated #1 in the state wide poll. Dunseith was rated #10.   Both teams are coached by former Dragon standout players. Eric Morin coaches the Dragons and Steve Poitra coaches the Woodchucks. Four teams from each District go to the Regional tournament in Devils Lake. New Rockford and Four Winds are two of the top teams from the other district in that Region.

The Regional tournament in Devils Lake was to open Monday, March 5. However, because of a statewide blizzard the games have been delayed one day.  Games are scheduled for March 6, 8, and 9. These games will be broadcast and can be listened to over the internet.  They will probably be on a live feed also.  I am not sure of the stations, but possibly WDAY or WDAZ. Hopefully, someone with more knowledge than I will clarify this.

In addition Bottineau , coached by Kevin St. Claire who was a key player on the Dragon team that played in the State B in 1990, is headed to the Regionals in Minot. The Bottineau Braves have had a pretty good season. They lost to St. John by around 20 points on Feb 16 in St. John. One of the Bottineau players, last name of Burcham, attended Dunseith school in his younger grades. There are so many home town connections on these teams.

Only one team from each Region gets to go to the State Tournament in Bismarck on March 15.16.and 17.

Another player with a Dunseith connection is Austin Dubois. He is the grandson of Loren Dubois.

If my facts are off,  please feel free to make corrections.


Blog (681) posted on January 13, 2010

Reply from Murl Watkins Hill (50): Dunseith, ND.
Gary, Thank you so much for the continuing work you do for all of us. I was pleasantly surprised to see Harlyn Oppenboen’s name come up. He was
in my Confirmation class at Dunseith Lutheran when Rev. Lovaas was there. I will look forward to seeing him this summer and will bring the picture of the
for those interested on seeing it. So looking forward to this summer, especially after last weeks cold. Happy New Year to all!
Murl Watkins Hill, class of 1950.
Murl, I think a word got cut off with the sending of your message? I think the picture you may have is your confirmation picture? If you can have it scanned, I’d love to have a copy for posting? If you have it with you sometime when you are in Bottineau, stop by the Spectrum Store and have Karen Larson Scan and send me a copy. Her fees are very small for doing this. It’s a wonderful service that she offers to the community with her business. Karen is on our distribution and has my email address.
With our move over here to the PI, my confirmation picture has gotten misplaced. I was confirmed in Nordland Lutheran church in 1962. I’ve got feelers out to get a copy and when I do, I’ll share it with all of you. Gary
From Vickie Metcalfe (70): Bottineau, ND.
Gary, Please thank Neola for always being keen on Dunseith information. When my cousin Kathy Metcalfe died a few years ago, Laurie Lafromboise, Willie’s daughter came to her funeral, and paid respects to Kathy. This past October she was there again to pay respects to Janice. That’s what people of the Dunseith community continue to do.

There are some people that just warm my heart and Willies chlldren fit the mold. I think that may be a attributed to their parents, Willie and Delores. I visited ” Willie the Younger” and his wife at Wal Mart over Christmas. They were so delighted to now have added a baby to their little family. Thanks again. Vickie
Vickie’s reply when asked if I could post the above message.
Neola retired?… No I think not, she continues to be active in so many ways and to contribute where ever she is. Vickie
Reply to Gary Metcalfe (57):
From Denise Lajimodiere: Morehead, MN.
Hi,I’m curious what was meant by “practice your Ben Lajimodiere defense.” I didn’t know my grandfather very well as we grew up in Oregon and he died before I moved back to the Turtle Mountains. It sounds like an interesting story.
Denise Lajimodiere

Reply to Bear movie:
From Aggie Cassavant (69): Fort Mill, SC
To Gary Metcalf,
In reference to “The Bear” I don’t know that I came to any conclusion about the whole incident, because I couldn’t get past the fearful human like sounds (like a small kid when their in distress) that the little bear was making, and then the sequence of circumstances that happened to help him escape, like the tree branch breaking,then floating down the river. As well as it ended up,and as fascinating as it was to watch, I can’t bring myself to watch it again,however I tell everyone I see to watch it. I was a bit stunned to see the cowardly cougar retreat when he saw and heard the mother bear. I never expierenced so many emotions at once, in such a short amount of time. But I agree with you about parents teaching their kids to scream at the top of their lungs,with all the predators that are allowed to roam throughout this country today. WoW! What an analogy…. Aggie
Pictures from Allen Richard (65): Midland, MI
Top left – Bae and Pearl Pigeon.
Middle left and bottom pictures — my mother, Emeline–She wasn’t crazy about that hat!
Top right — two pictures of Grandma Pigeon at Pigeon store.
Mary Ann Gottbreht Brennan’s daughters:
Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Bottineau & Minot, ND.
Hi Gary,
Being Mary Ann Brennan was mentioned in your newsletter, I thought I’d send this picture of her daughters again.

03/05/2018 (2606)

Posted by Debbie Armentrout Metcalfe (’77):   Mesa, AZ
Armentrout, Rodney 2606


Reply from Larry Liere (55)  Devils Lake, ND/Mesa, AZ

Vickie Metcalfe: As a former Hockey & Figure Skating parent I agree with everything you have said here.  UND missed the boat when they eliminated the women’s hockey program and the way they eliminated it was disgraceful.  Students in school at UND to play hockey were turned out in the cold without any or very little warning.  Our girls graduated from UND and our son was a senior at UND when he died of cancer.  UND needs to do a better job with their customer relations in many ways: STUDENTS ARE THEIR CUSTOMERS!   By the way if Margaret is your Sister we have met.



Willie Hiatt & Oscar Sjule, Courant
Posting from Neola Kofoid Garbe:  Bottineau & Minot, ND


Blog (680) posted on January 12, 2010

Willie Lafromboise Obituary posted by both
Vickie Metcalfe: Bottineau, ND
Neola Kofoid Garbe: Bottineau & Minot, ND
From Vickie
Gary, For Your Information,
I believe Willie was a a long time caretaker at the Dunseith
cemeteries and possibly did janitorial work at the Dunseith School.
His wife, Delores was related to the Gillis family of Dunseith and
Bottineau. Willie had two daughters and a son who all attended
Dunseith School. His son, Willie currently is a janitor and
caretaker at the Dunseith cemetery.
His sister Mrs. Sampson worked for years at San Haven. Another
sister, Mrs. Counts lives here in Bottineau.Minot Daily
Willie Lafromboise, age 90 of Dunseith, died Sunday at a Rugby hospital. Funeral services will be held on Monday at 10:00 A.M. in the St. Michael the Archangel Church in Dunseith. Burial will be in the Riverside Cemetery also of Dunseith. A wake will be held on Sunday beginning at 4:00 P.M. with a prayer service at 8:00 P.M. in the church. 
(Nero Funeral Home, Bottineau)

Spud picking reply:
From Bill Hosmer (48): Tucson, AZ & Lake Metigoshe, ND.
Gary, Harlyn’s question about picking spuds reminded me of the days many of the school kids could get out of class to help harvest them at San Haven. There was a large field and for two or three years I was with a large number of other guys making 5 cents a bushel. There was a farm operation at the San in those early days of the thirties and forties. Any way to get out of school was a treat. The only thing I regretted was that I never remembered to bring a shaker of salt, because those spuds right out of the ground were a little bit of heaven. I know that Chuck Johnson and I used to work as a team on those long rows. Thanks Harlyn and Happy New Year to you, Gary. Your history making journals of contacting have given us a heritage of meaning, and a future with optimism that is unique and valuable. Thanks for what you do and how you do it. Bill Hosmer ’48.
Reply from Gary Metcalfe (57): Forsyth, MO
Gary Stokes….I wrote this a few days ago, but I do not think it got sent, if so do not repeat it, but if not then go ahead. Gary
Gary M, This message never came thru the first time. I checked my spam, deleted and all my other files and did not see it. Gary
To Dick Johnson
Back in the days after the 50’s there was an area east of Renton, Washington up Sunset Highway about 10 miles or so. There was a tavern, Coalville or Coalfield, something like that. George House and Vy lived directly behind the tavern, we called him the mayor.
Wesley Johnson was a guy who welcomed anyone from Dakota to his home. Like….stay right there, I’ll come down and get you. So that’s where Norman spent his later years. You never knew who you would see from Dakota. Betty and Bernice came a little later when I was there.
Leroy Birkland and Buster Graybill lived together and I bunked with them for awhile wherever Leroy went he had his guitar. Now I realize how some of the people were related. I guess I don’t have to tell you Randy Hiatt that Leroy was not just a guitar player, he was a picker.
Aggie..What was your conclusion, mine was that Mother Bear knew the first utterance she made would trigger the cat’s mind to retreat at full haste. So practice your screaming and for those who are too reserved or maybe have a bad cold, practice your Ben Lajimodere defence. I always thought people should teach their kids to swim and ski and now I am adding screaming to that list!
Gary Metcalfe
Hill Side school picture:
Reply from Larry Liere (55): Devils Lake, ND.
Thanks for the information you sent about your Mother and her memory of Hill Side School.
I sure could be wrong about the date of this picture. As I remember my mother was the teacher there sometime between 1940 and 1946. I do not know if she taught at Hill Side in the 1930″s. Her maiden name was Agnes Leonard so if your Mom remembers a Agnes Leonard or an Agnes Liere she very well could be correct about the picture. The other thing that could have happened is my Mom could have found the picture and kept it while she was teaching at the school. I do remember that my Mom knew the girls in the picture so that makes me think she was their teacher. The girls in the picture look like they could be in the 3rd. or 4th. grade. If Gary could put this back out on the blog maybe some other people could also add information about who these girls are. I am sending a copy of this to my cousin Carmen (Leonard) Richard because she has a good memory about dates and may be able to help date the picture. I think it is fun to see how well and how fast the blog is able to solve a mystery like this.
? LaRoque, ?????, Agnes Belgarde & Eleanor Metcalfe