Phyllis & Alan CampbellBEDFORD, TX
Congratulations from Cheryl Larson Dakin (71): BEDFORD, TX

I want to add my congratulations to Phyllis and Alan Campbell on their anniversary. They were always being so welcoming to us kids when we would be visiting Dunseith and we had such fun playing at their house. And when we got older (7th grade) we would have dance parties in the garage. What fun.

Cheryl Larson Dakin ’71

Espe Wedding Anniversaries celebration for
Dennis (56) and Peggy Sime (60) Espe
Terry (64) and LeaRae Parrill (67) Espe
Posted by Mark Schimetz (70): Rolette, ND
I just received this. Don’t know any of the particulars. I am assuming Terry/LeaRae are celebrating their 40th and Dennis/Peggy their 50th. This is just a wild guess on my part. By the dates in the pictures, it looks like this celebration was last night and to be more precise 6 hours ago.
Congratulations Dennis/Peggy and Terry/LeaRae. Please fill us in with some of the details.
Thank you so much Mark for providing these pictures.
Terry LeRay Peggy and Dennis Espe anniversary Party at Wayne and Marline? Smith residence,
They are in the middle of the 2nd picture. At least a dozen Musicians, Dick Brenda and Ron Hett,
among others. Plenty to eat, drink, play and lots of new people to meet, as well as old friends
and classmates.


Birthday’s – Elaine & Allen Stokes
Yesterday was our mothers birthday and today is my brother Allen’s 63rd birthday.
Allen is living in San Diego, Ca. He is retired and living the good life. He called me on my birthday, so I will do the same for him today on his birthday.
Mom was nearly 83 when she passed away. After dad died in 2000, she lived in the Good Samaritan home in Bottineau. Her picture below was taken at Good Sam in about 2002. The picture of Allen was taken in the Ackworth Cemetery the day of Mom’s burial.
Alan and Phyllis Campbell are celeberating their 64th wedding anniversary today
Message from Jeff Cambell (76): Bottineau, ND
Gary: Phyllis and Alan Campbell will celebrate their 64th wedding anniversary on Saturday July 30th. They live at the Wellington in Minot. Rich, Dave, Cathy and I have been so blessed to have awesome parents. Mom and Dad have 10 grand kids and 5 great grand children.
Congratulation Phyllis and Alan. You guys have always been a very strong pillar to the Dunseith community inclusive of many of the surrounding areas with all of the good you have done just being the good Samaritans that you are. Dad talked highly of you folks and as you well know, he loved to talk. He often mentioned your behind the scenes, very generous, generosity for his keeping an eye on Alan’s aunt, Ann Campbell, when they were neighbors on main street for many years. We wish you the best with many more years to come. Gary
Geri Metcalfe Munro’s (59) message to Judy LaCroix McGuire (59)
Hi Judy—Such a nice picture of your Dad in today’s Dunseith Stokes blog. I knew he passed away at a young age, but 47?? That is very young for those of us over 47.
I knew you looked like your Dad and this picture really shows that. I always thought you looked like your Mom, too—what an attractive couple they were. Fine folks!
We used to visit at your home when we were college room mates—-and you would bring those wonderful Jelly Rolls back to school to share with our friends.

I remember your Dad and mine helping Naomi and Harold and family.

Wasn’t the blog today special? Gary does such a great job with all of it and I remember several of those little kids in the 4-H picture, now that they labeled them.
I remember those kids just the way they were at the time the picture was taken..

Bernadette looks fabulous on the picture; Gary, too—
Love, Geri

I may as well cc: this to Gary.

Geri, I want to share this nice message with our readers and I also want to thank you for the nice compliments for Bernadette and me. Bernadette was elated when I told her about your compliment. Yes, some of those folks in the 4-H picture were close neighbors of yours too. Gary

Ernest LaCroix Family memories
From Mark Schimetz (70): Rolette, ND
I so Remember well Ernest and Lydia’s family. I spent a lot of time with the girls as well, as they frequently took care of us as youngers. Only a mile from my Grandpa John Schimetz’s farm. Ernest was a very nice man, I would go outside with him while he was checking his chores, He had a cool old truck, I think a REO. The whole family was very kind to us Kids. As we grew older and worked at Grandpas cleaning barn. we would pester Dad to bring us over to Ernest and Lydia’s, to see the girls and play, I know there was music at times, at there home. Ernest also sang in the Choir at St. Louis Church. He had a very nice voice. I think it was Joan that played a piano, or was it Judy or Donna. It got to be that we didn’t have to ask anymore to go over to LaCroix’s, It was a given after chores. Dad Reid and I would go for a visit and coffee. Dad was friends with Ernest and Henry. In later years I got to know his brother Leonard. As kids we were often at Henrys house in town. Henry’s girls sat us also. It was a hurtful day when Ernest died, an emptiness set in. The LaCroix’s were the best of people. At Reid’s Funeral I saw Lydia and Donna, whom I had not seen in over 40 years. I first recognized Lydia, and my heart jumped, and then Donna, Oh What a pleasant surprise to receive so unexpectedly at a funeral. It seems like I have been to, too many funerals in the area. Its hard to watch the great
Trip Thru ND
Message from Karen Loeb Mhyre (47): Bellevue, WA

Hi Gary,


My sister, Mari and I are driving thru North Dakota on a little detour on our way from Bemidji to Roseau MN for a wedding this Saturday, July 30th. Devils Lake is plum full. We stopped at “The Ranch” in Devil’s Lake for an early supper. Mother always told us they had great food, but it was much to grown up for the kids. She was probably in a hurry to get us to Gramma Higgins’ cottage at Lake Metigoshi. It would have been pretty expensive to feed 5 kids anyway. The meat loaf was great. Loved looking at all the old memorabilia and photos.


From Devils Lake we drove up to Dunseith by way of Rugby. The amazing wind turbines on the East side of Highway 3 are fantastic. We stopped and visited with a farmer on the road. He said there are 72 turbines in place. Really forward thinking, it seems to me. We drove through Dunseith and went by the little house Gramma Higgins lived in. Tomorrow we will go by the San and hope to have coffee with Lola V if it works out. We stopped at St Louis Cemetery South of town where our grandparents, Frank & Alida Higgins are buried. What a lovely peaceful spot.


Last time my brother, Tom and I were around here my cell phone did not work at all, except in the Bottineau Walmart parking lot! It works here in Devils Lake and the lady at the visitors bureau said it might work this trip as they have all switched to ATT and Verizon cell tower systems. We shall see.


From the Turtle Mountains we head East on Saturday to Roseau, and then on Sunday, we go down to St Cloud where our family lived for many years (1962-1975 when my Dad died. Mother stayed on in St Cloud until the late 80’s).

Has any one on the blog had any experience with “disinterring” (Sp?) a loved on and moving them from one cemetery to another? I called the funeral home that cared for dad in St Cloud in 1975, and the man said they would not be AT ALL interested in doing this. He acted like I was crazy to even suggest such a thing.


We just think it would be nice if Mom and Dad were together where they met and started their family. Maybe some of your readers have an idea or thoughts on the matter.


Gary, Maybe it is something you might think is inappropriate to put in the blog, just use your best judgement! The funeral home guy in St Cloud implied that we were being disrespectful to even consider such a thing.


Monday night, Mari flies home to Seattle and I go back to Ann Arbor for one more week to help my oldest daughter with her kids. Summer child care can be complicated for these “two parent working families”. It is lots of fun for me too!


Then home August 9th. We are working on some home improvements (the house is 27 years old, so there is lots to do. Jim retired from his practice on June 30th, his 64th birthday). Next adventure will be a trip to Prague and then a Elbe River cruise to Berlin. Many of your San Haven readers may remember my Dad who emigrated to the U.S. From Germany in December, 1938. When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, on December 7, 1941, Dad was an intern on OB at Charity Hospital in New Orleans. At 7 AM, on the morning of the 8th, he and a professor were walking across the street to a cafe for breakfast to discuss the night’s cases. Dad had planned to go to the Army Enlisting office after that. As they walked, 2 FBI agents walked towards them and arrested him. Our country was now at war with Germany, and Dad was an “enemy alien”, not yet eligible for citizenship. He, and other detainees like him were interred (as were the Japanese) in various inland internment camps throughout the country. First he was transported to String fellow, Oklahoma, and then later to Fort Lincoln near Bismarck, in about May, 1942. (At the same time as the train went through Fargo with Dad going to the camp, our Mom was graduating from St John’s Nursing School in Fargo. She went from there to Grand Forks to a nursing job at the air force base (I think). Eventually she went home to Dunseith and got a job at the San. Dad was paroled near the end of the war as they needed doctors badly at the San. He reported to a customs agent from the boarder, I think, on a weekly basis. They later married, had me and 3 other kids. Dad became superintendent at some point, and our family stayed at the San until July of 1958. We moved to Minneapolis where Dad did a retraining residency in Radiology and our 5th sibling, Jane was born.


In any event, we think it would be great have their ashes placed either in Lake Shutte!!! Or at the Riverside / Saint Louis Cemeteries.


The fields are lush and green. Tons of birds and waterfowl adorn the ponds along the drive, the only hint of the flooding that has affected country further south and west.


Since Mom passed away last October, I have not read a Turtle Mountain Star. Lots of change in the area. Maybe I should pick up a copy of the paper before I head East in the morning! I wonder if I can subscribe on line!


We are such lucky people to be from this amazing part of our country.


Take care,


Karen Loeb Mhyre

The Equine Nomad
Update from Trish larson Wild (73): FORT COLLINS, CO

Hi Gary and all, from SE Washington. My son Zak has joined my herd and we are attending a horse training clinic with Buck Branamman. If you haven’t seen his new movie “Buck”, try to catch it in theatres. Incredible film about his life.


Beautiful trip here through Northern CA and Oregon. All four horses are doing well!

Trish Wild

The Equine Nomad

Trish, We can tell you are enjoying what you enjoy doing. We are amazed with you and all that you are doing. You are most certainly an amazing gal that we all so very much enjoy. Glad to hear that your son Zak is with you now too. Please keep us posted. Thanks, Gary



Face Book Posting that I captured

Posted by Joan LaCoix Lannie (67): Olive Branch, MS


Happy Birthday Dad ! You have been gone 44 years but I always think of you on your Birthday & remember all the Birthdays we celebrated together. Earnest F La Croix

Joan, I remember your dad well. I remember well of his passing too. He was a wonderful man, a model for all of us to follow. In our early childhood days our families were very close. I was young when you guys lived on the Johnny Hiatt farm, but I remember well being with your family a whole lot. After you moved to the Prairie, I remember visiting you guys there too. Gary

Minnie Landsverk
Reply from Anna Landsverk Edmonds, Wa
Regarding Vickie Hiatt LaFontaine’s post about my grandmother Minnie Landsverk. I actually have a photo of me sitting on a pony at Margie Hiatt’s home back in the mid 1970’s. I was on a trip back to North Dakota (from Edmonds, WA) with my dad (Howard Landsverk) and the rest of my family. We were there to visit Margie Hiatt and she had a big party with friends and family. I have to admit, the pony was more memorable to me than the great company we were with. No offense intended. A pony ride for a 5 or 6 year old little girl… well, of course the pony was going to win out!!! I hear my grandma Minnie and Margie were very close friends from my dad. I never knew my grandma Minnie very well as I was quite young when she passed away. Very lovely to hear warm things about her. Thank you!

Also, regarding Connie Zorn Landsverk’s post. My dad expressed his regret to me that he didn’t get to visit with you as well!

~Anna Landsverk
Mountaineer’s 4-H club
Reply from Stan (61) & Joan Wurgler Salmonson (61): Dunseith, ND

Regarding the Mountaineer’s 4-H Club Picture, after driving school bus for 9 years, I remember most of the kids from this area.

Back Row: Allen Stokes, Terry Olson, Gary Stokes

2nd Row: Lawrence Hiatt ?, Obert Medlang, Dean Lamb, Monte Espe, Jim Hiatt, Martha Lamb, Marlys Hiatt

1st Row: Darrell Stokes, Lyle Lagerquist, Rodney Lagerquist, Loren Johnson, Susan Hagen, Marlys Medlang, Karen Hagen




I check the blog every morning with my coffee and we really enjoy all the hard work you put into it. We are enjoying our time since we sold the lumberyard.




We were so saddened by the passing of our dear classmate Dwight Lang (61). Our condolences to DuWayne and all of Dwight’s family. We will miss him.




Thank you for keeping us all connected everyday.




Stan Salmonson (61) Joan Salmonson (61)



How well we remember you as our bus driver. You were among the very best.


You nailed this picture with all that everyone knows so far. The guy sitting in the 2nd row is still a mystery. I am thinking it’s Clifford Longer. He spent a lot of time at his aunt Margie Hiatt’s in those days. Vickie, Marlys, Lori or Jim Hiatt, Does this look like Clifford to you guys?


We are so glad to hear that you are now enjoying the freedoms of retired life. I’ll bet you miss the lumberyard though.



Mountaineer’s 4-H club – 1961


Cam & Sherri Slyter Millang open new Cafe at Lake Metigoshe
Posting from Ele Dietrich Slyter (69): Dunseith, ND

Attached is a bit of news from the good ole’ Turtle Mts…and I must say we are very proud of our daughter Sherri and son-in-law Cam Millang for this venture of opening the cafe at the Lake. Their food is very good and reasonably priced and we wish them all the best.











International Peace Garden 9-11 monument ceremony with the Patriotic Flag


Posted by Lloyd Awalt (44): Bottineau, ND



These pictures of the patriotic flag were taken at the peace garden Friday July 21. I’m not sure how big but they had the north central boom truck to hoist it up. The American legion bike riders were the escorts from Minot to Willow City to the gardens to the 9-11 monument and had a ceremony there.






Tuesday night dropping Rose off at the Cebu international Airport headed for Las Vegas.



Following our Expat dinner on Tuesday Evening we dropped our good friend Rose off at the Airport. Several of her/our friends rode along to see her off too. She has arrived safely in Las Vegas and is staying with mutual friends of ours from here who also have a home there. There will be more to this story to follow in the weeks ahead. Gary




Joke of the day
Posted by Pam Fassett Faust (65): pamfaust47@gmail.com Lilburn, GA













Arla (Wallice) Hill Hiatt is in the Rugby Hospital with broken bones
Posting from Jackie Hiatt Fix(79): Springfield, VA

Hey Gary, I’ve been putting this off, not too sure Mom would want it out out there for everyone but how long could she be mad at me ?


Mom fell outside on 6/26 (Dad’s birthday) went to get up and her right ankle hurt so bad she fell again, this time she hurt her left hip; she broke her left hip and fractured her right ankle. That day you were unable to get to Minot so she was sent to Grand Forks. She has been in acute care in Rugby since 7/1, last Friday she had to go to GF for a follow up they found the plate has moved so she will need surgery again (trying to get her into Minot as GF can’t get her in for a few weeks, we don’t want to wait she wants to get home). I guess that’s why I am braking down and sharing, she is going to be there much longer than we expected so if your in Rugby stop on up and say Hi to Mom, I am sure she wouldn’t mind.

Jackie, We are so sorry to hear of your mothers condition. She has to be in a lot of pain while she is waiting. Dr. Uthus, Minot Orthopedic Surgeon, has performed many hip and knee replacements for lots of Bottineau/Dunseith folks over the years. He is among the best. He replaced my mothers hip too. He was a class mate and room mate of my mothers Nephew who is also an Orthopedic surgeon now specializing in spinal surgery in Omaha.
Folks if you are in the Rugby area, please stop by the Rugby hospital to see Arla and lift her spirits. Thanks Jackie for letting us know about your mother. Please keep up posted. Gary
Moutaineer’s 4-H Club Picture
From Mary Ann Hagen: Bottineau, ND
Posted by Art Hagen (72) and Karen Larson (Bottineau Spectrum)
Gary here is a picture Art Hagen brought in. He knows all but two, but
maybe everyone would like another challenge. : ) Art and Karen
At the moment I can place all but one in this picture. I am going to let you guys reply first though before I give my listing of whom I think everyone is. Many of you in this photo are on this Distribution too. I may be out to lunch with my thinking of the one I can not place in this picture, but I am thinking it may be one of the Longer boys, Tom or Clifford? They were Margie Hiatt’s nephews from Kenmare that lived some of the time with Margie and attended school with us at Ackworth.
This picture brings back a whole lot of memories. I’d say this picture was taken at the very first 4-H meeting at Clarence and Mary Ann Hagen’s after our club was organized. I am pretty sure this picture was taken in the winter of 61/62. With one of the folks I know being in this picture, I know for a fact that it was taken later than May 1961.
Mary Ann Hagen, Dorothy Lamb and my Mother, Elaine Stokes were the organizers of this club. I remember well when this club was organized. I remember the discussion with a meeting at Hagen’s, with the county agent present, about asking Orvin Hagen to be the leader for the boys. Orvin accepted the job and held the position I think for close to 30 years. I am not sure when the club was dissolved, but I think it was in the late 90’s? This club grew to be one of the largest 4-H clubs ever. I am hoping someone can give us the numbers.
Thank you Mary Ann, Art and Karen.
Joke of the day
From Vivian (David III) Clark (Bottineau Oak Manor Apartments)

Check your shampoo bottle label.


I don’t know WHY I didnt figure this out sooner!!!!

It’s the shampoo I use in the shower!

When I wash my hair, the shampoo runs down my whole body

and (duh!) printed very clearly on the shampoo label is this warning…




NO wonder I have been gaining weight!!!

Well! I have gotten rid of that shampoo and I am going to start

using Dawn dish soap instead. Their label reads,




Problem Solved!!!

If I don’t answer the phone …I’ll be in the shower!!!


Peterson family reunion gatherings
Posted by Jackie Peterson Hansen: St. John, ND.

From: jackie hansen
Phone: 7014775780
Anyone who would like to visit with a Peterson or two during our family reunion come on out to Midway Bar on Saturday night (July 30th) or to Lake Upsilon on Sunday afternoon.

Larry Hackman’s Grandson’s Baseball Team – ND State Champs
Posted by Larry Hackman (66): lmhackman@bis.midco.net Bismarck, ND

Bragging rights for grandma and grandpa.


ND State Champs


My Grandson and his team mates take First in state.
My Grandson Payton is front and center on the photo
He is a pitcher, catcher, shortstop, and second base.
No brag, just fact! (Walter Brennan) Remember him?
Proud Grand MA & PA
Marion and Larry
Note: His older brother plays in the state tournament in about two weeks.
I’ll also let you know how that turns out whether you want to know or not.
His older sister also took second in their softball fast pitch tournament.
Not bad for one family.
No, I don’t think they inherited to much from me but I suspect I have a few genes floating around
in there bodies somewhere.
Thank You,
Alaina Richard Soloist performance
Posted by Allen Richard (65): Midland, MI
Allen, your daughter Alaina is wonderful. Yes, I remember her well at our 2007 reunion. She is a beautiful girl. Gary
Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND
Joke of the day
From my good English/Irish Friend Michael Kenny
Scotch with two drops of water

A lady goes to the bar on a cruise ship and orders a Scotch with two
drops of water. As the bartender gives her the drink she says,
‘I’m on this cruise to celebrate my 80th birthday and it’s today…’

The bartender says, ‘Well, since it’s your birthday, I’ll buy you a
drink. In fact, this one is on me.’

As the woman finishes her drink, the woman to her right says, ‘I would
like to buy you a drink, too.’

The old woman says, ‘Thank you. Bartender, I want a Scotch with two
drops of water.’

‘Coming up,’ says the bartender

As she finishes that drink, the man to her left says, ‘I would like to
buy you one, too.’

The old woman says, ‘Thank you. Bartender, I want another Scotch with
two drops of water.’

‘Coming right up,’ the bartender says.

As he gives her the drink, he says, ‘Ma’am, I’m dying of curiosity. Why
the Scotch with only two drops of water?’

The old woman replies, ‘Sonny, when you’re my age, you’ve learned how
to hold your liquor. Holding your water, however, is a whole other


Minnie Landsverk
Reply from Vickie Hiatt LaFontaine (73): Grafton, ND

It made me laugh to read Minnie Landsverk name. Her and grandma Margie were gd friends for many years. They talked on the phone daily and im sure more then once a day. Minnie use to watch the kids go to lunch @ the grade school from the high school and would report to grandma of my behavior and length of dress. It didnt take me long to relize I need to be on my best behavior and unroll my skirt to a acceptable length. I would always make sure to wave and smile, not only because she was watching but she was truely a kind and sweet ladie. She was so talented and always gave us good treats.

Vickie, Outside of our Ackworth community there were two folks your Grandma Margie Hiatt mentioned really often and was very close friends with and that was Minnie Landsverk and the Woodford’s. Most Every time we’d see her, she mentioned their names. Your Grandma Margie was always well informed of the community current events too. Not much slipped past her. I am not sure how she got all her information either. I think she was the first one folks called with news worthy events. Your Grandpa Will J. had a hearing loss too. Your Grandma Margie and your Dad, Norman, were about the only two folks that could make him hear with their strong voices. My mother and your Grandma talked many times a day too. From the late 60’s until my folks moved to Bottineau in 1983, your grandma most often would park her car in our yard and go with my folks when they went places. On November 9, 1920 your Grandma was married to your Grandpa Will J. Four days later she had her 17th birthday. She lived the rest of her entire life on the same place. I remember well my dad calling me to let me know that your Grandma had been found cold lying outside in her yard. He said Bill Nero, the undertaker, had just called him to let him know about Margie and that he had was just leaving Bottineau headed for her place. News travels fast back in those parts. Dad was pretty connected to Bill Nero. I believe David Slyter is the one that found her. David kept an eye on her. David was an angle in her eyes. Gary
Howard Landsverk (44)
Reply from Connie Zorn Landsverk: Bottineau, ND

Thanks for the information Anna. I heard Howard was in North Dakota this summer & visited with Bruce. Yes Nels Landsverk is Bruce, Sharon & Roger’s father.. I will tell Sharon about Erling & Joanne. o.k. Connie (Zorn) Landsverk
Orvin Hagen
Picture from Neola Kofoid Garbe: Bottineau & Minot, ND

Hi Gary,


I found an envelope of Aunt Em’s (Dad’s sister). In it, there are clippings she has saved. As you can see, this one is of Orvin Hagen. I’m surprised there is no date on the clipping, as Aunt Em usually wrote dates/other info on the clippings she saved.



Neola, My guess is that this picture was taken in the Late 60’s.
Leland Hagen, Can you ask Orvin about this picture and see if he remembers the time frame?
Question: Does Orvin’s retirement home have an email address we could send messages too addressed to him in the Subject box?


Joke of the day From Glen Williams (52)
Posted by Dick Johnson (68)
Gary and Friends,
I have to pass on a cute joke from Glen ‘Junner’ Williams.
A kid called his dad and said he was in the principals office because the
teacher asked him what his favorite bird was and he told her fried
chicken. She wasn’t impressed and thought he was being smart so she
sent him to the office. He told his dad he really liked fried chicken
and he wasn’t trying to be smart.The dad told him to just give her the
answer she was looking for and to behave. Later the kid calls home
again and says now his teacher asked who his favorite military figure
was? He said, “I told her it was Col. Sanders—guess where I am now?”



Howard Landsverk
Reply from Anna Landsverk: Edmonds, WA
In response to Connie (Zorn) Landsverk’s question about Howard Landsverk’s parents:

Firstly, I will apologize for any name misspells -as I am a little further down the Landsverk tree!
I am Howard Landsverk’s daughter, Anna Landsverk McGlothlin. Howard Landsverk’s parents were Minnie (Jacobson) Landsverk and Knut Landsverk. Knut was a brother of Nels and Gunder Landsverk. Knut passed away in 1970 (the year I was born unfortunatley). Howard got the chance to take a nostalgic trip back to North Dakota this summer from his hometown of Edmonds, WA. He mentioned that he visited Bruce Landsverk on Nels old farmstead in Willow Lake. He also made an attempt to visit Sharon Landsverk in Bottineau -unfortunately she was working on the day they were passing through. If I have it straight I believe Nels is the father of Sharon and Bruce (and Roger as well?). I’ll have to contact my dad and blog for him about his recent trip -I think it was very bittersweet because the towns he resided in from 1926 to around 1945 look quite different now (mainly Lorraine and Dunseith ). I hope this helps and feel free to contact Howard Landsverk via my email address.
Also, dad informed me that Erling and his wife Joanne are moving to a nursing home facility at present -thus Erling may be off line for a little while. ~Anna
Thank you so much for this reply Anna. Although we have never met in person, I very much enjoy the all the email messages that you and I frequently exchange. You are not a stranger by any means. We are so glad to hear that your dad, Howard, recently visited the Dunseith/Bottineau/Turtle Mountain areas. I am sorry to hear that he missed seeing Sharon. Had he only known that she works in Jerry’s Jack & Jill on the north end of Main Street in Bottineau, he could have ducked in to say high. That is where I always see Sharon. Sharon Bruce and Roger are Nels’ children. Connie’s husband, Roger, passed away a year ago. Loosing him was such a loss for her.
Erling has been off line now for a month or so. We miss him. We are hoping that he will be able to have his computer set up to accommodate his independence, being blind, the same as he had it set up in his home. We so admire Erling’s Brilliance and his attitude towards life with the handicap that he has. He makes the best of all situations and sees only the best in all situations and people. He is a true model for us to follow.


Howard Landsverk

Reply from Connie Zorn Landsverk: Bottineau, ND
Hi I found out Howard Landsverk’s dad was Knute Landsverk brother of Nels Landsverk. I hear Erling & his wife moved but don’t have their new address or phone #. Sharon (Landsverk ) Beckman was trying to call Erling?
Connie (Zorn) Landsverk

Howard Landsverk

Reply from Audery Hanson Aitchison: Bottineau, ND
Hi. According to the “1982 History of Dunseith” Knute Landsverk and Minnie Jacobson had three children– Marvin (Bill) Landsverk and his wife, Vivian, had seven children and he worked in Bottineau for several years before moving to WA state where he was semi-retired. Howard Landsverk and his wife Betsy lived in Edmunds, WA and had three children. Marjorie Landsverk married Lyle Fish of Rolette. They now live in WI had three children: Brian, Brad and Kim. Knute Landsverk (1891 – 1970) served in World War I and was married to Minnie Jaconbson in 1923. They lived in the Dunseith area where Knute worked as a stone mason as long as his health permitted.. In later years when stone masons became more scarce, Knute often traveled outside of the area to practice his trade. Their three children all attended Dunsetih School Minnie Landsverek died in 1979.

Joke of the day
Posted by Doreen Larson Moran (BHS ’61): Usk, WA & Hazelton, ND
A Pastor goes to the dentist for a set of false teeth.

The first Sunday after he gets his teeth, he talks for only eight minutes.

The second Sunday, he talks for only ten minutes.

The following Sunday, he talks for 2 hours and 48 minutes. The congregation had to mob him to get him down from the pulpit and they asked him what happened.

The Pastor explains the first Sunday his gums hurt so bad he couldn’t talk for more than 8 minutes.

The second Sunday his gums still hurt too much to talk for more than 10 minutes.

But, the third Sunday, by mistake he put his wife’s teeth in and couldn’t shut up… 


Howard Landsverk’s Parents
Question from Connie Zorn Landsverk: Bottineau, ND
Hi I’m wondering who Howard Landsverk’s parents are??? My husband Roger Landsverk parent’s were Nels & Gertie Landsverk.
Connie (Zorn) Landsverk
Connie, I am pretty sure that Roger and Howard were first cousins, but I am not sure who his parents were. I am very sure someone can tell us though. Erling is off line at the moment, so he will not see this, but I know there are others out there that can answer this question. Gary
Old Memories
From Lee (Leland) Stickland (64): Dickinson, ND
I kinda recall someone living in a hillside, west of Oliver Handland’s. lived a cave-like affair on west side o #3, across from the lake which was/is north of the farm. Dad knew his name and I recall DuSchano. That was a long time ago. We may all be partially valid.

12:35 am MDT, Sat here, 2.49 inches of rain, tornado warning with sirens; mostly lightning and thunder.

Bernadette, hope you are recovering , nicely.

Computer message just beeped: flash flood and tornado watch. When I was a kid about 12 I was dreadfully frightened of lightning and thunder; that was nearly 30 years ago. I never was too good at calculus, (so I am just estimating).

Brother Doc (Darrel turned 62 on June 20. Good days to ALL Lee

Chickimish Story & Oscar Hagen
Reply from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND
Gary and Friends,

First an apology to Gary for not wishing him a happy birthday
yesterday. I knew that but it slipped my mind until Toni mentioned it
in her reply. Secondly, thanks to Dennis Dubois and Vickie Metcalfe for
the clarification on the ongoing ‘Chickimish’ story. Alex Duchaine
sounds right. Floyd Dion and Murl Hill put the correct ID on Oscar
Hagen so thanks for that too. Good job to all involved. I like things
when they’re right. Thanks Gary!


Alec (Chickamish) Deshain
Reply from Gary Metcalfe (57): Forsyth, MO

Hello All, Sometimes I wonder if it is worth it to mention someone from the old days, then have to respond, and that is sooo much work for me!! LAZY….who?? not me?? I would rather cop out and call it A.D.D. They did not have that when I went to school, it might have been a couple of classmates that got me through.
I do appreciate the responders. Alec Deshain had two sons that I knew of, Red and Patrick. To my knowledge the only ones to ever call him Chickamish were ones of the old, old trail.
Alec’ claim to fame was his willow hay racks, his house on the hill was non descript and below on the hillside were a couple of 8 x 16 hayracks on display. We bought one and had it for several years.
Dennis you said it right, Alec never would have dreamed of such notority and wouldn’t be getting it if it weren’t for the humor. Raphael agreed that Len Gilbert deserved having the nails pulled out of his “privy”. So it was with Alec, only this time it was a different Metcalfe and Evans. My dad and little Martin Evans were on their way to town and Alec wanted a ride. So they said, “Oh, no Alec, today is Sunday.” They knew they would get a full report on this episode. Sure enough, Alec went the next day, and it was Sunday!
One more meeting with Alec was in the hay mow of our barn after a long day threshing. We had a Native American from Canada and a couple more colorful characters, then Alec would call for another card he would slowly peek and say…”be der”. Being a kid on a theashing crew was high adventure. I guess I was born at the right time.
I am sure one of the locals could find out what Chickamish means in English. That might be interesting.
Here is another name from the past, ” Slim Wallin”?
Gary Metcalfe
P.S. Alec Deshain is not to be confused with Alex Duchenaux. Alex Duchenaux came from a well known Dunseith family, was one of Rosie McCoy’s siblings, owned a bar in Seattle, was one of Glen Johnson’s friends, well respected and should have been well known by Dunseith people. Gary
Thought for the day
Posted by Glen Williams (51): Missoula, MT
Don’t worry about old age–it doesn’t last that long.”

Joke of the day

Paddy and Mick are two Irishmen working at the local sawmill.

One day, Mick slips and his arm gets severed.

Next day, Paddy goes to the hospital and asks after Mick.

The nurse says, Oh he’s out in Rehab exercising’.

Paddy couldn’t believe it, but here’s Mick out the back exercising his re-attached arm.

The very next day he’s back at work in the saw mill.

A couple of days go by, and then Mick slips and severs his leg on another bloody big saw.

So Paddy puts the limb in a plastic bag and rushes it and Mick off to hospital.

Next day he calls in to see him and asks the nurse how he is.

The nurse replies, ‘He’s out in the Rehab again exercising’.

And sure enough, here’s Mick out there doing some serious work on the treadmill.

And very soon Mick comes back to work.

But, as usual, within a couple of days he has another accident and severs his head.

Wearily Paddy puts the head in a plastic bag and transports it and Mick to hospital.

Next day he goes in and asks the nurse how Mick is.

The nurse breaks down and cries and says, ‘He’s dead.’

Paddy is shocked, but not surprised.

‘I suppose he finally injured himself too severely. ‘

‘No’, says the nurse, ‘Some dopey bastard put his head in a plastic bag and he suffocated’.



Reply from Howard Landsverk (44) – 1944 Basket ball picture
Posted by Anna Landsverk: EDMONDS, WA
Wonderful photo of my dad (Howard Landsverk) -he’ll be so tickled to see the basketball photo with his good friend Oscar Hagen! Thank you!!

Anna Landsverk
1944 Basket Ball Picture – Oscar Hagen – Happy Birthday to Dick Johnson (68)
Message from Toni Morinville Gredesky (68): Farimount, ND

Thanks, Paulette for the birthday wishes, but I should have emailed earlier to

point out that Gary’s birthday is also the 21st. So happy belated birthdays to Dick and



I am so glad that Floyd wrote in about the picture. I kept looking at it, saying to myself

that it looked like Oscar Hagen to me. Oscar is married to my first cousin Emmeline, Myrtle’s (my

mom’s sister) daughter.

Oscar Hagen is one of the nicest people you could ever meet. He is an engineer and he and Emmy

have lived in LaCrosse for years. I have always enjoyed telling the joke “You should meet my

relatives Oscar and Emmy — they’re an award winning couple.” And they truly are.

I am so happy for the clarification.


Thanks, Gary for all that you do.

Toni Morinville Gredesky

P.S. Also, it would be great if Chery Dakin or maybe you, Gary could repost the pictures of the Larson clan.

I inadvertently deleted them before moving them to my pic folder.

Thank you Toni. I’ve got a few years on you though and Dick will always be on day senior to you. Gary

Reply from Dennis Dubois (63): Minneapolis, MN
In reply to Dicks question on Chickimish. His name was Alex Duchene (?) and his sister was maybe Mary, but was called something in French that sounded like LaGraGange. Rose lake was south and west of Chikimish Lake, thats what we called it. Thanks to my brother for this info. I’ll bet Chickimish never got this much attention in his whole life. See what you started, Gary. A good day to all.

Chickimish – Response to Dick Johnson (68)
From Vickie Metcalfe (70): Bottineau, ND
No, as I think his name might have been Alec?…… he was not Red,
although Red might have been his son.

Weren’t Red Duchaine and Victoria Gray siblings?
Chickamish’ cabin was on lower ground below that hill in amongst a
poplar tree grove which looked like 1 room.
The new built #3 highway__ I think__ ran over where it was.
He was old.. old in the 50’s,when I first saw him, I think prior to
I never saw him after the new road was built in 62/63.
Raphael Poitra, Richard Morin or one of John and Helen Gunville’s
kids could probably tell you more.
They were all neighbors. v.

Reply to Doreen Larson Moran’s (BHS ’61) joke of the Day
From Lori Richard Nelson (48): Mesa, AZ

Hi Gary.. with all this horrible flood news of Minot..Wayne and I really needed a good laugh and we really had one from that crazy joke emailed to you by Doreen. Keep “em coming, Doreen.. Lori Nelson


Picture – First Communion Catholic Church Dunseith, ND
Reply from Allen Richard (65): Midland, MI
Gary — A wild guess about the nuns in the picture. I’m thinking they are Sister Rose on the left ans Sister Augusta on the right. I know they both were in Dunseith at that time.





Picture – First Communion Catholic Church Dunseith, ND
Reply from Sharron Gottbreht Shen (59): Everett, WA


Larry’s photo: Sister Mary Agnes and Sister Augustine. Seeing such a young Sister Augustine took me by surprise; at one time, late 40’s, I would help her stamp countless envelopes.

4th Row: Sister Mary Agnes & Sister Augusta

3rd Row 6 Boys:

2nd Row 5 girls:

Front Row: ?Girl, Shirley Houle, ? Girl, Sharon Houle, Larry Liere


Happy Birthday’s to Toni Morinville Gredesky (68) and Dick Johnson (68):
From Paulette LaCroix Chisholm (68): Newark, Delaware

Happy birthday to two great classmates and friends, Toni Morinviille Gredesky and Dick Johnson!

Yes, we all wish these two happy birthdays. Dick celebrated his on Wednesday the 20th and Toni Celebrated hers yesterday, Thursday the 21st.
Reply from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND
Gary and Friends,

Dennis or Vickie—-I can’t say I remember Red Duchaine being
called ‘Chickamish’ but I think he lived on the hill where Gene Anderson
built his house, just on the south side of Rose Lake. Was Red called
‘Chickamish’ or was it someone else like Red’s dad maybe? His old house
was originally probably log but it seems to me it had been covered with
red brick looking asphalt material if I remember right. Does any of
this sound right?



1944 Basket Ball Picture

Reply Floyd Dion (44): Dunseith, ND


Dick Johnson is correct when he said that the picture of the 1944 basketball players was a Hagen and not Freddie Hiatt. His name is Oscar Hagen, a son of John Hagen, and a brother of Orville Hagen. Gary I think you must have known him as they lived south of you mile or two,

but it may have been before your time.



Floyd, Yes the John Hagen farm was 1.5 miles south and a half mile west of us. I sure heard all about Oscar, but he was long gone from the time I can remember back too. He graduated in 1944 and I was born in 1947. My Memories start with the parents, John and Agnes living on that farm. Then Orville and Gloria Hagen, followed by Clifford and Louise Hagen and then back to Orville and Gloria. I believe Archie Metcalfe is now living on that farm. Henry Hagen, brother to John, lived a half mile north of them. Henry lived with his son Clarence and Mary Ann Hagen and their family. I have pasted Oscar’s contact info below. I will include Howard Landsverk, via his daughter, with todays message.
1944 Basket Ball Picture
Reply from Murl Watkins Hill (50): Dunseith, ND

Gary and all, No the player in question is not Freddie Hiatt, he is Oscar Hagen.

Thanks for all of the interesting information. Hi! To all who remember me. Murl Watkins Hill


Hagen Oscar 116 23rd St S La Crosse, WI 54601 (608) 784-7205 oehagen@centurytel.net

Minot Oak Park Contest

Posted by Rosemary & Wayne (61) Smith: Bottineau, ND



I don’t know if this site has been sent to you. It is a competition to vote for America’s favorite park. The winning park receives $100,000. The information was given over KXMC TV a day or two ago. Since then, Oak Park in Minot is ranked #1. If Oak Park has this ranking at the close of the contest on Sept 6, the funds will be to redo the park, which was under water, and possibly help others that were flooded out by the Mouse River flood.


The Dunseith Alumni website bloggers can help Minot by going to the web site, choosing Oak Park in Minot, ND, and voting. Anyone can vote as many times as they wish. This would be an easy way to help those in Minot by just a few clicks of a “mouse,” no pun intended.



Thanks, Gary.


Rosemary & Wayne Smith
Picture – First Communion Catholic Church Dunseith, ND

Larry Liere (55); Devils Lake, ND & Mesa, AZ




Carmen thank you for your input on this picture!

As I look at this picture there are 5 people in the front row. The tall girl holding flowers, the two angels, myself, and the boy in the dark suit.

With that in mind Shirley Houle is the tall girl holding the flowers, then a angel with dark hair, then Sharon Houle, then me, then the boy in

the dark suit. Would that be correct? 2nd. row five girls. 3rd. row six boys with the boy on the right behind a girl. 4th. row the

two nuns. I can see it will be hard to identify the picture because the rows are not in a real straight line. Could the two girls on the left in

the 2nd. row be Lamoureaux girls??



4th Row 2 nuns:

3rd Row 6 Boys:

2nd Row 5 girls:

Front Row: ?Girl, Shirley Houle, ? Girl, Sharon Houle, Larry Liere




Joke of the day

Posted by Doreen Larson Moran (BHS ’61): Usk, WA & Hazelton, ND

“Late again!” the third-grade teacher sternly said to little Johnny.

“It ain’t my fault this time, Miss Russell. You can blame this ‘un on my Daddy. The reason I’m three hours late is my Daddy sleeps naked!”
Now, Miss Russell had taught grammar school for thirty-some-odd years. Despite her mounting fears, she asked little Johnny what he meant by that. Full of grins and mischief, and in the flower of his youth, little Johnny and trouble were old friends, but he always told her the truth.
“You see, Miss Russell, out at the farm we got this here low down fox. The last few nights, he done ate six hens. Last night, when Daddy heard a noise out in the chicken pen, he grabbed his shot gun and said to my Ma, “That fox is back again… I’m a gonna git him!” “Stay back,” Daddy whispered to all us kids!
“My Daddy was naked as a jaybird — no boots, no pants, no shirt! To the hen house he crawled, just like an Injun on the snoop. Then, he stuck that double-barreled 12-gauge shot gun through the window of the coop. As he stared into the darkness, with a fox on his mind, our old hound dog, Rip, had done gone and woke up and comes sneaking up behind Daddy. Then, as we all looked on, plumb helpless, old Rip done went and stuck his cold nose in my Daddy’s crack!”
“Miss Russell, we all been cleanin’ chickens since three o’clock this mornin!”


Larry St. Claire is visiting Dunseith
Message from Larry St. Claire (66): Anchorage, AK
My son Gary and I just arrived in Bismarck today and will be heading up to Dunseith for my nephew Kevin’s wedding (Karen’s son) Should be a good time seeing friends and family. But heading back home to Alaska on Tuesday. A quick trip so if any one wants to get in touch, I will be staying with my sister Audrey and Lowell.
Larry, I believe your sister and Brother-in-law are Audrey and Lowell Leonard. Enjoy your time in the Dunseith area. It will be a whirl wind trip indeed.
Reply to Dennis Dubois (63)
From Vickie Metcalfe (70): Bottineau, ND

Gary and friends,


Dennis D,

Was the name of the lake with the gravel bottom, Belmour?

Dad took us “swimming” there in the late 50’s. Our dog Skip loved to go

—–s-w-i-m-m-i-n-g—– on a hot day.

Dad would spell the word to mom on those hot July days (like today)

Skip would get so excited hearing the word “swim”!

This was before we had running water. So the best thing to do to cool off on sticky days was a lake.

Ah yes, during hay season.

That ring neck border collie also knew if dad had his swimming trunks on,

that meant swimming..

Dad and Skip would swim, we girls would wade. (Our mom was not a swimmer and afraid of water)


Skippy would be in the middle of the lake struggling, Dad would swim out , grab him by the tail and steer him to shore.

Then, maybe he’d have to go out again and rescue poor Skippy,

as his back end fur would become quite water logged.

Skippy always put his trust in dad to rescue him.

Then of course he’d SHAKE. Wet fur dog!

Alas, folks with beer bottles and partyers wrecked that beach and by the ’60s it wasn’t safe to go to Belmour

broken beer bottles and rusty cans.

Then, the place to go, became School Section Lake__ by the Church of the Brethren camp.

It also had a sandy beach by a big rock.

Although, this lake was mom’s home church lake where she was baptised by immersion when she was a teen,

she absolutely did not trust us girls to go into the water over our knees.

Consequently I swim like a brick. Whenever I’m in water I hear, __my mothers voice,

vickIE!________”don’t do in over your ankles.”______.

Ah July memories. Vickie
Reply from Vickie Metcalfe (70): Bottineau, ND

Gary, Gary and Dennis D.


Memories of Dad and Chickamish

Chickamish was also my dad’s friend.

In my early childhood memories of Old # 3, there were times of Chickamish walking down the road.

Of course, Dad stopped to pick him up and he rode along into town.

Old highway #3, around the sloughs, lakes and up over and down hills into Dunseith.

Wide eyed, Nancy and I, dared not breathe lest we ran into the water.

We were girls who did not utter a word, as we felt our father’s deep respect for the old man.

(Dad was that way around elders)

Chickamish lived close to Scotch Annie island. (Yes, Dennis, West of Emil Morin’s and the old Metcalfe place at Rabbit City Lake. )

The current Gene Anderson Jr. home on the hilly knoll was in the area, a wee bit west of his cabin site.

In recalling, the exterior of the little log cabin was made of log/mud.


In the spring of the year, Dad also would stop in to visit, and have tea and duck eggs with Chickamish.

Something quite illegal, as those were the ’50s,_ __days when ducks especially wood ducks were quite rare.


Chickamish would stop dad on the old highway, and ask him to come in and have a smoke and lunch.

One meal dad often talked about was Tea with Chickamish.

Chickamish served boiled duck eggs __which had been boiled in the tea water.

Then, he served strong black tea and of course gullet.
Chickamish told dad he had gathered eggs around the lake that morning.

Dad said, he cautiously ate, half expecting to find a duckling__

under the shell but he would not disrespect Chickamish by not eating with him.

I believe Chickamish’s Anglo name,was Duchane ?



Haste Ye Back
Vickie L. Metcalfe
Dunseith Caribbean Cruise
Message from our Travel Agent

Hi Gary,




LeaRae Espe and Terry Espe booked an ocean view cabin tonight.




Kind regards,








Gina S. Ford

Cruise At Will, Inc.

Cruise and Travel Planners

1-866-870-6986 (toll free)

703-580-1190 (local)


Dunseith Cemetery Story
Posted by Larry Hackman (66):

Hello Gary;

I hope this finds you and your family well.

We are doing OK here in the Dakotas.

Suffering from a little PI. type heat and humidity at the present time.

I shouldn’t say PI type weather as I don’t really know what type weather you have there.

I should say Vietnam type weather as I know what that is like.

I’m sure you would love being here putting up hay for the cows now?

Actually I think the humidity is so high, that the hay makers have had to take the day off.
Great weather for mosquitoes, but I have a huge crop of dragon flies hanging out in my yard right now.

I’m hoping by the time they, the dragon flies leave that they will have eaten all the mosquitoes

and other bugs that seem to thrive in this type weather.

We are hoping this weather changes soon. Thank Heaven and GE for air conditioning.

Stay cool Gary, and I

hope you and everyone else enjoy reading the story,


Dunseith Cemetery Story


A strange thing happened at St Louis Cemetery just south of Dunseith in the year of 1992.Actually, I know a lot of strange things that happened at that cemetery and I know most of you do too.But, this is the only thing that I know of that happened in 1992.


The story actually begins much earlier and begins with the death of my father in the fall of 1980.After his death and burial, my brothers and sisters and I arranged for a marble headstone and footstones to be placed on the Hackman burial plot, to mark the graves of Dad, Grandpa and Grandma Hackman and his Brothers that had passed on, and for the bachelor uncles and my mother that eventually would be buried at the site.The next spring after the grave markers were installed, my brothers and sisters and spouses met at the grave site to visit Dad and the other relatives buried in the area.We also planted two red peony plants in honor of the occasion.One at the south end of the headstone and one at the north end.The south peony always thrived at that location and the northern one always struggled and eventually died in the year of 1991.


In the spring of 1992 my wife and I went up to Siebel’s Greenhouse in Harvey, ND and picked out a potentilla bush to replace the peony.Thinking the potentilla bush would withstand the climate up on the hill much better than the peony.I dug the plant in carefully, making sure it had plenty of loose soil around its root system, and even fetched a five gallon pail of water from Willow Creek that flows below the hill to give it a good soaking before we left the site.Knowing that the water from that creek, with all the nutriments that it gathers from the Turtle Mountains, and farm yards would give that plant an extra boost.After leaving the cemetery, as always, we stopped at Dale’s Truck Stop to wash our hands and to enjoy a jumbo burger before leaving Dunseith.


We never made it back up to Dunseith all summer.Towards the end of August my mother called and asked if we had been up to the cemetery in Dunseith.We said no we hadn’t been up there since May.She asked if we had replaced the peony that had died.We said that we had, and told her, we had replaced it with a potentilla bush with yellow flowers. She said well, if you got time, you better go up and take a look at it.I questioned her as to why, and she would only laugh and kept on saying that I better go look at it, and she added, make sure that you take a camera along.




the plant apparently died, and apparently a tomato plant grew.



I can’t imagine that really happening after growing a vegetable gardens most of my life, and all the trouble I had growing tomato plants.


I guess, I should have been trying to grow potentilla plants, forgot about them and then just went and harvested the tomatos in the fall.Must have been something in that creek water.And no, the tomato plant did not come back the following year, nor did the potentilla bush. No, we did not pick the tomatoes; we left them for the departed.I wonder if that Nerpel kid from the class of 65 wasn’t out playing tricks again?


Remember to laugh,





Posted By Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND

Connie Bad Moccasin
(November 9, 1959 – July 9, 2011)

Guest Book | Sign Guest Book | Send Flowers


Connie BadMoccasin, age 51 of Dunseith, died in her home on Saturday. Funeral services will be held on Wednesday at 10:00 A.M. in the Peace Lutheran Church in Dunseith. A wake will be held on Tuesday beginning at 4:00 P.M. in the Peace Lutheran Church of Dunseith.

Connie Bad Moccasin, a daughter of Francis (Eagle heart) and Rose(Old Eagle woman) (Machipiness) Cree, was born on November 9th 1959 at Belcourt. She was reared and attended school in the Dunseith area, graduating from Dunseith High school. After her graduation she attend United Tribes College in Bismarck. On February 26, 1975 she was married to Einer Bad Moccasin at Dunseith. They later parted ways. She worked for a time at Park River helping with Sugar Beets and Potatoes. Later she returned to the Dunseith area where she met Oliver Eagleman and raised her children.

She was a member of the Indian Alliance Church of rural Dunseith. Connie enjoyed making moccasins, birch bark baskets, doing bead work and going to the casino. She also enjoyed spending time with her children, grandchildren and family.

Connie passed away on Saturday, July 9th 2011 in her home.

she is survived by her daughters, Natashe Eagleman, Ayesha Eagleman both of Dunseith and Naveena Bad Moccasin of Fergus Falls, MN; a son Thomas Bad Moccasin of Yorkton, SK; grandchildren, Israel Cree-Eagleman, Amari Brown, Cordae Cree and Evaleena Owens; sisters, Doris Peltier, Darlene Belcourt, Debbie LaRocque, Carol Cree, Brenda Cree all of Dunseith and Rebecca LaFromboise of Mandan; brothers, Henry Cree of Belcourt and Arnold Cree of Dunseith. Connie is preceded in death by her parents; a grandson, Allan M. (Rising Sun) Poitra Jr. brothers, Melvin, Ronnie, Gerald, Victor, and Leonard; sister, Priscilla Machipiness; adoptive brothers, Melvin Jr., Patrick and Michael Cree Sr. and Ronald Long Claws.

’44 Basketball picture
Reply from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND
Gary and Friends,

I haven’t seen anyone reply on the ’44 ball team picture but I
don’t think the guy in the center in the back row is Freddie Hiatt. I
think it is either one of the Haagensons or Hagens. Maybe someone
closer to that age group could say for sure. I don’t want to say for
sure, but I don’t think it’s Freddie. Thanks Gary!



Picture – First Communion Catholic Church Dunseith, ND

Reply from Carmen Leonard Richard: Rolette, ND

I can indentify two in the front row, Shirley Houle is the one holding something and the angel on the right is her sister Sharon Houle.


Your cousin–Carmen


Back Rows:

Front Row: Shirley Houle, Sharon Houl, ? Girl, ? Girl, Larry Liere


Joke of the day

Posted by Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND
Ole comes into the bar and asks the owner if they have the Vikings
game on the big screen. The bar owner says they do and to come on in.
Ole asks if his big dog can come in and watch the game because he really
loves watching the Vikings play. The owner says no he can’t let dogs in
but Ole pleads and finally he says OK, but he better behave. When the
game starts, Ole and the dog sit quietly and watch until the Vikings
make an interception and Ole yells and the dog howls and jumps up and
‘high fives’ the guys watching the game. The bartender can’t believe
his eyes and says, “He really does know what’s happening! What does he
do when they get a touchdown?” Ole says, “I don’t know. I’ve only had
him a couple years.”

I’m not a big football fan, but if I were, the Vikings would be my
team. This is just a joke for a joke’s sake.



Cickamish memories – Reply to Gary Metcalfe (57)
Reply from Dennis Dubois (63): Minneapolis, MN
Cickamish! Oh how I remember him. He lived on the lake across the road from Emil Morins road. I remember my mom taking us kids to pick up him and his sister, who lived across the highway in the bush, to take Chickamish to the doctor. He was in his house and didn’t come out right away and I remember his sister saying “that man is probably eating, he eats 3 times a day and every day”. Us kids could barely hold our laughter, but knew better than to laugh at Chickamish or his sister. One year we played a Halloween prank on Chicamish and dad found out about and we had to go up there and apologize to him. We were so afraid of him and we thought his house was haunted. Many of us swam in his lake, it had a clean gravel bottom. Yes the name Chicamish brings back a lot of memories. Thanks Gary for refreshing my memory.


First Communion Catholic Church Dunseith, ND

Larry Liere (55); Devils Lake, ND & Mesa, AZ





Our friends on your BLOG are so good at coming up with the names of people in old pictures I would like them to identify this 1st. Communion Class.

The people in this picture would be in about the first grade from the class of 1955 so the picture was taken about 1942 or 43. Most of the kids are from

the Dunseith school but there may be a few from grade schools up in the hills. I left Dunseith in 3rd. grade so I only remember some of the kids in the

1st. & 2nd. grade class picture taken about 1944 that you had on your BLOG. Putting that picture (1st. & 2nd.) by this picture I still can not identify any

people for sure other then myself. I remember the four of us in the front row lead the group into the church. The two little girls in the middle of the front

row may have been younger because if you look close they have angle wings so I don’t think they were in the Communion Class. I and the girl on the

left with the flowers followed the two angles and then the rest of the class followed us. I think one maybe both of the Lamoureaux girls are in the picture.

I will start with the first name that I know for sure:

First row right side the guy with a cape, Larry Liere,
A story lesson on judging others by appearance from my Dad
Posted by Vickie Metcalfe (70): Bottineau, ND

It was in the sixties, my Dad, a busy man on a tight income found
himself, during the hot haying season,wearing his striped suspender
overalls, in an implement dealership in Bottineau looking for a used

While in the shop, the well dressed salesman came over unobtrusively,
said quietly to Dad” Do you know the man over there?” He nodded to
an older farmer wearing patched, beat up, well worn suspender
overalls. The place now was busy with lots of better dressed men
who undoubtedly had money.. .and that tattered old farmer was taking
his attention away from the lot! (Dad recognized this neighbor as
one of the hardest working, best farmers in the hills.)

The salesman told dad he had tried in his sales pitch to keep
turning the mans attention to the well used balers__ as not to
embarrass the man. But the farmer wearing old patched overalls kept
moving back toward the new “expensive” ones. The exasperated
salesman said, “That guy keeps asking questions about balers, can he
even afford one?

Dad sagely looked at the salesman in the eye and gave a curt reply.

The salesman upon realizing his warped judgment, very respectfully
waited on the farmer. As a result, farmer purchased 2 brand new top
of the line balers on __a counter check from _anyone of 4 area banks.

Haste Ye Back
Vickie L. Metcalfe

NDSU in Wall Street Journal
Posted by Brenda Hoffman (68): Greenville, SC

Frigid North Dakota Is a Hot Draw For Out-of-State College Students
Wall Street Journal

“For anyone who wants to be at a place on the rise, this is it,” says NDSU President Dean Bresciani, the former vice chancellor of student affairs at Texas …

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Joke of the day

Posted by Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND
Ole gets on a flight back to Minnesota and just happens to get a
seat by a doctor and a scientist. In the course of their conversation,
they begin to talk about man’s greatest invention. The doctor says that
by far it was the artificial heart that can keep a person alive until a
donor heart is found. The scientist says he believes the space shuttle
is far more of an intricate design as it can take humans into space and
then return to earth safely. They looked at Ole and asked him what he
thought man’s greatest invention is. Ole said he would have to say the
‘Thermos’ bottle. They both looked at him in disbelief and the doctor
said, “The Thermos bottle! All that does is keeps hot things hot and
cold things cold.” Ole slyly said, “Ya, but how does it know?”



ND Trip trip with memories
From Gary Metcalfe (57): Forsyth, MO



Hello Gary and All,
Sue and I just got back to Branson from three weeks vacation up to the Canadian border. We had about the right amount of problems with our motorhome to make the trip one with priceless memories. The first was, did not even get a click when I hit the starter in a rest area in S.D. I needed some WD40 BAD. A carload of young Hispanics came to my rescue. One can came from the front and one from the back…no charge, but I just took one! So we turned west at Sisseton, S.D. where Cliff Nerpel and I built. lt a couple of houses for the tribe over 50 years ago. We found the houses and they still look O.K. We snaked our way west and north up through Ellendale to Sue’s Rubgy school reunion that lasted 3 full days. I survived it! It was an all class reunion so I found plenty of people to visit with. As young as Dave Shelver and as old as Bob Johnson. Bob in his late 80’s had a better recollection of events than I did about coming to the border to back up our old stack mover which my dad, Art Sime, Carrol Carlson had invented. Dad stayed in the good graces of old Ben Kupker, who was farm boss at the San. That year Dad’s contract was for stacks of alfalfa, another year they baled the alfalfa and one year they chopped it.
Sixty years ago, and I still remember the look on ole Bob’s face when the front wheels of his John Deere came off the ground. I sat on the radiator for weight and we made it up that tremendously steep hill at the Peace Garden. I guess you could not call Bob a flat lander after that!
The next night was at Barton and one of my favorite old story tellers was there, Eben Ahrends. He is right at the 80 mark.
Now we head to Dunseith and north to the hills with two items on my bucket list, #1 to see if Jim Birkland was as good a musician as I thought he was and in good enough health to do it. Turns out he was and my brother Jim, sister Margaret and I spent a couple hours warming up his many instruments. He and Ruby agreed and journeyed to Metigoshe the next evening. We had Patti and Jack’s cabin rocking and rolling as we sang a good part of all the songs that Jimmy knew. I guess I certainly remembered his timing and the songs from the 50’s, Hank Williams being a large part of them. This was a reconnecting with a humble and talented man from long ago. His brother LeRoy and his dad also played several instruments.
Bucket list #2 has been on my mind the last 4 or 5 years, people told me it is too wet, roads not good, bottom line I did not have the right equipment to search it out. All at once I thought about Raphael (sp?) Poitra, as was he ever the man for the job! He said I will take you and your brother and show you everything anytime. So we made a date for the next day. He took his nearly new 4 wheel drive pickup and took us one mile south of the road I would have taken. There we found the Bergan School and where Louis Bergan used to live. Also found the entrance to the Evan’s place where my mother was raised. Then back up to the north side of Rabbit City Lake where the Metcalfe’s lived. This was not a very big lake but I know a thousand stories of the happenings there and I hope this puts and end to my quest.
Here I found a man so knowledgeable about the old days and old ways which he had to learn from his dad and the rest of the Poitra’s. We talked about Frank Makes It Rain and Maynard Rising Sun who were his dad’s hired men. Then he said, “Chickamish lived right there”. So I was able to put a name on him because I remembered who lived there. Anyone want to guess who Chickamish was??? Getting too long….more later. Gary Metcalfe
Gary M,
How well I remember Jim and Ruby Kuhn Birkland. I remember well when they were newly married living up on the Johnny Hiatt farm, now the Fauske farm. This would have been in about 1957 give or take a year or so. In those days it took two to drive their car as they passed by our place. In her growing up days, Ruby’s family was neighbors to the Bert and Olga Hanson Family on North Bennett Street in Bottineau. Olga was Dad’s sister and Bert was a brother to Frances Morinvelle.
Raphael Poitra (65), what a peach of guy. I have so enjoyed seeing and visiting with Raphael at our recent reunions. Raphael and his late wife, Janice Metcalfe Poitra (71), have been the owners of Kelvin for many years now too. He has been so helpful with the work involved with the reunions. Raphael always follows thru, 110%, with what he says he will do. Such a reliable guy.
Lessons in Leadership
Web Link posted by Vickie Metcalfe (70): Bottineau, ND


Dunseith Caribbean Cruise update.
Recent sign ups
Karen Loeb Mhyre (65) and her husband Jim
Geri Metcalfe Munro (59) and her husband Chuck
Folks, Tuesday is the dead line to be guaranteed the current posted rates. After Tuesday we will be releasing all of our reserved cabins back to the cruise line.
For reservations please contact our travel agent.

Gina S. Ford



Cruise At Will, Inc.


Cruise and Travel Planners


1-866-870-6986 (toll free)


703-580-1190 (local)




“Frigid North Dakota is a Hot Draw for Out-of-State College Students”
Wall Street Journal posting from Brenda Hoffman (68): Greenville, SC
Dave gets the Wall Street Journal and on the bottom front page today is the headline and long story of “Frigid North Dakota is a Hot Draw for Out-of-State College Students” It talks about the lower tuition (because of the oil boom), smaller classes and classes taught by professors instead of grad students. Plus that the State of ND noted that high school graduates were decreasing in ND so they developed a campaign to lure out of state students which has worked wonderfully. Plus many of those students stay in ND and are building the population. NDSU and UND are both mentioned as are a couple of other schools.


Folks, Since Bernadette had surgery early this morning, I did not post a blog. I will be going back to the hospital again tomorrow morning, so I am posting tomorrow’s blog now, Friday evening. Gary
Bernadette’s Status
Bernadette had her Surgery this morning to remove her Gall Bladder and to repair 3 hernia’s. All went well. She had 13 stones in her Gall Bladder. When I left the hospital about 4:30 this afternoon, she was feeling pretty good. She just called now and said she is feeling really well. I think she will be discharged tomorrow.
Robert Stickland (39)
Posting by Lee Stickland (64): Dickinson, ND
I trust YOU know me well enough that I would not up stage anyone. My father, Robert Elmer Stickland was born just a few days before Orvin Hagen, on July 6, 1921. Dad made it to the age of 87.
How well so many of us remember your dad, especially those of us he delivered mail to up in the hills for 25 plus years.
My mother was Born in July 1921 too. She was born July 29th. She was 83 when she left us.

Chuck & Geri Metcalfe (59) Munro Celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary
We celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary at El Zagal Shrine on Saturday, July 9th, hosted by our sons David and Juli Munro and Jeff Munro—it is quite a milestone for us.
Geri Metcalfe Munro
Congratulations Chuck & Geri. You guys are a great couple. So easy going and nice. We so enjoyed learning to know you on the Alaska Cruise. Gary
Mona Dionne Johnson (48) is a Lion’s Hall of Fame Nominee
Congratulation Mona, This is well deserved. You are most certainly very dedicated.
Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Bottineau & Minot, ND
Mouse (Souris) river pictures
Posted by Dale Pritchard (63): Leesville, LA


Bernadette’s Status.
Good news, Bernadette is scheduled for Surgery Early Friday (Tomorrow) morning to have her gall bladder removed and 3 small hernia’s repaired. I will not be posting a blog tomorrow, but will continue on Saturday.
On July 14, 1921 you were brought into this world. In the past 90 years, just being who your are, Orvin Hagen, you have touch the hearts of so many folks in all walks of life. For those of us that had you as a 4-H leader, we couldn’t have had a more dedicated and knowledgeable leader. You assisted and guided each and everyone of us with all of our many projects with so much enthusiasm, knowledge and dedication. We were so proud to have you as our leader. You were an inspiration to each and every one of us. You never ran out of gas either, always burning the candle at both ends.
Orvin, do you remember this Black Angus heifer Missy, in the picture below? You and I took her to the Valley City Winter Show in your pick-up. I will always remember that trip. It was an experience I will never forget.
I so cherish the close family relationship that we had in my growing up days and continue to have.
PS – For those of you wanting to get a message to Orvin. Orvin’s Brother Leland talks to Orvin everyday. if you send a message to Leland for Orvin, I am sure he will pass it along to Orvin. Or you can just reply to these messages and Leland will pass it along to him that way too.
Condolences to the Halvorson Family
From Sharon Longie Dana (73): MIssoula MT
My condolences to the Halvorson Family.
Thoughts and prayers are with all of you.
Sharon Longie Dana(73)

Dwight Lang’s remains
Message posted by Florence Hiatt Dahl (50): Anchorage, AK

In reply to Judy Anderson’s question. No, no funeral. Dwight wanted his body to be used for “science”. When “they” are through his body will be cremated. and turned over to his brother DuWayne. And then his ashes will be dropped near a big stone on a hill north of the farm where he grew up. Thanks for the memories. Being the yougest in the family and Charlotte being the oldest, Dwight and DuWayne are more like brothers to me then nephews. i will miss his his e-mails greatly. His honesty, straight forward answers and sense of humor was to be admired.
Robert & Dorothy Pritchard Family pictures
Provided by Dale Pritchard (63): Leesville, LA

First and foremost, I want to thank everyone on your list who sent
condolences when my Mother passed away. To those of you did, my family
and I thank you so very much. It was easy to tell that your expressions
of sympathy were from the heart. The rest of the my family had a hard
time believing that these came from all over the U.S. and the

Geri Metcalfe requested some pictures which I am providing here.

Dale, Thank you so much for sharing these pictures. Other than for you and Lorraine, It has been 45 plus years since I have seen your family members. We were close neighbors too. These pictures mean a lot to me. Carol looks very much the same as I remember her and Lois too. Darald has changed some.


Pritchard Family
Dale Pritchard sent me some really nice family pictures that I will be posting tomorrow.
Bernadette’s status
Bernadette’s surgery has been delayed. She has a urinary track infection that needs to get cleared up before they can do surgery. Because we know she has a gallstone, we automatically suspected that was the cause of the pain she has been experiencing the past week or so. As it turns out we now think the pain was caused from her urinary infection. Yesterday she was passing fine gravel like stones from the kidney blast she had over a month ago. They have put her on IV antibiotics, so she will be in the hospital several days while they are administering this antibiotic. Her doctor said Next week for her surgery. Gary

Thank you from Dorothy Halvorson Family
From Lynn Halvorson Otto (75): Boonton, NJ

Hi Gary, oh my, thanks so much for posting moms obituary. We have been so busy with details preparing to say goodbye I haven’t had a moment to tell you about her passing. She has had COPD, a lung disease for the past 5-6 years, slowing getting worse over time. This last was a severe lung infection she just couldn’t flight off anymore. It was heartbreaking to watch her struggle for each breath. She is at peace now, no more drugs to get down and no more fighting for air. We will miss her greatly as any child would but we know she had a wonderful loved filled life. Thank you and God Bless, Lynn and the whole Halvorson family.
Coffee with Doreen Larson (BHS ’61) and David Shelver (63)
Message from Vickie Metcalfe (70): Bottineau, ND


I had morning coffee with Doreen (Larson) Moran and David Shelver at the Family Bakery.

Some folks may wonder how Doreen and I know each other? Our mothers were residents at St. Andrew’s Long Term Care during the same time period.

There is something about a tie____, when we find friends by hanging out with our parents undergoing medical care or nursing home care.

Through Doreen, it was nice to meet upper classman, David Shelver, the son of Glen and Annabelle.

I hold Glen and Annabelle Shelver in my memory, with high esteem and fondness.

(They knew at least 4 generations of my family; Wicks/ Lamb and Metcalfe.)

The Shelvers; A remarkable couple, who each carried wonderful character traits. They were role models and true lifelong members of a community, Dunseith and Peace Lutheran Church.

I know of many people who sought their respected wisdom, which was given with fore thought, kindness and grace.

And I ?

I’ am thankful to come from a place where there were people like them. Vickie




Message from Dwight Lang’s (61) Former wife


From: Judy Anderson
E-mail: JudyA632009@aol.com
I was so heart broken to see where Dwight Lang has passed away, I had not heard from him in almost 3 mos. Was he cremated and where were the ashes scattered? Dwight and I were married only a short time 67 (Dec) to 70 (Mar), he had told me around the holidays he was attempting to meet a Russian woman again for marriage. He always referred to me as his favorite ex (HA) I never knew DuWayne only Adam and Charlotte Lang, we were married after dating only 12 wks and then moved to Akron OH. He was an impressive person and so much energy,if not biting his nails he was smoking a cig (HA). Maybe his ex in Nashville recd the remains?

Thanks for any info, I had you give Dwight my email add about 1 yr or so ago, he gave me some info on his life, etc.

Judy, I am so glad you replied. I was going to find your email address to let you know Dwight had passed on. It is buried in my stuff somewhere, I think. When you asked me to forward your email address to Dwight, he told me who you were. He actually sent several pictures of you. I am not sure if I saved them or not. I will check. He was quite fond of you and was very pleased that you had taken the effort to get in touch with him. He had good words to say about you. Coming from Dwight, you know they were true. I am not sure of his remains, but maybe someone from this blog who knows more than I do and will let you know. Gary
Correspondence between Dwight Lang (61) and Dick Johnson (68):
Posted By Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND

This is some correspondence between Dwight Lang and me back over 3 years ago. Maybe folks would be interested in reading this now that Dwight has left our midst.

Great to hear from you! I do really enjoy remembering the old days of
growing up in Dunseith! For some reason, I seem to be able to remember
so many good times and funny things from those days. People say they had
forgotten certain things but my memory jars theirs and then it all comes
back. This is what I try to do with these stories, get others to
remember and then tell their stories of the event. It seems to be
working! My parents and grandparents took hundreds of pictures over the
years and I have kept and studied every one of them for all these years!
We can keep this going for years with these pictures and the stories
that go with them if folks continue to be interested.

I have one memory of you that has stuck in my mind since the early 60s.
I think you went to college in Bottineau after you graduated from DHS.
At least you were in the basement of Old Main one evening when I was
there, at about 11 or 12 years old, and you and some other guys were
playing a guitar in the student lounge. You were wearing a leather
fringe jacket that I believe had some Indian designs on it. I must have
been there for a ballgame or some concert or something. I don’t remember
that but I do remember you guys, and I listened for a while from out in
the hall. Do you remember doing that?


Man, you got a good memory. Loved that leather jacket. I think Howard Hiatt found it in Canada. It traveled with me many miles and many years. But finally I wore it out to pieces and it had to go. Sorry to say my favorite black guitar got stolen from the back of a U-haul van somewhere in Oklahoma.
I joined the National Guard while still in high school. The unit got activated and sent to Fort Lewis (the year of the World’s Fair there). Kenny Reed (originally from Mylo) got me into the guitar to cord with him in the barracks. At the Forestry a few of us made up a band called the Blue Notes. Johnny, Howard and Tom Tom Fredericks and Teddy Ewardson were in the band as well. We played many dances and proms around the area. I still remember playing Wipe Out on the guitar with Tom Tom on the drums. My slow favorite was “Wonderland by Night” on the trumpet. I think Don Darling was the band director in Dunseith at the time. But I remember playing a solo with the band using that song. Later at UND I was bar tending at the Elks club when Don Darling was there having a cool one and he told the Elks band director that he had one of the best trumpet players in the state working behind the bar. I ended up playing with the Elks band being paid bar tender wages — what a great deal!
Music, sports, horses and chasing girls. Life was good in those days. Thanks for jogging my memory. Take care, young fellow.
Grade School Basketball picture posted several days ago
Reply from Larry Liere (54): Devils Lake, ND



I am very happy to find out this is a grade school basketball team! When I left Dunseith in 1946 I remember David Shelver as being a little guy that was just starting to walk. Thinking this was a High School picture, I thought my mind was getting “old timers”. Thank you Dick & Dennis for setting my mind in the correct time zone for this picture. Based on this information I am guessing David may have been in about the 6th. grade for this picture. Gary keep up the good work, I love reading your BLOG.


Message from Cheryl Larson Daken (71): BEDFORD, TX

My best wishes for a speedy and uneventful recovery for Bernadette. She’ll feel so much better after she’s healed from the surgery.

Cheryl Larson Dakin

P.S. on 7-7-11 we welcomed a new grandson, Logan Scott Bland who weighed 7 pounds 11 ounces. I should have played the lottery that day. That makes 5 in 5 years for us. Such a joy. They all live close and we are so blessed.
Philippine Earthquake
Qustion from Cecile Gouin Craig (61): Windsor, CO

Just saw the earthquake news. Praying the both of you and family are all well.


I was born in Dryden, Ontario and so was Maurice (Morris) right in the middle of the Lake of the Woods, where the walleye’s and the Northern’s are HUGE. “A” it’s my turn to brag on the fishing. Cecile 61

I never felt the Earthquake, but Bernadette did up in the hospital. Gary
North Dakota on BBC
Posted by Vickie Metcalfe (70): Bottineau, ND
I like to read other perspectives of our great country.
One site I frequent each day, as I read on line, is BBC.
This week there is a most interesting article (video) regarding blood quantum in the Native American population.

North Dakota was discussed specifically in regard to people of Fort Berthhold Reservation and __OIL.(a mighty powerful word here in ND)
For anyone interested;


Social Studies and history always were favorite classes!
Regards to Bernadette. Continue to nurture her while she recovers and
Keep the faith.
Orvin Hagen & Wenstad pictures
From Linda Gardner: Vienna, VA

Hi Gary – Got back to Vienna, VA, on Friday. Had a fabulous trip. Got to visit with lots of folks at Orvin’s party and throughout the time I was there. Lloyd and I took Orvin back to Fargo on Wednesday (6/29) and there was a chorus echoing through the place “Orvin’s back”!!!! He is totally well loved there like he is everywhere!!! He showed me around the facility when I picked him up and I am really impressed with the facility and activities that are provided. I think he had a great time and was very surprised by the birthday party Donnie and Sharon planned for him. I didn’t take any pictures at his birthday party but here are a few from the Wenstad gathering we had in Towner. The only one who couldn’t make it was Arlan Wenstad because the roads were closed from the Mouse river flooding. I’ve never seen so much water except at the ocean.


hanks, Gary, for keeping us all connected and informed!!!


Thank you Linda for sharing these picture. I have not seen Gary, Karen or you since I graduated from HS 46 years ago. You are all looking great! Orvin does not look 90, but then he is only 89 in these pictures too. Could that make a difference??? His Birthday is coming up. He will be 90 on the 14th. That is this coming Thursday (tomorrow). Gary




Bernadette is having Gall Bladder Surgery today, so I am a bit pressed for time. She is scheduled for Surgery at 1:00 PM. She will be having her Gall Bladder removed and 3 hernia’s repaired. This is planned surgery, so it’s not emergent. They discovered a stone in her Gall Bladder with the ultrasounds that were taken with our annual physicals. She has been having gallstone pains, so we decided to have this done now.
I do have a number of items/pictures to post that I have received from you folks that I will try and get posted tomorrow.


2012 Dunseith Caribbean Cruise:
We are fast aprocoaching our depost due date, 7/19/2011, for our cruise. After 7/19/2011 we will be giving back the remaining cabins we have reserved. After 7/19/2011 we can not guarantee the prices posted either.
If you are planning on joining us on this cruise, please get in touch with Gina, our travel agent. Her contact info is listed below
Your group leaders,
Bill Grimme – Birmingham, AL
Phyllis McKay – Auburn, WA.
Gary & Bernadette Stokes – Cebu, Philippines

Cruise details and sign up info from our travel agent
Gina’s message:

Gary, We have 100 cabins on hold for you, at this time. 

A cabin deposit of $250 – per passenger is due by 7.19.2011 with formal names and preferred cabin type.


Final payments are not due until: November 18th 2011


Inside cabins begin at $708.75 – total per passenger (depends on deck).


Ocean view with a port hole window – $848.75 – “ “ “ “ “ “ “


Ocean view with picture window – $918.75 – “ “ “ “ “ “ “


Balcony cabins begin at – 1058.75 – “ “ “ “ “ “ “


*Mini Suite – is first come/ first serve and will be quoted at time of passenger deposit for a Mini Suite.


*(with a current price of $1288.75 – total per passenger)



7- Day NCL Western Caribbean Round-trip Miami




Cruise Line: Norwegian Cruise Line
Ship Name: Norwegian Pearl
Sailing Date: 2/19/12



Embarkation: Feb 19, 2012 – Disembarkation: Feb 26, 2012


Ports of call: Miami; Great Stirrup Cay; Ocho Rios; Grand Cayman; Cozumel, Miami

Please contact Gina Ford at either of the below phone numbers to confirm your cabin.


Thank you,


Gina S. Ford


Cruise At Will, Inc.

Cruise and Travel Planners

1-866-870-6986 (toll free)

703-580-1190 (local)


Itinerary Details


Updated list as of Friday July 8, 2011

Cabin No.
1 5544 Gary Stokes Bernadette Stokes Cebu, Philippines  
2   Bill Grimme Irina Protassevitch Birmingham, AL  
3   Gwen Grimme Eltz George Eltz Spokane, WA  
4   Margaret Metcalfe Leonard   Rolette, ND  
5   Beverly Handeland Hamnes Mel Hamnes Bottineau, ND  
6   Deborah Knudson Busta William Busta Willmar, MN Deborah is Bev Hamnes’ Daughter
7   David Shelver Linda Shelver Lake Havasu City, AZ  
8   Jon McGregor Bonnie McGregor Pelican Rapids, MN Bonnie & Linda Shelver are sisters
9   Oliver Reing Marlene Reing Bottineau, ND Marlene is a sister to Debby Stokes
10   James Fulsebakke Marlee Ray Reing Fulsebakke Bottineau, ND Marlee Ray is daughter of Oliver and Marlene Reing
11   Shelly Fulsebakke Albertson Heather & Nathan Albertson St, John, ND  
12   John Bullinger Tina Pladson Bullinger Bottineau, ND  
13   Dan Pladson Robin Pladson Belfield, ND  
14   John Bedard Margaret Bedard Bottineau, ND  
15   Nancy Bedard Olson Gary Olson Hillsboro, ND  
16   Darrel Stokes Debby Stokes Bottineau, ND  
17   Phyllis Mckay Patsy Mckay Heggen Auburn, WADunseith, ND  

18   Margaret Bedard Strong Jerry Stong Dunseith, ND  


Hotel and Transportion details in Miami


Hotel: Hyatt Summerfield Suites in Miami




Gina, our travel agent, has arranged for us to stay at the HyattSummerfield Suitesin Miami. She has blocked off 45 one Bedroom Suites and 5 two bedroom Suites. The Hyatt has free shuttle service from the Airport.


Rates plus 13% tax

One Bedroom Suites at $159.00 (king)

Two Bedroom Suites at $209.00 (king bed in each bedroom)

The living room has a sectional pullout Sofa bed in all Suites.

**5th and 6th persons in 2-Bedroom suites are $10.00 additional per person.


For reservations please call the Hyatt at (800) 517-3966 or log on to their website www.hyattsummerfieldsuitesmiami.comand enter into the Corporate/Group box G-CAWi.When booking tell them you are with the Cruise At Will Dunseith group.


Payment is due at time of booking. Refunds are available for cancellations no later than January 12, 2012.


Gina has made arrangements with the Hyatt for our group room rates to be exactly the same rate for up to 3 days prior and 3 days after our cruise.


Transportation from the hotel to the ship and to the airport upon return


Ground transportation is available for $24 round trip – per passenger (includes: your hotel to your ship and your ship back to the Miami airport).


Names and the payment for your Ground transportation will need to be provided to Cruise At Will prior to November 18, 2011

If you wish to confirm your ground transportation, please send a note with your name(s) and a check payable to Cruise At Will to:


Cruise At Will

15847 Bobolink Dr







2012 Dunseith Caribbean Cruise:

Plug from Gary Metcalfe (57): Forsyth, MO


Hello all….I need to put in a plug for the 2012 cruise on the NCL, Pearl. We were on the Pearl in January, out of New Orleans and that ship was carrying the number 1 spot in customer satisifaction for NCL fleet and it was the best time. We have a hard time waiting until February 2012 to take another cruise.


I was shocked when I saw Lynn’s Face Book posting, yesterday, that her mother had passed away. Our condolence are with all of you with her passing. She will be missed dearly. How well we all remember the Lester & Dorothy Halvorson farm and their barn being right on the County line. Gary
Dwight Lang’s Passing
Dunseith HS Class 1961
Posted by Florence Hiatt Dahl (50): Anchorage, AK
Sad news—Dwight Lang passed away this past Wednesday a.m. Dwight called his brother, DuWayne the wednesday before that he was going into the VA hospital for a check–over the weekend they put him in hospise and called DuWayne. DuWayne flew down immately and got to his room, Dwight recognized him. squeezed his hand and went back to “sleep”. Never woke up. Dwight and DuWayne are Charlotte and Adam Lang’s son. And my nephews. Dwight and I e-mailed back and forth but hadnt heard from him for a few weeks. No mention of cancer, but DuWayne tells me tells me he had it in the esaphagus. No funeral.
Folks, I reconnected with Dwight in 2005 via email. Dwight often called me and we would talk at lengths. One of his often repeated sayings was “You and I came from good stock”. How true of a statement that was. Brian Fauske, whether you knew it or not, you were a true Idol to Dwight. I will miss Dwight’s email messages, phone calls and the jokes that he often send me. Not long ago Dwight sent me $120. He said I was to use $100 for the needy families here in Cebu and to give the remaining $20 to any lady of my choosing with a note that it was from a Sugar Daddy she had never met. I did just that. Gary
Condolences – Dwight Lang’s passing
From Dennis Dubois (63): Minneapolis, MN
Sorry to hear of Dwight’s passing. He was a team mate of mine in H.S. and college. Played golf with him 2yrs ago. Good and funny man. He reminded me so much of his father Adam, slow and deliberate. My prayers are with him at this time.
Bill Hosmer (48) – Former Thunderbird Pilot
Posting from Glen Williams (52): Missoula, MT
Bill, I am not sure how Glen got this? He has his connections. Your show over Dunseith with the famous Thunderbirds will never be forgotten. Gary
Message to Bill Hosmer from his friend Kim Furst
Dear Hoz,




It was wonderful to speak with you at the F100 convention. Thank you, it was very appreciated! I hoped you had seen our new teaser trailer by now, but was embarrassed to discover today I do not have your rank and title correct and am quickly working to fix this, please accept my apology.

I will be pulling the teaser down off of THE BOB HOOVER PROJECT site ASAP and re-posting!




Meanwhile, please confirm everything else about your title and rank were correct… I have now:




Col. William J. “Bill” Hosmer

Thunderbird Left Wing 1961-63 (USAF Ret.)




Image below:


Bill’s Reply
I was honored to be a participant in this Bob Hoover project. He is a great friend of many years, and is being honored in this way. The other interviewees are friends of mine as well. Some day this will be a more extensive presentation. I was interviewed for nearly two hours. Bob’s life has been so full of aviation and his presentation will give you an idea what a modest and graceful man he is.If you scroll down to the very bottom there is a web site in very small print which will show the film. Bill Hosmer


No Blog Yesterday
To keep the record straight, I did not have a chance to get a blog posted yesterday.
Dunseith Folks
Message from Doreen Larson Moran (BHS ’61): Usk, WA & Hazelton, ND
Doreen, Folks think I know a lot of people. I can not hold a candle to you. For a Bottineau Girl you know so many of the Dunseith folks. Having grown up in the hills and being members of the Metigoshe churches, I think, gave us a lot of added exposure to so many wonderful people. We are looking forward to seeing some pictures of you with Dave and Linda Shelver when you meet for Breakfast on Monday and of Vickie Metcalfe too if she can make it.
Dave and Linda were with us on the Dunseith Alaska Cruise in 2009. I have pasted a picture below of just us folks that had ever attended school in Dunsieth that were on the Cruise. Gary
I had a quick visit at Oak Manor. Orvin Hagen was just visiting that day
but I got to wish him well on his 90th birthday celebration. I had seen
Linda Gardner earlier at Dairy Dipper II. Glenore and I were at Dorothy
Prichard’s celebration of life service. Today I gave Dave Shelver a
call – we plan to meet for breakfast on Monday morning. He and I worked at
the Lake Metigoshe Store in the early sixties. I will always remember him
as the guy saying, “I am so bright, they just call me son”. or was it
sun?????????????????/ I have seen Vickie Metcalf several times but we
haven’t had a chance to visit over coffee and tea. Maybe she and I will
visit along with Dave.

Ah, so many people, so little time. The Metigoshe Camp staff 50 year
reunion is this weekend at Pelican Lake. Spencer will be up tomorrow to
spend some time at the staff reunion.

O’Dean Bakken graduated with Kenny Pederson ’65. His mom and dad were
Oscar and Mary Bakken. They lived just north of us across from Ben
Iversons place. He spent a 30 year career in the USAF and retired as E-9,
Chief MSgt. – KC 135 Tankers.

2009 Dunseith Alaska Cruise
Everyone in this photo attended school in Dunseith.
I have the key to this photo for those that would like.

1957 Grade School Basketball picture

Reply from Colette Hosmer (64): Santa Fe, NM
Hi Gary,

Try “Gilmore Lake” for the last guy in the front row (1957 basketball photo). Anyone else think so?

The question marks (?) are definitely Gerry Anderson and Billy Awalt.

1955/56 Basketball “A” Team
Picture posted by Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND
Gary and Friends,

To help clarify the picture I sent of the 1957 basketball team,
the youngest boys would have been 5th graders and the oldest would have
been 8th graders if my figuring is right. This team would have been the
grade school team. The years these guys graduated was from 1961 to
1964. I looked up the picture of the 55-56 A team and will attach it to
this posting. Many of these guys were probably on the team in 56-57
also. Some were seniors in 56 but several were on later teams. Thanks Gary!


Joke of the day:
Posted by Brenda Hoffman (68): Greenville, SC
Dear Everyone,

Reminds of the true story of a young girl from Brainerd, MN who was a nanny in NYC. She was left in charge of the house and dog when the family went on vacation. The dog died. She felt terrible but thought the best solution was to call the parents and ask what to do. Their only instruction was to get rid of the dog before the kids arrived home. So the young lady used one of her old, battered suitcases and placed the dog inside. She got on the subway with the suitcase and starting flirting with a cute young man. She exited the subway and he followed her. She was just tickled that he was that interested in her. Whoops. He grabbed her suitcase and ran………

Posting of the day:

Posted by Dennis Dubois (63): Minneapolis, MN


Happy Trails
Message/picture from Trish Larson Wild (73): FORT COLLINS, CO
Hi Gary – Finally left Los Angeles/Altadena yesterday. Heading up the coast to Pasa Robles to film a video for my sponsor, EponaShoes on the 15th of July. Then it’s off to the Eastern Sierra, Yosemite, Bishop, Lone Pine, and the White Mountains, Alabama Hills. The photo is from the 4th of July Parade. I painted my white Spanish Arabian to look like a Zebra. He was a big hit, and it looked so real, a lot of people actually thought I was riding a real Zebra. You CAN fool some of the people, some of the time! Happy Trails! Trish Wild, 73
Trish, how clever. I thought it was a real Zebra until I read your note. Gary

1957 Grade School Basketball picture
Reply from Marie Iverson Staub (60): Seattle, WA



Glad to hear you and Bernadette had a great time at the Radisson. I second Geri Metcalfe Monro’s comment regarding the great job with the blog.

The only comment I want to make on the 1957 basketball team is that the coach is Ray Stark. I know he was a coach in 1955. I left Dunseith in 1956-1957.

Marie Iverson (Staub) 1960




1957 Grade School Basketball picture

Reply Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND


Gary and Friends,

To help clarify the picture I sent of the 1957 basketball team,
the youngest boys would have been 5th graders and the oldest would have
been 8th graders if my figuring is right. This team would have been the
grade school team. The years these guys graduated was from 1961 to
1964. I looked up the picture of the 55-56 A team and will attach it to
this posting. Many of these guys were probably on the team in 56-57
also. Some were seniors in 56 but several were on later teams. Thanks Gary!


1957 Grade School Basketball picture
Reply from Dennis Dubois (63): Minneapolis, MN
Gary, in regards to the March 1957 basketball photo. That is the grade school basketball team. The kids in the back row were all 8th graders and all the kids in the front row were in the 6th grade. There are three that I’m not quite sure of, although, the kid on the left front could very well be Dan Machipiness. I played with all these guys in high school. We were really good, but in our senior year, we lost Dave Shelver to injury and DAN Machipiness moved to Minnesota, where he was named all-conference. Many of the town people have asked me many times: WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN. I just love these old photos, thank you all for your contributions. Have a good day


1957 Grade School Basketball picture

Back row: Coach Ray Starks, Gerald Anderson?, Dwight Lang, Billy Awalt?, Stan Salmonson,

Rod Kalk, John Morgan, Nickey Bedard, George Gottbreht.

Front: Bobby Robillard, John Leonard, Dave Shelver, Jim Evans, Lyle Lamoureux, Julian Kalk, Garrett Myer ?.



Bernadette and I had a wonderful stay at the Radisson on Monday. Bernadette got her 5 hour massage, facial, etc that also came along with her birthday gift. It must be all the massages and facials that these PI women have that precludes them from requiring a lot of makeup.
Cecile Gouin Craig (61) became a US citizen in 1961
Message from Cecile Gouin Craig (61): Windsor, CO

On the 4th of July 1976 I was sworn in as an American citizen, the ceremony was held in the middle of the UND football field in Grand Forks. After the ceremony the fire works were set off. Grand Forks was one of 3 sites in the nation to have citizenship ceremonies. There is only about 100 of us, in the Nation that have the Bicentennial Seal on our certificate.


A VERY happy birthday Bernadette. Enjoy all the pampering. Cecile 61

Cecile, From what country were you a former citizen of? Gary
Country Kids
Reply from Geri Metcalfe Munro (59): Fargo, ND
Gary—God bless you kids, for all that you do! No wonder your Cebu friends are so good to you—we so appreciate all you do for us, especially for us “country kids” that only attended DHS but never got to live there! We felt we missed out on alot, not being able to hang out at Shelver’s Drug after school for cherry cokes ; altough we could ride horse back to our neighbors and have sleigh rides, etc and all the 4-H and Farmer’s Union activites with the Rolla folks, as well as our Little Prairie Church, the matinees at the Althea Theatre on Sundays (we expecially loved “Pa and Ma Kettle movies”, and trips to Lake Metigoshe after church on Sundays, where we would build a fire, roast weiners and marshmallows and gather with relatives and friends……..also, Deart Hart Lodge—our Mom and Dad always tried to make Sunday’s special!!!!!!! I believe your folks did, too.
Geri and Chuck Munro
Geri, Other than for the Horses, you pretty much summarized my childhood days too. We didn’t have Horses. Sunday’s were never work days other than for milking the cows and doing the chores. Living so far out of town, seldom were we allowed to attend any after hours school functions. 13 miles for you and 17 for us back to Dunseith was quite a haul in those days. We had cows to milk and chores to do that came ahead of all else. The cream check was our bread and butter. For a number of years after I left the farm, when Five O’clock rolled around in the afternoon, it felt like a real vacation for me not having to milk cows. That is something we seldom escaped as a kid. Gary
1957 Basketball team
Comment from Jim Robillard (58): Williston, ND
Hi Gary,
1225 Dunseith Alumni you have a picture of 1957 Basket Ball Team. Unless there was a b team and I’m not sure if there was or not. That was not the A team in 1957.
1957 Jerstad was the coach and on that team Gerald Anderson, Lowell Williams, Duane Lang, Lowell Leonard, Mickey Kester,and Duane Woodward was in there somewhere also.
I was Lowly sub.who never got to play.
That team make up may not be entirely correct. I believe the people are right for that year.
Gerald Anderson and I graduated in 1958.
I’m sure some one else Can clarify this a little better than I.
Thanks Jim Robillard
Jim, These guys look a little young to be the “A” String. The only one I can positively identify in this photo is Dwight Lang. He was with the class of 61. I Think I recognize Stan Salmonson too and he was with the class of 61 also. Gary
Best Guess L to R:

Front: Bobby Robillard, John Leonard, Dave Shelver, Jim Evans, Lyle Lamoureux, Julian Kalk, Garrett Myer ?.
Back row: Coach [ Ray Starks? WILD guess], Gerald Anderson?, Dwight Lang, Billy Awalt?, Stan Salmonson,

Rod Kalk, John Morgan, Nickey Bedard, George Gottbreht.
Karen Larson’s Minot home is Flooded to the roof top
Reply from Cheryl Larson Dakin (71): BEDFORD, TX

My sister Karen lives at 6th St. and 3rd Ave. Her house is pretty well covered with water. She had posted a photo on facebook of the 6th street overpass that is 3 blocks from her house and it’s completely covered. That has to be at least 13-16 feet deep. I just can’t imagine. My prayers and my hopes for a swift recovery are with all the people of North Dakota, those who need help and those that are lending a helping hand.

Cheryl Larson Dakin ’71
Rivers out of their banks
Comment from Don Aird (Carroll Carlson’s Nephew) St Louis, MO
I just came back from Grand Forks. The rivers along I-29 are all out of
their banks. The Red at Grand Forks is way out of its bank. ND is
turning into Lake Agassi again.

Axel Johnson’s picture
Reply from Sybil Johnson: Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin
Thank you, for posting Pa Johnson’s picture. It seems just like yesterday, he was down on all fours with my kids, Beckie who is in her 40s with a grandchildren of her own
and DJ (August), who has children of his own. Putting my kids down for naps and Pa sitting on the edge of the bed, feeding them coffee and cookies. Letting them dunk
their cookies in his coffee. He was such a gentle soul, until one got him mad.

sybil Johnson



No Blog Message tomorrow (Tuesday)
With Bernadette’s birthday, our Cebu friends gave her & me included, a one nights stay at the Radisson. This gift also included 5 hours of various massages, foot spa’s, etc for Bernadette at the Radisson. We will be checking into the Radisson today. Bernadette also got a one nights stay gift at the Hilton from a very close friend of ours. We have until December to utilize that gift. We are so grateful to have such a wonderful circle of friends here in Cebu. They make our living here so enjoyable.
North Dakota’s Booming Economy
Posted by Randy Flynn (70): Happy Valley, OR


Happy Independence Day.

Thank you for all the messages. They certainly help keep us all informed about the activities in North Dakota.

I recently read the following article about North Dakota’s economy. Another good story many people transplanted from North Dakota might enjoy reading. After the flood waters have receded the growing economy will help the people and cities rebuild.


Be Healthy, Stay Well.

Randy Flynn

1957 Basketball team
Folks, I don’t have any record in my files of the names of all of these folks. Listed below are Dick Johnson’s guesses
Best Guess L to R:

Front: Bobby Robillard, John Leonard, Dave Shelver, Jim Evans, Lyle Lamoureux, Julian Kalk, Garrett Myer ?.
Back row: Coach [ Ray Starks? WILD guess], Gerald Anderson?, Dwight Lang, Billy Awalt?, Stan Salmonson,

Rod Kalk, John Morgan, Nickey Bedard, George Gottbreht.

Joke of the day
Posted by Pam Fassett Faust (65): Lilburn, GA

New Teacher

A former sergeant, having served his time with the Marine Corps, took a new job as a school teacher, but just before the school year started, he injured his back. He was required to wear a plaster cast around the upper part of his body. Fortunately, the cast fit under his shirt, and wasn’t noticeable.


On the first day of class, he found himself assigned to the toughest students in the school. The smartass punks, having already heard the new teacher was a former Marine, were leery of him, and decided to see how tough he really was, before trying any pranks.


Walking confidently into the rowdy classroom, the new teacher opened the window wide, and sat down at his desk. When a strong breeze made his tie flap, he picked up a stapler and promptly stapled the tie to his chest.


He had no trouble with discipline that year.


Campbell’s Soup Labels Need
Message posted by Ele Dietrich Slyter (69): Dunseith, ND

As you know Minot has been flooded now for some time and will continue to be a mess for a long while. They have at least 6 schools flooded that need clean-up and new materials. On my Facebook this morning there was a post from a lady in Minot asking for labels from Campbell’s Soup, Land O’Lakes caps and Our Family UPC code labels. These labels will be used to purchase materials for the schools and, in the case of the Land O’Lakes caps and Our Family labels,they can get 5cents each, which is sent to the school from the companies in a check to use as needed. I would like to ask you to post this information in the blog so that the good ol’ Dunseith folks who would like to help can do so even in this small way. I bet we can flood, pardon the pun, this lady with labels and help Minot at the same time.
Please send the labels to Erin Edgerly at 15 Vista Drive in Minot, ND 58703.
Thank you for sending on this lady’s worth while request for help.

Minot State Fair Grounds
Pictures Posted by Margaret Metcalfe Leonard (65): Rolette, ND

Just thought you would like to see what the fair looks like.



Call from Leland Hagen: Bryan, Tex
Folks, I got a call this morning from Leland Hagen. He was checking out the phone numbers that I posted last week. It was just like he was next door, even though we were about 9,000 miles apart. We had a nice long chat. Thanks for the call Leland. It was great hearing from you. Gary

Westhope Souris River Bridge closed

Message from neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND
I sent many pictures earlier depicting the Westhope bridge. Please be advised that it was closed at 6 o’clock on Friday July 1 Now in order to get to Botno and Lake Metigoshe from Minot a route has to be picked out that will go as far south as Harvey and than up thru Rugby

Dunseith area visit
Message from Maria Parlade Corral (62): Coral Gables, FL
Dear Gary: We finally went on our trip. It started in Omaha with my college class reunion and there we rented a car and drove to the Badlands National Park in South Dakota , on to Custer Stat Park and to Theodore Roosevelt National Park . The parks were amazingly beautiful.
From there we started our pilgrimage to Dunseith. Driving to Dunseith we were able to appreciaty the greatness of this country. Huge distances well kept , good highways and clean bathrooms. Everyone we spoke to was extremelly nice. We had lunch at a small town called Anamoose at a small cafe and everyone was so friendly and the home cooked food was great. We arrived to Dunseith early in the afternoon. We drove around and noticed that the school is new and there is an elementary school now which I don,t think was there then (1961-1964) I think that a lot of the buildings that were in the main road like Hosmer General Store and Althea Theater were no longer there. The town does not seemed to have grown much since then. We stopped at Dale’s cafe because we could not find San Haven and the people there were very nice and gave us instruction to get there. We drove to San Haven and of course it is abandoned but the fence was down so we went around the abandoned buildings and took a lot of pictures. Our old house was burned but I recognized it because 2 walls are standing and of course the basement. It was a very interesting trip like going back in time. We also saw the Church where one of my sister did her First Comunion which was then St. Mary’s Mission . After that we drove to the Peace Garden which was prettier than what I remember. My father was really excited to see the pictures and hear everything about the trip. He is 96 years old but he is in great shape and his mind is perfect.
We also went to Richardton , No Dakota to see the Assumption Abbey since 2 of my brothers were going to school there for a year.
While in North Dakota we could appreciate some of the flooding. The same in Nebraska. But nothing like the flooding now. My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Minot. A real disaster but nature in unstopable. Is is just the same with our hurricanes here. Well Gary I just thought I let you know how our trip went. We enjoyed it very much and so did my husband . He had never been to the Midwest and he loved the very different landscape and the friendliness of the people. Thanks for all your help. Maria Parlade Corral
Marie, We are glad to hear that you had an enjoyable trip back to your High School stomping grounds. Yes, the area has changed considerably from our days back there. Much of main street as we remember it is gone. The Schools have been have been replaced and of coarse San Haven is a has been, but we do have the good memories. Gary
Harvey Halvorson pictured with Floyd Dion (45)
Baseball team Negative developed by Bill Grimme:
Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, Nd
Folks, This is an old Negative that Neola had, that she scanned and sent to me. I was unable to develope it, so I sent it to Bill Grimme. He had the software to develope it. He said being an old negative, this is the best he could do. Bill, you did well. Thanks
Do any of you recongnize this picture and any of the folks in it. Gary
Minot Floods
Picture from Lorraine Richard Nelson (46): Mesa, AZ
Hi .. the house at the bottom of the picture is one of my houses
, the orange shed that is floating is my shed.. Just to show you how deep the water is..Horrible.. those poor families who have lost everythibg.. 4100 homes inundated and 20% must be demolished.. LORI Nelson


Lloyd Larshus – Cote/Berube Round barn Square Dance picture
I got a message from my sister-in-law, Debby Stokes, letting me know that she had talked to Lloyd Larshus. He had seen the square dance picture and said it was for sure him in it. These puzzles are so fun much that we collectively solve. Please keep them coming folks. As I have said before, the future historian/genealogy buffs will have a hay day with our stuff.
Flooding – Reply to Diane Hill Moline
From Lynn Halvorson Otto (75): Boonton, NJ
Hi Gary, Happy Birthday greetings to Bernadette. This is to Diane and Karl Moline. So sorry to hear of your home being devastated by this flood. If you need anything at all, please don’t hesitate to call me. We live in New Jersey but if you need to get away from all of it, you’re always welcome.
Lynn Halvorson Otto
Childhood Memories
From Lee (Leland) Stickland (64): Dickinson, ND
I was a bit reluctant to send this memo, until I took my walk this am and ventured to the grave site of my parents.

Dad was born July 6,1921; very near the day of Orvin Hagen’s birthday.

I recall that we lived in the house where Dick Johnson’s family also lived, later. Right east of the “Yumber Lard”, as I called it.

I believe that Tommy Hagen and Don Nelson lived on the upper floor. Orvin would come to visit, occasionally. Orvin had a raucous laugh and I made my self scarce as I feared that exclamation.

Last time I recall seeing Orvin was at the Peace Gardens; I think there was a young deer that favored their joint company.

One or two memories include the fact that Donald Egbert lived just north across the street and he would make it a fearful feat to come over and give me a ‘licken’, now and again.

When I got my first sled (sleigh) I attempted to ride down the south steps, hanging on the to sled with my fingers under the runners. It was a short journey.

The gentleman at the lumber yard were kind and enduring as I made regular tours from the east to the west; though the building.

I believe Charlie Wright and his wife lived in the building where Marie Allard eventually had her beauty shop?

97 degrees here today. I purchased and installed an AC unit yesterday; right on time.

Darrel (DOC) became 62 on June 20. One story about him is that when I was a quite fast runner in the county, Darrel ran away from me. I asked him how he managed that and he said he was scared about something he had just said or done to me.


Picture posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Bottineau & Minot, ND