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Leona Hosmer’s Obituary
Posted by Colette Hosmer (’64):   Santa Fe, NM

Leona Hosmer
Hosmer, Leona
Leona Hosmer 1920 – 2019

Leona ”Lee” Hosmer passed away of natural causes at the age of 98 years and 9 months, on September 1, 2019, at the home of a daughter in Santa Fe, NM.

Leona was born when the life expectancy in the United States was 53 years for males and 54 years for females.  She entered the world (population 1 billion, 811 million) on December 8th, 1920. Her arrival came just two months after the United States Constitution had granted women the right to vote.

Leona gave credit for her good health, work ethic, humor, tenacity and sense of adventure to being raised by “wonderful parents” on a working farm during The Great Depression. Cash was a rare commodity but she credited family resourcefulness, hard work and “two good water wells” for the fact that they always had plenty of food.  She took pride in her father’s ability to accomplish tough goals. One in particular––that all of his children would graduate from high school––was achieved in spite of hard times.

Inspired by her father, Leona set a few goals of her own. In the summer of 1931, eleven-year-old Leona Richard watched a troupe of gypsies pull into the farmyard to trade for a few chickens. The gypsy wagons carried all of their worldly belongings. Leona remembered thinking how exciting it would be to live on the road!  She was also influenced by a favorite teacher in school who said, “If you want to do a thing badly enough you will do it.” She began a list of places that she wanted to visit in the world––The Great Wall of China, Hawaii…gradually, her list grew as she studied more history and geography in school. Before long, she had added the Panama Canal, the pyramids in Yucatan and many more.

Leona’s journey began with a thirteen-mile trip from her farm home to Dunseith where a long and successful marriage to Bob Hosmer ensued.  Their fifty-nine years together produced a family grocery store, three daughters, Janet, Nancy and Colette, and too-many-to-count hunting, fishing and camping trips.  These excursions graced many meals with wild fish and fowl. Along with raising a family, Leona excelled at bridge and golf, taught square dancing at the Dunseith school, led a brownie scout troupe and revisited her first language (French) with mail-order books and records.

A relatively early retirement kicked-off Leona and Bob’s road adventures, beginning with a cross-Canada trip in one of the early pick-up mounted campers, before graduating to larger goose-neck versions.  They traveled extensively from northern Canada to southern Mexico and crisscrossed North America from west to east.  Bob and Leona’s long retirement included 26 winters in southern New Mexico where golfing, bridge, horseracing and increasingly exotic travel destinations continued. Summer visits back to North Dakota were a yearly event. Following the death of her life partner, Bob, Leona moved to Oregon where she lived for the next sixteen years (winning major bridge tournaments in her eighties) before returning to New Mexico.

Over her long life, Leona traveled to every destination on her childhood list.  Many decades later, she found herself on the other side of the Earth, and following a steep and difficult climb, she heard herself say, “Here I am, standing on the Great Wall of China!”

Leona Serena Maria Richard Hosmer will forever be remembered as a loving wife, mother, aunt and grandmother. Her example of how to live a full, exciting and generous life has forever influenced her many grateful descendants and has given her the starring role in so many family stories.

Leona is survived by daughters, Nancy Baldwin (spouse, Keith Kontzie) and Colette Hosmer; Grandchildren, Scot Furgason, Christine Westwood, Michael Cobb, Samantha Furgason; Great-grandchildren, Quinton Furgason, Ryan Featherson, Melissa Bruning, Silver Furgason, Tien Zin Furgason-Ho; and Great, great granddaughter, Camryn Lee Bruning.

Leona was predeceased by her husband; Robert “Bob” Hosmer; daughter, Janet Louise Cobb; parents, Fred and Johanna Richard; Siblings, Herbert Richard, Gerald Richard, Virgil Richard, Verdellis Larson and Jerrine Larson.
Gary’s Comment
Our condolences are with Leona’s entire family with her passing. She will most certainly be missed. She lived a very active life well into her upper 90’s. With some of the more recent FB posting I saw of her; she was very active and for sure didn’t show her age being in her upper 90’s.  


Brother Allen Stokes Passed away (’67)
Obituary / Comments posted by Gary Stokes (’65)


Our Brother Allen passed away this past Wednesday.

Allen’s passing was expected. In March 2016 he was assaulted and severely beaten with multiple skull fractures and several broken ribs. Ever since he has remained in a vegetable state of being. His death has now been ruled a homicide.

Cremation is pending. His ashes will be shipped to ND for burial at Ackworth Cemetery. Memorial services will be held at a later date.

Actually, my plans are to go back for Allen’s Memorial Service. Tentative plans are May of Next year. Bernadette is unable to travel, so it would be just me. With Bernadette’s condition I can only be gone for a maximum of 10 days and that is stretching it. I will only be ND for about 3 days. A whirlwind trip.


Allen Stokes
Stokes A
July 30,1948 – Nov 7, 2019

Allen L. Stokes, age 71 of El Cajon, CA formerly of Dunseith, died Thursday November 7, 2019 at an El Cajon hospital.

Allen was born July 30,1948 in Bottineau, ND. He was baptized and confirmed in the Lutheran Faith. He attended Ackworth Country Grade School and Dunseith High School.

Following his formal education, Allen worked in the oil fields in Western ND, Montana and Wyoming. In 1999, following the downsizing of the oil drilling, he moved near his brother Gary in Bremerton WA. In Bremerton he worked numerous construction and painting contract jobs. In 1992 he moved to San Diego CA where he has resided ever since. In San Diego he worked maintenances for several larger apartment complexes. Allen retired in 2010.

In 1976 Allen was united in marriage to Sharon. That marriage was later dissolved. In 1993 he was united in marriage to Janet. That marriage later ended. Allen had no children.

Allen was pretty well known in the Bottineau, Dunseith and Turtle Mountain communities for his supped-up cars and his ability to fix and keep them running. He had quite a car collection in the back woods of our parent’s farm. Several collectables too.

Allen, in his youth, was well known among the local farmers for his work ethics, his work horse reputation and his abilities to efficiently accomplish all jobs tasked to him in a timely manner.

Allen is survived by his two brothers. Gary and his wife Bernadette, Cebu, Philippines; Darrel and his wife Deborah, Bottineau, ND; Nephews, Bernie and Nathan Stokes: Nieces, Sheryl Wingate and Kristin Podominick.

Allen was preceded in death by his Parents, Robert and Elaine Stokes, Bottineau, ND

A memorial service will be held at a later date.

Interment: Cremation with ashes buried in the Ackworth Cemetery.


Blog (80) posted on May 9, 2010


This is a very rare day with not having anything to post. Bernadette and I are meeting some of our friends for lunch at 11:30 AM this morning at the Mall. This is Mother’s Day too. We celebrated Mother’s Day a bit early with a buffet dinner last night with some other friends of ours at the Marco Polo Hotel.

Tomorrow night we will be heading to the Airport for our 12:30 AM flight back to the states. Bernadette has our bags packed and ready to go. Tomorrow will be the last daily blog that I will be sending before leaving. I plan on sending a few messages while back in the states as time permits, but will probably keep them to a minimum. When I don’t have all my tools at my fingertips, it’s a bit clumsier. In ten minutes, we’ll be leaving, so I better get this sent and posted on the Website.


Bernadette Stokes at a monthly potluck dinner.



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Gwen Grimme Eltz has identified all but three in this photo taken 40 years ago.

NDSU-Bottineau Business Club Photo
Neola Kofoid Garbe’s message to Gary Stokes and Dick Johnson

Hi, Gary and Dick.
Another Wondrasek picture.  I don’t know if any of your readers might be in this picture.  I recognize Joan McLean Bonn, but that’s it.

Brenda/Dick Johnson’s reply
In the bottom row last one on the right side is Mrs. Syvertson and next to her is Gwen Grimme Eltz.  Looks like it was taken at the School of Forestry some time in 1968-69 in the gym.

 Gary Stokes Forward to Gwen Grimme Eltz
Hello Gwen,
Dick and Brenda identified you in this picture. How many others do know?Thanks,

Gwen Grimme Eltz Reply:  

Hi Gary, Thanks for sharing the picture. It was taken, as mentioned, on Fall Quarter 1979 when I taught at NDSU-Bottineau. The group is our Business Club, and I remember the names and hometowns of the people in the pic, with the exception of just two or three of them.  I’ll print the pic tomorrow and attach names and hometowns. The nice thing about teaching at that school is that we really got to know the students well and I still stay in touch with many of my former students. I also got well acquainted with my Washington state students, but once they graduated it was harder to stay in touch with them. I started teaching at NDSU-Bottineau in 1974 and retired from teaching at Spokane Falls Community College in 2014. Teaching was always my passion! I’ll be back in touch with the names of the students in a few days, Thanks again!

 Hi Gary,
Attached is a .pdf file that contains the names/hometowns of the NDSU-Bottineau 1979-80 Business Club students in the picture that you asked about. It was a good memory test for me! Thanks for sending the pic to me!

 Gary’s comments
Thanks Gwen, You did very well remembering all these people and their home towns too, 40 years later. What a fantastic memory. You only missed three and I’m sure some of our readers will be able to identify them

NOTE: A PDF copy of this picture is attached.

NDSU-Bottineau Business Club 1979-80
NDSU Forestry
Bottom Row (L to R):  Marlene Gores/Bisbee; Kim Pritchard/Bottineau; Doreen Counts/Dunseith; Barb Geinert/Nortonville; Bonnie Henry/Newburg; Cindy Schmaltz/Towner; Gwen Grimme Eltz, Instructor/Marjorie Severson, Instructor.

Row 2: (L to R) Bernadine Blomquist/New Rockford; Theresa Floberg/Westhope; Kim Teigen/Maxbass; Juliene Getzlaff/Bottineau; Cheryl Bertsch/Rolla; Lana Pigeon/Rolette; Delores Knutson/Kenmare; Margo Laviguer/Souris; Dave Olson, Instructor.

Row 3: (L to R) Carrie Heilman/Rolla; Connie Heilman/Rolla; Alberta “Birdie” Haakenson/Bottineau; Cheryl Gessner/Newburg; (Unknown); Fran Indegaard/New Rockford; (Unknown); Shirley Beith, Instructor.

Top Row: (L to R) Kim Rude/Bottineau; (Unknown); Jackie Belgarde/Belcourt; Suzanne Swenson; Portal; ? Thurston/Bottineau; Ardelle Ostrom/Bottineau; Melanie Brudwick/Bottineau


Kathleen Brennan Anklam (Margaret ‘John’ Bedard’s Sister) Passed away
Posting from Vickie Metcalfe (‘70): Bottineau, ND 

Kathleen Ann “Kathy” Anklam, 80 of Rolette, ND passed away on Friday morning, November 1, 2019 at the Heart of America Medical Center, Rugby, ND.

Funeral Services for Kathy will be held on Wednesday, November 6, 2019 at 11:00 a.m. at Valle Lutheran Church, Rolette with Reverend Jim Odden officiating. Burial will be in the Rolette Cemetery.

Gathering of family and friends will be held on Tuesday, November 5th at Valle Lutheran Church from 6:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. with a Prayer Service at 7:00 p.m.

Kathleen Ann was born on November 29, 1938 to Ross and Hazel (Wickman) Brennan, the oldest of seven children. She grew up in the Turtle Mountains on the shores of Carpenter Lake.

After graduating from high school, she continued her education at Minot State College, earning her Teaching Certificate. She taught at Shell Valley, a one room country school. One day the bachelor farmer “Donald Anklam” showed up at the school with a very original alternative motive to meet the single school teacher.  He asked her if she wanted to go “hunting rabbits”. He had a shot gun with him, hoping she would say yes.

Kathy was united in marriage to Donald on September 21, 1959 at the Lutheran Parsonage in Rolette. They purchased the “farm homestead” on mile South of Rolette on “April Fools Day”, 1964 where they raised their 2 daughters Karen and Wendy.

Once Karen started school, Kathy returned to teaching kindergarten. She also took classes at Turtle Mountain Community College in Belcourt and after the daughters left home, she worked to earn her Bachelor’s Degree in Education at Mayville State College and with hard work and dedication received her Master’s Degree in Education at the University of Mary in Bismarck, ND.

She was a beloved teacher at Rolette Public School for many years and eventually was the Grade School Principal. Prior to her retirement, she was a Reading Specialist at the school.

For the past 20 years since retirement, she and Don traveled extensively throughout the United States.

Kathy was a very active member of Valle Lutheran Church and the WELCA. She enjoyed bird watching, quilting, fishing, gardening-both flowers and vegetables. There was a large accumulation of fabric for the countless baby blankets that Kathy made to give to relatives and anyone who she knew having a baby.  The International Peace Garden held a special place in Kathy’s heart, since her father had worked their while serving with the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corp).

Kathy was all about family. She made it a point to be present for the many milestones in her grandchildren’s lives and felt blessed to be a great grandmother. Kathy never missed the yearly Brennan family reunions and so many other get-togethers with her extended family.  She knew how important it was to bring together the constantly growing family and treasuring all the laughs and memories shared.

Adjectives that best describe our precious Kathy include welcoming, inquisitive, supportive, respectful, encouraging, positive and most of all loving which was shown in her many gifts and ways.

In late August, Kathy entered Hospice Care at Heart of America. At the admission meeting, we were told to focus on “quality of time-not quantity”. We want to thank the staff for their many efforts of kindness and care shown to Kathy.

Kathy’s loving family include her husband Donald, now of Rugby, formerly a resident of Rolette, ND for 87 years; daughters Karen (Wayne) Hopfinger, Bismarck, ND and Wendy Anklam, Minneapolis, MN; siblings Carol Desper, Bismarck, Margaret (John) Bedard, Bottineau, ND, Betsy (Gary) Snidak, Stow, OH, Jack (Evie) Brennan, Fargo, ND and Gail Fox, Mankato, MN; grandchildren Jerett, Derek, Travis and Caitlin; great grandchild Radrick; numerous nieces and nephews.

She was preceded in death by her parents and sister Peggy Johnson



Blog (79) posted on May 8, 2010


Verena Gillis Appreciation:
From Vickie Metcalfe (70): Bottineau, ND


I’d like to express my appreciation to Verena. Wow! Thank-you for all the thoughtfulness, communication and hard work you are doing to make such an organized school homecoming!

Cool rainy, weather has been in our picture the past 2 weeks . Rhubarb was coming up nicely, as it likes the cool spring moisture. I woke up today wondering if my rhubarb crop will fail as it’s peeking through a light snow covering. Then, I wondered about juneberries which can be touchy about frost.

Oh well, looking at the positive, the cold clime keeps my mind on school! And I’m not longing to be outdoors in the frosty muddy glop yard cleaning.

Take care when re-filling your cuppa …. fill your day with some laughter too.Vickie

Vickie, I 2nd your words of appreciation for Verena. She has done and is doing a wonderful job coordinating all of the logistics and organizing for our reunion. She’s a super woman with great communication and organizational skills. Thank you Verena. Gary


Email address change:
From Leland Hagen (50): Bryan, TX.

I am changing internet service effective today, 7-may -2010. Please make this correction to your address book.

lghagen1@ verizon.net

Thanks, Leland


David Houim, Cousin to the Hackman siblings, was killed in a tree cutting accident:
Posted by Larry Hackman (66): Bismarck, ND. 

Note: Larry, Neola sent me David’s obituary several days ago. I was waiting for more info and connections before posting. Thanks, Gary


Since David Hoium was brought up and some people know him.

I thought I would send my first cousins obituary.

He was the youngest son of my mothers sister.

He died much to young and left a wife and three children behind that will miss him.

He joins his daughter, and his mother and dad in heaven.

He was a good guy.

He will be missed.

God bless him, his family and all of you,

Thank you for your prayers.

Larry Hackman

David Houim

Dec. 5, 1965 – May 1, 2010

David Wesley Houim, 44, of Rugby, died at the Trinity Medical Center in Minot, North Dakota, on Saturday, May 1, 2010, from complications related to injuries he suffered during a tree cutting job on Tuesday, April 27.

David was born Dec. 5, 1965, to Virgil and Frances (Kraft) Houim of Rugby, N.D. He was raised in Rugby and after high school went on to Bismarck State College to complete his training as an electrical lineman. He spent four years working for the Boylston Municipality in Massachusetts before returning to Rugby, the community that was always home to him.

On April 29, 1989, he and Nancy Heilman were married at Little Flower Catholic Church in Rugby, and made their home in Rugby and started a family of their own. Over the years, many people came to know David through his business, “Dave Houim Tree Service,” and from the rental properties that they owned and managed in Rugby. His wife, Nancy, was always proud of the integrity and honesty that David brought to their businesses.

When away from work, he enjoyed a number of outdoor activities, including hunting, fishing, canoeing, downhill skiing and particularly camping. He also took great pride in the remodeling jobs that he completed, not only with the rental properties, but his family home as well. We will always remember his trademark laugh and a smile that made you feel at ease when you were with him. He had a great sense of humor and always had time for a good joke or recalling an amusing situation.

David was a man of conviction, committed to doing what was right and instilling that in his children. His kind heartedness was extended to so many people. He was willing to do anything for anybody, even if they were complete strangers. The unfailing devotion he had for his family was even more evident when they went through some difficult days and challenging times. He was always willing to make sacrifices in order to care for his family. They were his priority and they brought a great deal of love and joy to his life.

Survivors include: his wife, Nancy; his children, Joshua, Ashley and Amber, all at home; three sisters, Darlene (Garry) Rose, Rugby, Karen (Stacey) Koster, Mayville, and Carol (Don) Clarkson, Detroit Lakes, Minn.; five brothers, Garry (Lana), Mandan, Donald (Judy), Grandin, Bill (Brenda), Minot, Bob (Monica) and Ken (Kathy), all of Rugby; his father-in-law and mother-in-law, Raymond and Rosanna Heilman, of Portage, Wis.; aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, other relatives and many, many friends.

He was preceded in death by his daughter, Abby, on May 31, 2001; and his parents.

Mass of Christian Burial: Will be held at 11 a.m. Wednesday, May 5, in Little Flower Catholic Church in Rugby, with burial in the church cemetery. Fr. Tom Graner will be the Celebrant.

Friends may call today, May 4, from 4 to 7 p.m., at Little Flower Catholic Church in Rugby, and Wednesday, from 9 to 10:30 a.m., at Anderson Funeral Home in Rugby. There will be no reviewal in the church on Wednesday.

Rosary and vigil prayers: Will begin at 7 p.m. today in the church.

Music: Little Flower Church Choir.

Casket Bearers: Garry, Donald, Bob, Bill and Ken Houim, Joseph Ramedan, Steve Braaten and Brooks Houim.

Arrangements with Anderson Funeral Home of Rugby.


North Dakota forever:
Posted by Mike & Sandra Zeiler Vandal (62): Elk River, MN

Here’s an article by Chris Jones from a Dec. ’09 issue of Esquire that I thought you might appreciate:

The Emptiest, Loneliest, Highway in America

There are only about 640,000 people in North Dakota. For five hours — unbroken by a pause, a turn, or even a lane change — I was blissfully one of them.

I’ve never believed it’s about the journey; for me, it’s always been the destination that counts. My destination was Montana, so I wanted North Dakota to disappear.

Even before I found myself on the otherwise empty I-94, I’d been told that the 352 miles of four-lane between Fargo and Beach were among the most desperate in the country to cross. Except for Bismarck, rising above the middle of the state, there would be nothing to mark the distance. I’d made things harder on myself by crossing Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Wisconsin, and Minnesota before I tackled our most barren country. After so much uninterrupted green, my Corolla had already become a kind of sensory-deprivation chamber, like one of those metal tubes in which divers get over the bends. I’d even turned off the radio. (When I caught myself singing along to Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” outside Brainerd, I feared permanent damage to my self-esteem.) In Moorhead, I stopped to top off the tank and buy a bag of beef jerky. I had five hours to empty them before North Dakota would fall along with the night. At first, the prairie opened up in a way that made it seem romantically panoramic. Through the dead bugs on my windows, I scanned a massive blue sky and great flats of grass. But after twenty minutes, it all became too overwhelming, too anti-mountain, for my mind to take in anymore. To get by, I tried to home in on the details, catching them the way a climber finds cracks in the face of a rock. I convinced myself that there was a beauty in power lines and the undersides of overpasses. And maybe there was something beautiful about them, those small artifacts of industry. Watching North Dakota’s human landscape pass by was like watching a noble but ultimately futile fight. The sky and the space were always going to win, but there was something in the struggle against them that took hold in me. By the time I’d put Bismarck behind me, its lights just coming on to fend against the semidarkness, it had somehow become about the journey after all. Because how often do we sit for five hours, chewing beef jerky, watching the sun set? In silence? In dreams? It never happens anymore, except in Canadian hospital emergency rooms, but even then, there’s something to watch other than the sunflowers turning west. Without having to make so much as a single lane change, I’d entered the closest thing to a runner’s high that a fat man can feel. I had rolled clean into bliss, my mind as open as the fields around me. Squinting into orange, I thought about those things that we never let ourselves think about — those things that we actively defend ourselves against thinking about by having so much other stuff to look at and listen to. On that godforsaken highway, I had revelations. I witnessed miracles. I saw every mistake I had made. I made peace with my regrets. And then I looked forward, ahead to the first few folds in the earth, to the canyons and the Continental Divide. I saw the rest of what I wanted out there. I saw the battles I still wanted to wage, the people I still wanted to meet and meet again, the trophies I still wanted to hang on my walls. I saw nearly every place I wanted to go between now and the end, and by the time I saw that big blue sign in my headlights, WELCOME TO MONTANA, I saw, too, that I wanted North Dakota to last forever.




11/01/2019 (796)

Darrel Fassett (DHS 1947) Passed away
Posting from Paula Fassett (’71):  Walhalla, ND

Hello All:

Sadly, this is to let you know that our uncle Darrel Fassett passed away on October 29th. Uncle Darrel was born December 1, 1928, in Dunseith, ND.  In recent years they resided in Hiawassee,  GA, with their daughter Kathy and her husband John. I don’t have enough info…or memory…to write a “proper” obituary….perhaps that will happen later.  Aunt Dorothy asked that I put something in the blog to let friends know of his passing and wants you to know that she is doing well.

If you’d like to send a card, please email or Facebook message me and I will provide you with a mailing address.

Please keep Dorothy and the family in your prayers.


Gary Stokes Comments
I was very saddened to hear of Darrel’s passing. The last time I saw Darrel was a few years back at the Walmart store in Bottineau, ND. When he tapped me on the shoulder, I was so surprised to see both him and Dorothy. Darrel was a very down to earth, common sense, super friendly and likeable man.  He was well loved by his entire family and his many friends.  He will be missed. With his passing Dorothy and his whole family have my condolences.

Fassett, Darrel Fassett, Darrel-1 


1970 – Belcourt Braves
Picture posted by Don Malaterre (’72):  Sioux Falls, SD

I thought Peter Davis was the best player on that team.
Ron Desarlais had a twin named Ray Desarlais who I thought was just as good as Ron.
Larry Dione is missing.
Less Halvorson from Wolford would remember this team.


Blog (796) posted on May 7, 2010


Message from Bill Hosmer (48): Tucson, AZ

Gary and Good Friends. I have watched the growth of the attendance list of the May Reunion which is being managed so well by Verina Gillis, who is a miracle all by herself. I have been going back to Lake Metigoshe for twenty years and spent time in Dunseith with my golfing and poker friends over that time. The event which is coming up is just wonderful to know about and I hope that the friendship and loyalty of our entire community gives the attendees a new sense of our common heritage. I won’t be going back to our Hills and Prairies this year because my wife, Pat, is not well enough to travel. By the way, she and I were both born in Rolette in 1930, three weeks apart.

Pat and I wish for a wonderful celebration of a community of folks with a tremendous value system, unmatched anywhere else.

I am proud to have been a part of your heritage and wish for the best of times for all attendees, and those who could not make it. Bill Hosmer

Gary’s comments:

Bill, I am hoping pat’s health will improve in time. We are sorry to hear of her health set backs. You are one guy I was hoping to see too. We’ll have to take a rain check on that. When I get back from the states an on a slower day, I am going to post a rerun of the Dunseith folks replies, with your comments, to the air show you performed over Dunseith in the early 60’s. Gary


Jerry Pladson:
Request from Keith Pladson (66): Stafford, VA

Gary, My brother Jerry would like to be added to your distribution list for the daily messages. He and his wife, Susan (Sue) are also going to attend the reunion dinner. I advised him to contact Verena and since I notice they have now been added to the latest update list, guess he was able to get in touch with her to get that taken care of. Thanks Gary Keith

Jerry & Sue, Yes I saw your names on Verena’s list for attending the reunion. We are excited to see you guys. She also had you listed as living in Fargo. Is that correct? I have added you to our distribution starting with today’s message. Gary


Reposting to include picture that I forgot to attach.
Mrs. Conroy:
Reply from Dick Johnson: Dunseith, ND

Gary and Friends,

I think Paula has been holding out on us! That’s a great memory you shared about Mrs. Conroy’s 4th grade. She was my favorite grade school teacher. The other teachers were very good too, but Mrs. Conroy really knew how to make school interesting. The sick room Paula mentioned was also, kind of a library too and was also used now and then for ‘private’ discipline by Mrs. Conroy. There were two doors to the cloak room (sick room) and one was from the hallway balcony. I remember some younger kid tried to slide down the banister and fell over backward, landing on the cast iron radiator in the hallway below. He got hurt but I can’t remember the extent of his injuries anymore. Diane Larson Sjol remembered the shaky fire escape on the back of the school. When I think about it, I don’t think it was really safe to send a full load of kids down there at once. We did it for many fire drills without a problem. Before the school got a new automatic fire alarm system, there was an old hand crank siren on the wall in the downstairs hallway and Mr. Conroy used to crank it for a fire drill. I remember how some of the first graders would start to cry when the siren started. It was an exciting time for the rest of us, we got out of class and went outside for a while! Diane, I never really liked to look down either when I went down the old rickety fire escape. The steps were metal strips and you could see down through them to the ground— a long ways down for a small kid! Paula mentioned the ‘Plaster of Paris’ wall hangings we made in Mrs. Conroy’s crafts (art) class. I’ll attach a picture of the one I gave to my mom for Christmas 1959. I still have it. Thanks Gary!



Folks, This is Verena’s official list of those that have paid. This list is several days old, so there have probably been more added. Please let us know of any discrepancies so they can be corrected. Thanks, Gary

Note: The dead line for payment of the catered dinner is the 14th. That’s one week from today.

Verena’s list of those that have paid.

1 Albertson Fulsebakke, Shelly St. John, ND 1972-Paid
2 Albertson, Michael   Spouse-Paid
3 Abrahamson, David St. John, ND 1972-Paid
4 Abrahamson, Marsha   Spouse-Paid
5 Anderson Fassett, Crystal Walhalla, ND 1970-No Dinner-Paid $5.00
6 Anderson, Dale   Spouse-Paid $5.00-No Dinner
7 Anderson, Warren Rolette, ND 1965-Paid
8 Anderson, Cora   Spouse-Paid
9 Armentrout, Rodney Dunseith, ND 1955-Paid
10 Armentrout Kraft, Marlene   Spouse-1957-Paid
11 Awalt, Lloyd Bottineau, ND 1944-Paid
12 Awalt, Theresa Bottineau, ND Spouse-1948-Paid
13 Azure, Lisa St. John, ND 1983-Paid
14 Parisien, Marshall   Fiance’-Paid
15 Baldwin Hosmer, Nancy Lake Metigoshe, ND 1962-Paid
16 Kontzie, Keith   Fiance’-Paid
17 Bear, Stephanie Dunseith, ND 2001-Paid
18 Bedard, John Lake Metigoshe, ND 1965-Paid
19 Bedard, Margaret   Spouse-Paid
20 Belgarde, Bernice Bemidgi, MN 1972-Paid
21 Benson Belgarde, Anita Dunseith, ND 1985-Paid
22 Berube Reynolds, Cecile Minot, ND 1965-Paid
23 Berube, Tom Bottineau, ND 1963-Paid
24 Boardman, Don Bottineau, ND 1960-Paid
25 Brennan, Shirley Y. Minot, ND 1960-Paid
26 Bullinger Pladson, Tina Bottineau, ND 1978-Paid
27 Bullinger, John   Spouse-Paid
28 Casavant, Rene Bismarck, ND 1965-Paid
29 Casavant, Aime Jamestown, ND 1966-Paid
30 Casavant, Gerald Jamestown, ND 1966-Paid
31 Frieze, LaRae   Spouse-Paid
32 Casavant St. Claire, Tracy Rolette, ND 1992-Paid $5.00-No Dinner
33 Casavant, Travis   Spouse-Paid $5.00-No Dinner
34 Dailly, Arlene Federal Way, WA 1955-Paid
35 Dailly, Bob   Spouse-Paid
36 Dion, Floyd Dunseith, ND 1945-Paid
37 Dion Halvorson, Louella Dunseith, ND 1947-Paid
38 Dubois, Dennis Coon Rapids, MN 1963-Paid
39 Dumas Struck, Gwen Havre, MT 1968-Paid
40 Dumas, Clint   Spouse-Paid
41 DuPre DePew, Judy Rugby, ND 1962
42 Egbert, Donald Dunseith, ND 1965-Paid
43 Eltz Grimme, Gwen Spokane, WA 1968-Paid
44 Eltz, George   Spouse-Paid
45 Enno, Del Fargo, ND 1978-Paid
46 Enno, Everette Williston, ND 1976-Paid
47 Espe, Dennis Dunseith, ND 1956-Paid
48 Espe Sime, Peggy Dunseith, ND 1960-Paid
49 Espe Parrill, LeaRae Bottineau, ND 1967-Paid
50 Espe, Terry Bottineau, ND Spouse-1964-Paid
51 Espe, Monte Burlington, ND 1968-Paid
52 Espe, Bonnie   Spouse-Paid
53 Evans, Jim Dunseith, ND 1963-Paid
54 Evans Metcalfe, Cheri Dunseith, ND 1974-Paid
55 Evans, Jeff Del Rapids, SD 1973-Paid
56 Evans, Joyce Dunseith, ND 1948-Paid
57 Fassett, Paula North Branch, MN 1971-Paid
58 Fassett, Darrel Boynton Beach, FL 1947-Paid
59 Fassett Strietzel, Dorothy Boynton Beach, FL 1946-Paid
60 Fix Hiatt, Jacqueline Springfield, VA 1979-Paid
61 Fleming Murray, Esther Flint, MN 1965-Paid
62 Flynn Knox, Minnie Dunseith, ND 1947-Paid
63 Fuchs Smith, Joanne Bottineau, ND 1965-Paid
64 Fugere Fauske, Debbie Bottineau, ND 1975-Paid
65 Fugere, David Dunseith, ND 1978-Paid
66 Fulsebakke, Gary Devils Lake, ND 1971-Paid
67 Fulsebakke, Joel Dunseith, ND 1977-Paid
68 Garbe Kofoid, Neola Minot, ND Auxiliary-Paid
69 Gerdes Zorn, Sharon Windsor, CO 1963-Paid
70 Gillis, Michael Dunseith, ND Paid
71 Gillis Jerome, Carlene   Spouse-Paid
72 Gillis, Peter J. (Sr.) Dunseith, ND 1965-Paid
73 Gillis St. Claire, Verena   Spouse-Paid
74 Gottbreht, Ernest Dunseith, ND 1965-Paid
75 Bailey, Cheryl   Fiance’-Paid
76 Gottbreht, George Dunseith, ND 1961-Paid
77 Gottbreht Metcalfe, Rose Dunseith, ND Spouse-Paid
78 Gottbreht Boguslawski, Patty Dunseith, ND 1965-Paid
79 Grimme, Bill Birmingham, AL 1965-Paid
80 Protassevitch, Irina Birmingham, AL Friend-Paid
81 Haagenson, Cheryl Dunseith, ND 1971-Paid
82 Haas Neameyer, Lorraine St. John, ND 1972-Paid
83 Haas, Larry   Spouse-Paid
84 Halvorson, Terry Dunseith, ND 1968-Paid
85 Halvorson Henning, Myra Bottineau, ND 1972-Paid
86 Halvorson, Les Bottineau, ND Auxiliary-Paid
87 Halvorson, Curtis Dunseith, ND 1959-Paid
88 Halvorson Quillinan, Denise Dunseith, ND 1963-Paid
89 Hamnes Handeland, Bev Bottineau, ND 1948-Paid
90 Hamnes, Mel   Spouse-Paid
91 Henning, Alan R. Minot, ND 1971-Paid
92 Henning, LouAnn K.   Spouse-Paid
93 Hett, Ron Bottineau, ND Auxiliary-Paid
94 Hiatt LaFontaine, Vickie Grafton, ND 1973-Paid
95 Hiatt Hill, Arla Bottineau, ND Relative-Paid
96 Hiatt, Lorie Dunseith, ND 1980-Paid
97 Hiatt, Marlys Dunseith, ND 1971-Paid
98 Hill, Kenny Dunseith, ND 1956-Paid
99 Hill Watkins, Murl Dunseith, ND 1950-Paid
100 Hill, Troy Bottineau, ND 1980-Paid
101 Hill, Robin   Spouse-Paid
102 Hoffman, Brenda Greenville, SC 1968-Paid $5.00-No Dinner
103 Pazandak, David P. Greenville, SC Spouse-Paid $5.00-No Dinner
104 Johnson Rober’t, Dianne Rolla, ND 1976-Paid
105 Johnson, Kevin   Spouse-Paid
106 Johnson, Dick Dunseith, ND 1968-Paid
107 Johnson, Brenda   Spouse-Paid
108 Johnson Dionne, Mona Lake Metigoshe, ND 1948-Paid
109 Johnson Tremblay, Joan Bottineau, ND 1979-Paid
110 Juntunen Johnson, Linda Perth, ND 1972-Paid
111 Juntunen, Dale Perth, ND Spouse-Paid
112 Kelly, Cleo Woodbury, MN 1960-Paid
113 Kester Halvorson, Connie Long Lake, ND 1964-Paid
114 Kester, Jim   Spouse-Paid
115 Knutson, Mary Dunseith, ND 1962-Paid
116 Krause, Bill Dickinson, ND 1974-Paid
117 Kuhn, Mel St. John, ND 1970-Paid
118 Kuhn, Kathy   Spouse-Paid
119 Lamoureux, Don East Bethel, MN 1975-Paid $5.00-No Dinner
120 Lamoureux, Elizabeth   Spouse-Paid $5.00-No Dinner
121 Lane Wenstad, Pam Dunseith, ND 1978-Paid
122 Leonard, Lowell Dunseith, ND 1959-Paid
123 Birkland St. Claire, Audrey   Fiance’-Paid
124 Leonard Metcalfe, Margaret Rolette, ND 1965-Paid
125 Leonard, Robert Dunseith, ND 1951-Paid
126 Leonard Sunderland, Donna Dunseith, ND 1952-Paid
127 Malget Berube, Angela New Hope, MN 1965-Paid
128 Malget, Greg New Hope, MN Spouse-Paid
129 Martin Fassett, Susan Spearfish, SD 1965-Paid
130 Medrud, Rod Dunseith, ND 1971-Paid
131 Medrud, Mary   Spouse-Paid
132 Metcalfe, Vickie Bottineau, ND 1979-Paid
133 Metcalfe, Travis Mesa, AZ 1976-Paid
134 Morgan, Gary Garrison, ND 1954-Paid
135 Morgan, Mary Lou   Spouse-Paid
136 Morin, Bernard Dunseith, ND 1976-Paid
137 Morin Espe, Robin Dunseith, ND 1980-Paid
138 Munro Metcalfe, Geri Fargo, ND 1959-Paid
139 Munro, Chuck   Spouse-Paid
140 Nerpel, Kenny Rugby, ND 1965-Paid
141 Nerpel, Sherry   Spouse-Paid
142 Olson Bedard, Nancy Hillsboro, ND 1967-Paid
143 Olson, Gary   Spouse-Paid
144 Parisien, Dennis Dunseith, ND 1965-Paid
145 Paulsen Eurich, Eva Rugby, ND 1960-Paid
146 Pederson Walter, Erna Minot, ND 1955-Paid
147 Pederson, Arlin   Spouse-Paid
148 Peltier, Bernadette Dunseith, ND 1970-Paid
149 Perry Boppre, Ann Dunseith, ND 1972-Paid
150 Perry, Mark   Spouse-Paid
151 Pladson, Daniel Dunseith, ND 1975-Paid
152 Pladson, Robin   Spouse-Paid
153 Pladson, Keith Stafford, VA 1966-Paid
154 Pladson, Alice   Spouse-Paid
155 Poitra, Eric Dunseith, ND 1983-Paid
156 Poitra, Sandra Dunseith, ND 1983-Paid
157 Poitra, Raphael Dunseith, ND 1965-Paid
158 Poitra, Alan Bloomington, MD 1976-Paid
159 Larsen, Mark   Partner-Paid
160 Poitra LaRocque, Ginger Belcourt, ND 1965-Paid
161 Poitra Olson, Marsha Dunseith, ND 1973-Paid
162 Poitra, Dwight   Spouse-Paid
163 Prichard, Dale Leesville, LA 1963-Paid
164 Prichard, Jackie L.   Spouse-Paid
165 Prichard, Wayne   Family-Paid
166 Rainey, Neva Dunseith, ND 1956-Paid
167 Rheault Berg, Diane Fargo, ND 1979-Paid
168 Rheault, James   Spouse-Paid
169 Richard, Joan Dunseith, ND Auxiliary
170 Salmonson St. Claire, Renee Minot, ND Relative-Paid
171 Salmonson, Greg   Spouse-Paid
172 Salmonson, Stan Dunseith, ND 1961-Paid
173 Salmonson Wurgler, Joan Dunseith, ND 1961-Paid
174 Sedlacek Haagenson, Janet Great Fall, MT 1961-Paid
175 Sedlacek, Bernd   Spouse-Paid
176 Shining One Side Belgarde, Joyce Dunseith, ND 1981-Paid
177 Sime Pladson, Florence Dunseith, ND 1962-Paid
178 Schmaltz, Klem   Friend-Paid
179 Slyter, Bobbie Wichita, KA 1970-Paid $5.00-No Dinner
180 McKown, Dan   Friend-Paid $5.00-No Dinner
181 Slyter Dietrich, Ele Dunseith, ND 1969-No Dinner
182 Slyter, Richard Dunseith, ND 1967-No Dinner
183 Spillene Wenstad, Arliss Michigan, ND Auxiliary-Paid
184 Staub Iverson, Marie Seattle, WA 1960-Paid
185 Flaata Iverson, Joyce Hobart, WA Relative-Paid
186 Lyonais Iverson, Barbara Bottineau, ND Relative-Paid
187 St. Claire, Gary Minot, ND Relative-Paid
188 St. Claire, Jason Fargo, ND 1994-No Dinner-Paid $5.00
189 Belgarde, Crystal Fargo, ND Fiance’-No Dinner-Paid $5.00
190 St. Claire, Larry Anchorage, AK 1966-Paid
191 St. Claire, Robbie   Spouse-Paid
192 St. Pierre, Teresa Dunseith, ND 2001-Paid
193 Stokes, Gary Cebu, Philippines 1965-Paid
194 Stokes, Bernadette   Spouse-Paid
195 Strong, Jerry Dunseith, ND 1960-Paid
196 Strong Bedard, Margaret Dunseith, ND 1962-Paid
197 Strong, Ron Dunseith, ND 1960-Paid
198 Thomas, Les Rolette, ND Auxiliary-Paid $5.00-No Dinner
199 Tooke, Linda K. Bottineau, ND 1981-Paid
200 Vandal Zeiler, Sandra Elk River, MN 1962-Paid
201 Vandal, Mike   Spouse-Paid
202 Vanorny Metcalfe, Lola Dunseith, ND 1968-Paid $5.00-No Dinner
203 Vanorny, Jay Dunseith, ND 1966-Paid $5.00-No Dinner
204 Wall Neameyer, Loretta Bottineau, ND 1972-Paid
205 Wall, Gary   Spouse-Paid
206 Watkins Carbonneau, Carol Bottineau, ND 1946-Paid
207 Wenstad, Diane Portage La Prairie, MB 1969-Paid
208 Wenstad, Don Overly, ND 1966-Paid
209 Wenstad, Pete (Melvin) Michigan, ND Auxiliary-Paid
210 Wenstad, Terry Grand Forks, ND Auxi