11/30/2014 (2142)

Happy birthday Pam Fassett Faust (’47): Lilburn, GA.
Fassett Faust, Pam 2142


Happy Birthday Jan Hosmer Cobb )’60): Wilsonville, OR.
Hosmer Cobb, Jan 2142

Reply from Pastor Orval Moren:  Coon Rapids, MN

From Orval Moren

Thanks to you or someone for including me in the e-mails.
I am not all that gifted and learned with  the computer.
But at 85, I have learned a few moves.


Pastor Moren
Reply from Marlys Zorn Bryan (’62):  Fairbury, NE

I too want to say how grateful I am for the ministry of Pastor Moren in Dunseith at Peace Luthren.  I was raised in that church until we moved away when I was 12.  When I experienced other churches, I realized what a special thing Pastor Moren achieved.  Because of him, Peace Luthren was always a  warm and welcoming place, a place where I felt Jesus, and felt that Jesus loved me.  Pastor Moren is one of the reasons I follow Christ today.  I’m  so grateful for this opportunity to finally say ‘thank you’ to him.

Thank you for this gift of communication that you give to all of us, Gary.

Marlys Zorn Bryan,  Fairbury, NE.

Ronnie Medrud Memories
From Lee Stickland (’64):Dickinson, ND

I was not aware of actual date or possible circumstances RE: Ron’s death.  After the many car-related shenanigans Ron and I devised and endured, it is partially understandable that his death would have a connection to cars.

BUT for his vehicle to fail in such fashion is beyond a good-guess.

I had a chance to ride with RON for an hour or so on patrol while he was in law enforcement.

He understood and respected his duty.



Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe:  Bottineau & Minot, ND

Larry Belgarde
(September 28, 1959 – November 25, 2014)
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Larry James Belgarde, age 55 of Dunseith, passed away on Tuesday, November 25, 2014 at a Minot hospital. Funeral services will be held on Monday, December 1, 2014 at 2:00 P.M. in the Dunseith City Hall. A wake will be held on Sunday beginning at 4:00 P.M. in the Dunseith City Hall. Burial will be in the Belgarde Cemetery of rural Dunseith.

Larry James Belgarde, a son of Roy and Margaret (St. Claire) Belgarde, was born on September 28, 1959 at Belcourt. On November 26, 1977 he was married to Velda Houle at Dunseith.

He is survived by his wife Velda at home; daughters, Laurie (Jawon) Christopher and Sarah (Michael) Selburg; sons, Todd (Christina) Belgarde and Nathanael (Taylor) Belgarde; 7 grandchildren, Malaika Belgarde, Laney Belgarde, Peyton Belgarde Nathanael Belgarde Jr., Aaliyah Selburg, Graceyn Selburg and Charity Selburg; brothers, Leroy Belgarde Sr., Curtis Belgarde, David (Peggy Belgarde and Ronald Belgarde; sisters, Betti Jean (Kenny Azure) and Doris (Verlin) Dubois

(Nero Funeral Home, Bottineau)


Condolences to the Belgarde family
From Vickie Metcalfe (’70):  Bottineau, ND

Gary and Friends,

I wish to extend  sincere sympathy to the family of Larry Belgarde.

I have known this family for many years, as his elder sisters and many younger brothers attended Dunseith Public School

Larry led a congregation in Dunseith for many years.

He  also wrote a spiritual column for  a  local newspaper.

The last time I saw  Larry  at WalMart , I could tell he wasn’t feeling well, but he never complained,   always maintaining a  cheerful pleasant personality.

Larry’s family are also deeply spiritual.

HIs daughters  provided care for my mother when she was a resident at Bottineau Good Samaritan Home.

Mom felt they were very  hard workers with quiet,  polite demeanor.

They were always most kind, respectful  and caring  personalities to everyone.

Vickie Metcalfe


Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe:  Bottineau & Minot, ND
Dunseith news


Blog (205) posted on August 26, 2008



After a bit of a break, I have gotten back into putting a few more class lists together.  I am working with the 40’s classes.  For your interest, I have listed below all those that I have made contact with in the past week or so.  Even though I did not call Marie or Mildred Nelson Parrill, I have also listed them for your info.  LeaRae, Mildred’s daughter keeps me posted with them.  I have had some very interesting conversations with all these folks. I have learned of the close relationships that many of you are with a lot of these folks.  I was surprised.

Some of the 40’s folks are a real challenge to locate or get info on.  In a few days I will be sending out a list of those that I am having problems finding asking for your help in locating.


Class of 45

Christianson Baskett Viola 15643 Sunny Cove Dr SE Olalla, WA 98359 (253) 857-2521 No email address
Watkins Hoover Lenore 232 11th Ave SE Minot, ND 58701 (701) 838-2708 No email address

Class of 44

Boardman Robert 33856 State Highway 87 Frazee, MN 56544-8500 (218) 334-2401  
Hagen Oscar 116 23rd St S La Crosse, WI 54601 608) 784-7205  


Landsverk Howard 16224 70TH PL W EDMONDS, WA  98026   (425) 776-5566  
Nelson Kriz Evelyn 6549 Depew Ct Arvado, CO 80003 (303) 421-0716 No email address
Pigeon Yodola PO Box 128 Dunseith, ND 58329 (701) 244-5638 Colette


Class of 43

Halvorson Kittleson Doris 19541 GLEN VIEW CT OREGON CITY, OR  97045 (503) 656-8501 No Email address
Nelson Parrill Marie 506 Jay St Bottineau, ND 58318 (701) 228-2504 No Email address
Nelson Parrill Mildred 823 Railroad Ave, Apt 29 Bottineau, ND 58318 (701) 228-3506 (Daughter LeaRae)


Pigeon Horsman Louise 14164 73rd Pl NE, Apt D103 Bothell, WA 98011 (425) 821-3038  


Message from Sybil Johnson: 

In just the short time I have been included with this great site, I surely enjoy reading each and every email. Im sure Augie would also enjoy them, if maybe Dick can get ahold of him and get his email address, for I dont have it–of course. Update on our daughter, Beckie. I talked to her about 2 hrs yesterday and she is doing great. Expecting to go back to work on Sept. 17th. Thanks again for making me a part of this site, Gary.

Sybil Johnson


All of today’s pictures have been provided by Noela Kofoid Garbe: 


Mike & Sandra, this is a beautiful picture of you guys with your family. I don’t believe I have ever met your children. They are great looking kids. Can you idientify them for us?

For those of us from up in the hills, this picture brings back a lot memories with youhaving been our bus driver, Mike.  I think you drove the first year that we were redistricted to Dunsieth. I was a Freshman. I remember Sandra’s dad, Arnold, filling in several times for you driving the bus too.

Sandra, we could see your house, 4 miles acorss country, from our house. You guys lived on the very SW corner of the Peace Garden.

I just got a message from Neola and she said she has tracked you guys down in Bottineau this week end.She wants to give this picture and several others to you too.  Gary

                         Mike & Sandra (Zeiler 62) Vandal Family
Vandall, Mike family 2142

Toni Parisien has identified those in the Azure Family Portrait:
The Azure Family Portrait:

Back Row – Toni (Azure) Parisien, Denise (Azure) Marcellais, Agnes (Jerome) Azure, Wade (LaBoy) Davis – deceased, Marla Davis, Francis (Lito) Davis – deceased, Becky (Davis) Bliss, Terry (Tooners) Plumage, Keifer Plumage, Joseph (Chick) Plumage, Joey Plumage, Lyle Davis,

Middle Row – Peter J. (Butch) Azure – father of Toni and Denise, married to Agnes Jerome, Caroline (Azure) Davis – deceased mother of Wade, Marla and Becky, married to Francis Davis, Agnes (Decoteau) Azure, Fabian Azure, Agnes (Dolly Azure) Plumage – mother of Terry, Keifer, Joey and Kevin, married to Joseph Plumage, Francis (Sammy) Azure, Lila (Davis) Gourneau,

Bottom Row – Travis Azure – son of Denise, Ron Davis – son of Marla, Levi Davis – son of Becky, Kevin Plumage – son of Dolly, Sam Azure, Jr. – son of Francis
Parisien, Toni 2142


Hi Gary,

Debbie Champagne has identified this lady.  I had saved her picture as “Pottery Lady”.  Beautiful lady/pottery.

This lady is Louise Crosby originally from Dunseith.  She now lives in the Retirement Home in Belcourt.


Crosby, Louise 2142


Diane Larson Sjol(70) walking 60 miles in Breast Cancer Walk.  Please help:


I am going to use this forum because it reaches so many people and
because this request is for a good cause.  On September 19-21 I will
be participating in the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 3 Day in the Twin
Cities.  I will walk 60 miles over the course of three days with
thousands of other men and women.  The net proceeds will support
breast cancer research, education, screening adn treatment through
Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the National Philanthropic Trust
Breast Cancer fund.

In order to participate I have to raise a minimum of $2200, so I am
aksing for your help.  Would you please consider a donation?  Whatever
you can spare would be helpful.  I am employed as faculty at MSU
Bottineau and will wear a college shirt with the names of those I am
walking for written on.  Eveyone who donates can give me a name to put
on the shirt.  I will wear the shirt for the duration of the walk.  If
you would like to donate, you can go to http://www.the 3day.org/ and
click on “Donate Now” and search for my personal fundraising page.
Just put my name Diane Sjol and the state in which I live ..North
Dakota….my name will pop up and directions will follow.  Just a
note, according to the foundation, more than 200,000 American will be
diagnosed with breast cancer this year and nearly 40,000 will die from
it.  That is why I am walking so far…to do something about it…so,
I hope you won’t feel offended about me using this forum for this
cause.  Thank you in advance for your generosity.  If you do decide to
donate, you can email me your name and the name of the person you want
me to walk for at diane.sjol@msub.nodak.edu.  Thank you in advance for
your generosity and for supporting me in my fundraising efforts.

Diane Larson Sjol (70)


Do any of you recognize any of the folks in these three photo’s?

Azure Azure-2 Bunce, Kathy 2142








8/28/2014 (2141)

Death date correction for Ronnie Medrud (’64)
From Rodney Medrud (’71):  Dunseith, ND

Hi Gary, Ronnie died in a car accident in South Dakota in 1994


Death date correction for Ronnie Medrud (’64)
From Dick Johnson (’68):  Dunseith, ND


Ronnie Medrud was working as a sheriff or deputy in Buffalo SD when he had his fatal accident in  a vehicle.  I heard he was driving along and the drive shaft broke and dropped down under the car and stuck into the ground and threw the vehicle out of control so it rolled and he was killed,  probably ejected–not sure.  I do know it was much later than ’64 though.  My guess would be ’94 or later.  Rod might write in again to give us a date or the particulars.  It was a freak accident for sure but this is what I was told happened.


Rod and Dick,

I do have Ronnie’s date of death listed as May 23,1994 in my records. 1964 was his graduation year.  My mistake.



Reply to Lola Metcalfe Vanorny (’68) – Thanksgiving
From Theresa Sivertson Delikat:   Box Elder, SD


I saw your comment on how lucky we are to have born in the USA.  I have asked myself that question many times.  If you look at the odds it’s like winning a multi multi million dollar lottery or is it God’s favor.  I had the privilege to go to Mexico on 3 mission trips to build houses a few years ago.  I saw people living in shacks with building materials of any sort put together, power poles with hundreds of every weight of wire hanging from them trying to steal a little power, sewage running down the wheel tracks of roads, dogs in trash heaps eating other dead dogs and on and on.  

We built 11″ x 22″ homes with a door and window and they were so grateful.  We also used no power tools, lived in tents and used sun showers so we could relate.  It didn’t take long for one to come down to the basics of life-food, shelter and warmth.

And so I feel because we are so fortunate, we have a responsibility to others in this world.  I will enjoy my Thanksgiving meal but be mindful of others with less than me.  Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Theresa Delikat


Lutheran Confirmation
From Dick Johnson (’68): Dunseith, ND

Gary and Friends,

       As Gary said,  Lutheran Confirmation was a two year process of classes every Wednesday at the church after school.  We had one year of classes given by an interim pastor and then Pastor Curt Rotto was installed as our full time pastor at Dunseith.  He asked us some questions to see how much we had learned from our first year of instruction.  The result was not good.  He met with our parents and told them we would have to start over so we were the ‘lucky’ class who got to have three years of confirmation classes.  I will admit we didn’t know much from the first year and spent most of the time goofing off.  We didn’t really care much for the interim pastor and some of us took every opportunity to make his life miserable.  He drove from Rolette in a small Volkswagen to teach confirmation. One day we decided to pull a prank on him.  The old Dunseith Lutheran Church, which sat south of Grimme’s Commercial Hotel,  had a basement exit to the south and that door was completely not only locked but stuck from years of non use. 

The big double front doors to the north opened out so after we left class one Wednesday night, a few of us guys picked up his Volkswagen and pushed/dragged it up against the front doors and headed for home.  We found out later that he had to climb out one of the big church windows and drop to the ground to get out.  Of course,  the first class we had after that was a doozy!  Thanks Gary!



 Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe:  Bottineau & Dunseith, ND

 Larry Belgarde

(September 28, 1959 – November 25, 2014)

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Larry Belgarde, age 55 of Dunseith, passed away on Tuesday, November 25, 2014 at a Minot hospital. Funeral services will be held on Monday, December 1, 2014 at 2:00 P.M. in the Dunseith City Hall. A wake will be held on Sunday beginning at 4:00 P.M. in the Dunseith City Hall.


Facebook and Webpage www.artrude.com
Message from Art Rude (’71):  Bismarck, ND

On Thanksgiving I want to send this message to my friends, that I am Thankful for you. I have enjoyed Facebook, and the biggest thing I have enjoyed is getting and then keeping in touch with so many friends, many I had not seen or heard from in years! Then when I was removed from Facebook, I was at first angered, then frustrated, and since then I have found out there are some people (strange in my opinion) who are turning me in to Facebook as being a fake name, as a way to limit my ability to communicate, apparently because I sang at Unity fest in Fargo last summer, or possibly because they disagree with my politics, or both. I don’t know for sure the reason, but I do know it is a battle I don’t want to fight. (I had to upload documentation again, to prove I was a real person) So I am no longer posting or commenting on Facebook, in the hopes they will leave me alone and I can still leave the channel open for communicating with friends, and maintaining the Stellar Field Service page I put up on Facebook. I think it’s weird, but Facebook ties a business page to a personal page, so if I don’t keep my personal Facebook page open, I can’t maintain the webpage. (the Facebook page gets 3 times the hits the dot com page does) So instead of posting to Facebook, I am publishing to my webpage http://l.facebook.com/l/KAQHddPqbAQEfDq6AZey9g_m4jyd8A35QGX4B2AshhkY5YA/www.artrude.com where I know I won’t reach as many people, but at least they can’t shut me down. (at least not yet) So pictures go to the “photos” tab, my political viewpoints go to my “blog” and I plan on changing the “Welcome” page every couple of days. I will do a new welcome video every time I publish, as that is really easy to do, but I realize some of you will have to download “QuickTime” which is the video format Apple uses. I will also feature a new video or picture with story on the welcome page, although I’m thinking I may not change that every time I publish. So, I hope you will check out the webpage from time to time, and of course if you would be kind enough to recommend my page, that would be most appreciated. I hope my webpage will be much more interesting, as I let it go when I was active on Facebook, as it was so much easier, and it was fun. This is a little more difficult, but hopefully, in the long run better. I am sending this same message to many of my friends. May you all have a blessed Thanksgiving, and I hope you will still stay in touch with me.


Cebu Philippines – Last night – Thanksgiving dinner
Bernadette’s niece, Novie, with her daughter Jasmine.
Jasmine recently had her 10th birthday too.
Novie recently celebrated her 33rd birthday also.
This was Jasmines first time going with us to a Cebu Expat dinner
Stokes 2141-1

Stokes 2141-2

Bernadette, Lourdes and Novie
Stokes 2141-3

 Gary, Em-Em and Steve
Stokes 2141-4


Blog (205) posted on August 26, 2008

Folks, I had a nice long visit with my very good and very close friend Bill Grimme yesterday.  Bill is planning to visit the Dunseith/Bottineau area arriving, probably Friday the 5th, next week.  He plans on staying at the Super 8 motel in Bottineau.  So folks, keep your calendars open.  I know Bill would like to see as many of you as possible.  He will only be in the area a few days. Gary


 Condolences from Meryle Hoopman (74): 

The Hoopman Family would like to send their condolences to the Pritchard family, our prayers are with the family.

Meryle Hoopman (74).


From Louise Pigeon Horsman (43): 


This is all so interesting to me, what a great hobby that you have. I see the picture of Fern Cote and Muzette—Fern is my cousin and I haven’t seen her in several years. I haven’t called Doris Halvorson yet but will as soon as I can.

Louise Pigeon Horsman

I tracked down Louise when I was putting the class of 43 together. We had several nice chats.  I had to call her back because I got her email address wrong the first time and also the 2nd time, so I emailed Allen Richard, her nephew, to get it right. I was forgetting the “s” on the end.  Louise is related to and is an aunt to many of you folks out there.

I also had a nice visit with Doris Halvorson (503-656-8501) from that class too.  Doris does not have email.  She lives in Oregon City OR.  Doris too is related to and is an Aunt/sister/sister-n-law/cousin to lots of you guys also.  Doris will be visiting the Dunseith area very shortly.  She will be staying with her sister Luella and her husband Floyd Dion in Dunseith.  She said they give her the royal treatment.

LeaRae Parrill Espe, your mother, Mildred Nelson Parrill and your Aunt Marie Nelson Parrill were also in the class of 43.



From Mavis (Mrs. Art 72) Hagen (udated report Lung Cancer):

I am so glad to be back home. I would like to thank everyone for their support, encouragement, prayers, and love. Without you I would not have the strength to do what I am doing. I truly appreciate all the you have done for Art and I over the last three weeks. I am feeling better each day and hopefully getting stronger. I know I still have a long road ahead of me. This Friday will be another stepping stone to get my staples out-YEAH. I feel like there are about 50 of them poking me. I will keep you informed on my progress and thanks again. I am looking forward to leaving the house and getting out and about soon. Thanks again for everything what a great community to live in.Thanks Evette for keeping up my journal you did a wonderful job.


Reply from Mel Kuhn (70): 


In the OJ Robert family picture, back row-Duane, Russell, OJ. Front row-Carol & her son Mike, Diane, Darla, Dorothy. I spent a lot of time with the Robert family in the middle and late 60’s. I worked for OJ out at the farm on & off and he always said I ate more than I was worth. Duane,Russell their uncle Robin and I did a lot of chasing around back in those days. OJ was a good old guy that showed me a lot of tricks about welding that I still use today. I believe that Dick has the old air jack that came out of OJ’s old Mobil station. I ended up running that old Mobil station for about a year sometime back in the early 70’s. I haven’t bumped into any of the family for some time now but would like to hear from them.

Mel Kuhn [70]


Reply from Bev Morinville Azure (72): 



Reply From Ivy Eller Robert (74): 


The O.J. Robert Family Picture, front row: Carol with her son Mike on her lap, Dianne, Darla, & Dorothy. Back row: Duane, Russell, & Orphula “O.J.” Robert.

Ivy Robert

From Linda Johnson Juntunen (72):

Duane, Russell, Orphela
Carol, Dianne, Darla, Dorothy
Mike, Carol’s son

Linda J. Juntunen
Microlap Technologies, Inc.
ph  701.477.3193.ext 18
fx   701.477.6579

O.J. Robert Family L to R:
Back: Duane, Russell & Orphela (O.J.)
Front: Carol holding Mike, Dianne, Darla & Dorothy


Azure family picture provided by Neol Kofoid Garge: 

Do any of you recognize any of the folks in this picture?
Azure family


Picture/message from Neola Kofoid Garbe: 

Hi Gary,

Iris’ name was on her picture, but I didn’t know where to mail it.  Ron Peltier said Iris is his sister, so the picture goes into “Ron’s box”. :)


Ron,  This is a beautiful picture of your sister Iris.  I see she graduated from DHS in 1983. Where is she living now?  I’m assuming she is married and probalby no longer going by the name Peltier?  Gary


                            Iris Peltier
Peltier, Iris 2141



11/26/2014 (2140)

Reply from Pastor Orval Moren (Peace Lutheran pastor 1960-63):  Coon Rapid, MN.

Hello:  My name is Orval Moren.

I was the pastor at the Dunseith Lutheran Parish which included Peace, Rendahl and Little Prairie

from July 1960 through July 1963. I am now retired and live with my wife Bernell in Coon Rapids, Minnesota.

After Dunseith, we went to Warren, MN, then to Duluth, and finally in 1977 to Albuquerque, NM.

I do have a couple of memoirs written that would be interesting for some of you.

Peace, Orval
Pastor Moren
Reply from Sharon Zorn Gerdes (’62): Windsor, CO

Wow what a neat memory when Bob mentioned Pastor Moren.   My family thought so much of him and his family and missed them so much when they left.  I think he went to a big very nice church in Minnesota somewhere, and am sure he did very well as a pastor.  He was obviously meant to go far and accomplish much for the Lord.  I played the organ for a little while for that little church and I couldn’t count or read much music, but he would face toward me and sing loudly so that I could follow his lead.  What a great family and wonderful memories.   Thanks for coming on board Pastor.  We would love to hear how you all are and where life lead you.  Sharon  Zorn Gerdes.( 62)


DHS class of 65 Lutheran Graduation picture
Reply from Susan Fassett Martin (’65): Spearfish SD

On the confirmation picture you posted you have the young man second from the right listed as John Awalt.   It is Ronnie Medrud.


DHS class of 65 Lutheran Graduation picture
Reply from Rodney Medrud (’71):  Dunseith, ND

Hi Gary the guy next to Myron Zorn is my brother Ronald Medrud not John Awalt

Thanks Rodney,

I have Ronnie listed as being deceased in 1964. As I remember it was an accident, but I don’t remember the details.


DHS class of 65 Lutheran Graduation picture
Reply from Dick Johnson (’68):  Dunseith, ND


The young guy in the confirmation picture who is believed to be John Awalt is actually Ronnie Medrud.  My guess of the year would be1961 or possibly ’62. Thanks.


In those years confirmation was two years. I don’t remember if we went in grades 7 & 8 or grade 8 and our freshman year. If it was graded 7 & 8 this picture would have been in 1961 other wise 1962. Does anyone remember?


DHS class of 65 Lutheran Graduation
Back: Carol Jasper, Bill Grimme, Myron Zorn, Ronnie Medrud, Phyllis McKay
Front: Susan Fassett, Margaret Metcalf, Pastor Moren, Connie Halvorson, Sharon Eurich


Message from Lola Metcalfe Vanorny (’68):  Dunseith, ND

Wishiing everyone on the blog a Happy THanksgiving-  !!_-

We have so very much to be thankful for  in this country that we don’t even know how much  we have ——until we read about the other countries !!~!- I have often wondered how we ended up here and they ended up in their war torn – and sadly famine filled countries- !!-

We are so blessed to have a safe and warm home and all the conveniences-  electricity- water- heat – and all the extra’s like nice home furnishings-  and lots of things to do and use-  !!!   etc that we don’t give it a second thought most days-  but somehow God has chosen us to be part of that “privileged group”– how can we possibly complain about anything ??!!  —  I somewhere read a sign that said “People are to love – and things are to use- ” !!! how true  !!  rather than the other way around~~~–  !!

I find it very sad the retailers find it a chance to make a bunch of money !!– already having black Friday sales and Black Friday isn’t even here yet!!-  crazy !!!_ I feel for those poor folks who have to work and stay away from their families during the holidays  !!!– like Thanksgiving and Christmas  etc–   !– for pete’s sake!!_ pay them and give them the day off!!_  it brings us back to Ebenezor Scrooge days  !!!_ LOL!!!

I feel the only Black Friday that has any meaning is when our Baby Jesus was nailed to the cross in  his 33rd  year !!-  on what is called “GOOD”  Friday ~~~  strange  !!_

anyhoo !!-  hoping everyone feels really blessed on  Thanksgiving Day – !!_ for the bounty we enjoy everyday –  in comparison of those folks overseas who struggle just to keep food on their tables – and a dry place to sleep no matter how humble !!! —  and families and grandkids that are healthy and relatively happy and also blessed !!-  —  and to be able to be with them if they are not too far away !!-



 In reference to your mentioning how thankful we should be, this is a picture of several of the homes that were on our lot here in Cebu, Philippines when we purchased it in 2003. There were actually seven homes, all just like these, when we purchased this lot. These families owned these homes and were paying about $2.00 per month rent for the space. We gave them money so they could tear them down and relocate to another area close by. Many of our neighbors homes are still very much the same as these. Seeing these we can count our blessings we have what we have. Many of these families have absolutely no food in their homes when they wake in the mornings. They will go out and do whatever they can to get a little rice that they can take back to their families. For vegetables they will often times boil leaves from the trees.  There is no welfare in this country.


Stokes 2140-1

After Buliding
Stokes 2140-2

Joke of the day

Husband takes wife to her high school reunion.

After meeting several of her friends and former school mates, they are sitting at a table where he is yawning and overly bored.

The band cranks up and people are beginning to dance.

There’s a guy on the dance floor living it large, break dancing, moon walking, back flips, buying drinks for people, the works.

Wife turns to her husband and says, “See that guy?  25 years ago he proposed to me and I turned him down.

Husband says: “Looks like he’s still celebrating !!! ”


Blog (204) posted on August 25, 2008


Condolences/message from Dan McKay (69): 

My condolences to the Ann Pritchart family.

I know many of you have close experience with military proceedings but a first for me came Friday when I went to my son Chris’ graduation form basic training in Fort Sill, Oklahoma.  My daughter Naomi (15) and I drove down and got to spend most of three days with him before we had to leave and he was shipped out for more training in Texas.  The military was very hospitable and gave us demonstrations about their training and allowed us to see much of the base.  We got to see many of the shooting ranges and watch new soldiers going through their training exercises.  Armadillos and snakes made their presence known also.  Their training gas chamber was still nasty after days of not being used, my throat still hurt the next day! I can’t imagine what it was like for the guys when they were in there with the cs gas!! Graduation was very “starchy” as the military calls for but yet the Brigade commander was ushering people up front so they could take pictures of their soldiers.  Of coarse the soldiers didn’t smile or look right of left or anything, signifying their training and that they knew how to follow orders! Very impressive and Yes, I’m proud of my son.  Thanks Gary, looks like a beautiful wedding.


Jim Metcalfe Family Photo provided by Neola Kofoid Garbe: 

Folks, I am going to take a stab at identifying this one.  With the exception of Patti, you gals all have your hair done differently than I remember you from the mid 60’s.  Other than for the parents, the only two that I for sure recognize are Patti and Margaret.  Here goes and don’t be afraid to correct me if I’m wrong.  Gary

Back L to R: Patti, Margaret, Gary, Jim Jr. Geri & Lola
Front L to R: Ella, Helen & Jim Sr.
Metcalfe family 2140

Jerome LaRocque family names provided by Ginger LaRocque Poitra (65): 

Gary, this is in reply to the LaRocque Family. Top row Boys are Curtis, Richard, Ronald, Sylvester, and Brian Middle Row Linda, Bernice, Alice (mother), Jeanette, and Joy Bottom Row Debbie, Annette, Sherri, and Jackie< I named them from left to right. These LaRocque’s are my first cousins Their dad was Jerome. Ginger (LaRocque) Poitra

Jerome LaRocque family picture L to R:
Top row: Curtis, Richard, Ronald, Sylvester, and Brian
Middle Row: Linda, Bernice, Alice (mother), Jeanette, and Joy
Bottom Row: Debbie, Annette, Sherri, and Jackie
LaRocque, Jerome 2140


Pictures Provide by Neola Kofoid Garbe: 

Folks, If you recognize any of the people in these pictures, please let us know.  Gary

Robert, OJ family 2140

Unknowb baby Unknown-1 Unknown-2











11/25/2014 (2139)

Thanksgiving wishes
From Esther Murray Flemming (’65): Flint, MI.

Gary   I want to wish  everyone a very happy Thanksgiving Holiday.  Love to all.  Esther


Pastor Moren – Lutheran Pastor in the late 50’s and early 60’s.
Posting from Bob Hosmer (’56):Lynnwood, WA.

Dear Gary,

I just received a phone call from Orval Moren who was a pastor of Dunseith Lutheran Church late ‘50’s and early ’60’s.  We were good friends during those days and my father, Jack Hosmer, respected him so highly that he gave Orval a new hat each year he served the Lutheran Church in Dunseith. H e called to get updated on me and we chatted a while about those days in Dunseith and he has written a memoir that includes extensive information on Dunseith.  He would also like to be included in the blog.  Their address is Orval and Bernell Moren:.

Thanks so much for this service you’re providing.  I’m gaining so much history of my hometown that I have never known before.  But I did play marbles with Bruce Poepple and Don Conroy, but got beat most every time.

Bob Hosmer ‘56

Thanks Bob,

I have added Pastor Moren to our distribution. He will be very familiar to many of our readers too.

Pastor Moran, please fill us in with some of your history following your time in Dunseith. Pastor Richard Grudt whom I took confirmation from, was the Metigoshe Lutheran pastor in those years too.


DHS class of 65 Lutheran Graduation
Back: Carol Jasper, Bill Grimme, Myron Zorn, John Awalt, Phyllis McKay
Front: Susan Fassett, Margaret Metcalf, Pastor Moren, Connie Halvorson, Sharon Eurich


Blog (201) posted on August 24, 2008


Condolences from Brenda Hoffman (68):  

For the Ann Pritchart family. I am so sorry about your loss. I never met Ann but your family updates and the messages from people who did know Ann indicate she must have been a lovely and loving person. Brenda Hoffman

Condolences/Message from Cheryl Larson Dakin (71): 

Wow…so much news. My heart goes out to jAnn’s family. I know she will be missed greatly by so many.

The wedding pictures were really fun to see. Congratulations to the new couple. I watched Bill Grimme’s Youtube posting. How fun.

Also, to Ivey Eller Robert…congratulations on your son’s upcoming wedding. Our family all got together in Minot in May for my niece’s wedding and we had such a great time. My greetings to Duane and his family. It was 1968 (OMG!!) when we hung out. Bev, I’ve been keeping you and Deb and your families in my prayers. And Diane…..save me some chokecherry juice!

Cheryl Larson Dakin


Message from Wilma Fiske (43): 

Folks, Putting the class of 43 together, I had the pleasure of talking to both Wilma Fiske and her sister Catherine. They are living together in Billings Montana. This is Wilma’s reply to my message.




Message from Dale Pritchard (63):


That was a very good picture of Allen and Leola.  I haven’t seen Allen
since ’63’ and Leola since ’94’.  Leola had my Mother, my brother
Darold, and I over for supper (dinner?) the day of the farm sale after
my Dad died.  I was home from Memphis three times that year; first for
the funeral, second for a regular vacation at which time I started
putting stuff together for the sale, and again for the sale itself.

Thank you Neola, for sharing your archives for the rest of us!  And you
too Gary, for helping make this possible.


Folks, The Prichard farm (Dale’s Parents) is located one mile south of the Ackworth cemetery.  After Robert passed away, Dorothy sold their farm to the Lagerquist’s. Evon Lagerquist is currently living on that place.  Dorothy moved to Bottineau and is currently living at the Oak Manor apartments.  Dorothy recently celebrated her 95th birthday.  She may be moving a bit slow, but she has a good sound mind and is still living alone.  Gary


Message from Sharon Peterson Harmsen (63): 

HI Gary,

Once again, I marvel at what you do.   Like everyone else on your “lists” I look forward to my daily fix of Dunseith news, whether old or new.  I am missing email # 200 unless you chose to skip the # 200 when you decided to change your subject line?    Anyway, I don’t have a 200 in my folder.

Thanks for all you do.

Sharon Peterson Harmsen (class of 63)

Sharon, You and several others had indicated that they did not have #200.  I went back and reviewed my sent files for #200 and discovered I had sent it twice to group 3 and not to you guys in group 1, so I just forwarded it to you guys.  I have you guys divided up into 7 groupings for this daily distribution. I am limited to 99 folks with each sending.  Again, folks, if you don’t receive one of these daily messages, please let me know.  Gary


Message from Bev Morinville Azure (72): 

Gary, I have been gone  all weekend  ,We  went to  Bismarck to Chris Messners  wedding. She is the daughter of  Vickie (Johnson)  and Paul Messner . We had a  great time as we always do when we  visit  with  Vickie and Paul. I  visited  with Big Chip all evening (Ron) he  asked about everyone and  was sorry he missed the reunion. He is  well has a  few health promblems  but is ok. He  wanted to know how his  bubby  CJ coleman  was  doing.  SO CJ  how  are you.? I couldn’t  really tell him  much  I  never see  CJ  lol  anyways  They  say  hi to everyone  and  we  had  a  good time. Update on Deb  she is   back in Miles  City  and   getting   better  she is  starting to talk a little but  gets  very upset  cause she  can’t remember alot of words right now. Here  is  her address Debbie Marmon …..1911 Merriam …Miles  City  MT 59301 ,Please send her a card it  would  do her  heart  good to know you are all  thinking of her. I plan to go out  there  but  i have to wait till after our  daughters  wedding on the 6th.  2 weddings in one  year  is nuts  lol



Message from Sharon Longie Dana (73):

Thanks Dick for the answers about Mr. Hepper. I apprecaite it

Congrats to the Bride and Groom!!!!!Handsome couple!!!

Gary and Bernadette look great too!!!!!!!!

Sharon Longie Dana

Message from Sybil Johnson: 

That was an interesting article on the original Farm Stead Act of ND. As many years I lived in Minot, I had never seen it before. Augie would remember many of those faces of the ’65’ class; I would send them to him, but he doesnt have his computer set up yet. If I may take the time and give an update on my daughter, Beckie; she is finally home and recuperating greatly. She will be going back to work in about a month and half.

Sybil Johnson


Picture/Message from Muzette Berube Fiander (74): 

Hi Gary –

I thought I would send some pictures from the wrath of Fay.  The pictures from the first website are all very close to my home in Melbourne.  Fortunately I didn’t have theflooding that a lot of areas had.  I had driving rain come in the front door, but nothing serious.  The Space Center was shutdown for 3 days so we didn’t have to report to work.  There has been a lot of damage throughout Brevard County and many other areas of the state, it’s very sad.  She was quite a storm for never making it to hurricane status.  I’m also including a picture with my sister, Angela, and our mom, Fern, taken Thanksgiving 2007.  The other is with my daughter, Renee, on Mother’s Day.

Thank you for keeping everyone in touch – you’re doing a great job!!

Muzette (Berube) Fiander (74)



                          Fern, Angela and Muzette Berube
Berube, Angela 2139


                    Muzette Berube with her Daughter Renee
Berube 2139



11/24/2014 (2138)

No blog yesterday

For the record I did not get a blog posted yesterday.



School games

Reply from Cheryl Larson Dakin (’71):  Bedford, TX

Hi all:

Red Rover was always a favorite. It was a challenge sometimes to break through the line when your name was called. And Duck Duck Goose. I still have a hand full of my marbles and picked up a set of Jack’s a while ago. I plan on teaching my granddaughters. And jump rope. I don’t remember most of the jump rope rhymes so if anyone wants to share?

Have a very happy thanksgiving and thanks to you Gary and all who contribute to this great blog.

Cheryl Larson Dakin


Posting from Margaret Metcalfe Leonard (’65):  Rolette, ND

Hi Gary , just returned from Cleveland, visiting my son Chris & Lisa and their boys, Shamas 9 and Oscar 2.  I needed a Grandma fix!  Walking to school in the snow!



Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe:  Bottineau & Minot, ND
Clayton Knoepfle  (Barbara Bott’s (DHS ’58) Husband)

(July 29, 1939 – November 21, 2014)

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Clayton Knoepfle, age 75 of Bottineau, died Friday at a Bottineau hospital. Funeral will be held on Tuesday at 2:00 pm at the First Lutheran Church in Bottineau. Visitation will be Monday from 1:00 pm until 9:00 pm at the Nero Funeral Home in Bottineau. Burial will be at the Oak Creek Cemetery in Bottineau.

Clayton Knoepfle, a son of Richard and Eleanore (White) Knoepfle, was born on July 29, 1939 at Bottineau. He was raised on the family farm southeast of Bottineau. He attended elementary school in Omemee and later graduated from Bottineau High School. He entered the North Dakota Army National Guard on November 16, 1959 and served until his honorable discharge on November 15, 1962. On August 6, 1961, he married Barbara Bott at the Rendahl Church, rural Dunseith. They spent a year in Tacoma, WA before returning to Bottineau in August of 1962. They made their home on the Knoepfle family farm. Clayton raised livestock for many years. Through the years he also worked for area farmers, Theels Inc, the Bottineau ASCS and also at St. Andrew’s Hospital doing maintenance.

Clayton was a member of the First Lutheran Church. He loved gardening and selling his produce. He also enjoyed his daily visits with his neighbors.

He is survived by his wife, Barbara of Bottineau; daughter Beth Knoepfle of Bottineau; sons, Brent of Bottineau and Brad Knoepfle of Warroad, MN; 4 grandchildren; Emily Deschamp, Alyssa Strong, Nick Knoepfle and Patrick Knoepfle; great grandson, Duke Deschamp; brothers, Maurice and Kenny Knoepfle both of Portland, OR and sister, Maxene Schultz of Vancovour, WA; and nieces and nephews.

In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by a daughter Bonnie Knoepfle; and sisters, Lois Cote and Vivian Schultz.

Arrangements were with Nero Funeral Home in Bottineau. Friends may sign the online register book at www.nerofuneralhome.net.


Blog (201) posted on August 24, 2008


Folks, Starting today I am only going to list the message number along with “Dunseith Alumni” in the Subject block.  I think the long subject titles may be one of the problems for some of these messages not going through to some of you folks.


Please don’t miss the email list update info at the very bottom of this message  Gary


Condolences From David Slyter (70): 

To the Prichard family:

My condolences to you all with the passing of your dear mother and wife.  God has taken her home and now she can rest and watch over all of you from there.

I always remember when going to the Birchwood, that big welcome she would greet everybody with and make them feel that way when you walked thru the door.  It certainly will be missed.

God’s Blessings on all of you.

Dave Slyter (70)

Condolences from Bobby Slyter (70): 

My condolences to the prichard family, I am praying for them at this time.



Condolences/Message from Dick Johnson (68): 

Gary and Friends,

First I would like to offer my condolences to the Pritchard family, on
the loss of Ann. We know she will be missed by all the folks at the lake.
I would also like to thank Gary Morgan for sending the explanation  for
the large basement dugout across from the lumberyard. I never heard the
name ‘George Pudenz’ ever mentioned before. This is a new one for me. I
remember how the snow would blow over the edge of ‘Pudenz’s Canyon’ and
make a snow cliff for us to dig in and jump off! In the summer it was
just a place to explore and goof around, and we did plenty of that!
Thanks Gary Morgan and thanks Gary Stokes!


From Gary Stokes:


With connections made through this sight, we just had a big wedding here in Cebu, Philippines.  Jared Steele who works for Terry Moe (73) at T’s Yamaha in Bottineau got in touch with me after I had gotten in touch with Terry putting his class list together.  We introduced Jared to several nice young ladies and he connected well with Geraldine. Geraldine is a very nice pleasant charming young gal.  She’s a recent college grad with a degree in teaching. After many phone conversations and email messages, Jared came to the Philippines in mid June.  He and Geraldine were married in a beautiful ceremony with a reception that followed, on July 28th, with nearly 200 guests. Jared has returned to Bottineau, but plans to return to the Philippines to accompany Geraldine back to Bottineau when her visa is processed and ready.  This process takes 6 to 8 months.  Jared stayed with us when he was here.  We really enjoyed having him as a guest.  He is a very nice pleasant young man.  Geraldine is currently staying with us while she is processing her paper work for her visa to go back to Bottineau.

If you guys are in the Bottineau area and for those of you in the Bottineau area, stop by and see Jared and Terry at T’s (Terry’s) Yamaha.  They’d love to sell you some Yamaha machines too.  I understand that those 4 wheeler ATV’s (All Terrain Vehicles) are a hot item and selling like hot cakes.  From what I was told, they are located out by Theels.

I have pasted some pictures below of the Wedding day.


                           Mr. & Mrs. Jared Steele
Steel 2138-1


    Gary Stokes, Geraldine & Jared Steele  & Bernadette Stokes
Steel 2138-2


This picture was taken in our office the day of the wedding. We had professional beauticians come to our house for the hair and make-up of the girls & ladies that were in the wedding. 

I was busy putting out the daily blog to you folks before going to the wedding. Gary

Steel 2138-3
                                  Gary & Bernadette Stokes
Stokes Steel 2138


I will be putting out another revision to our email list after I’m finished with the 40’s classes. I think I will go back as far as the class of 34.  That was Clarence Hagen’s class and he is still going strong.  He and Mary Ann are now living in Bottineau.

Listed Below are the email addresses of folks that have been added to our list since I posted the last update.

Recently, putting together the class of 44, I had some really nice visits with Bob Boardman, Oscar Hagen & Howard Landsverk. They all have email and their email addresses are list below.


  Name Email address


1 Martel, Arthur aamartel@msn.com Teacher
2 Fassett, Kim kimmyloujane@yahoo.com Auxiliary
3 Allard, Merle tallard@utma.com 61
4 Berg Rheault, Diane drheault@crystalsugar.com 79
5 Parrill Curtis, Lynda cljordan48@peoplepc.com 69
6 Parrill LeNoue, Janet jlenoue@insightbb.com 68
7 Ketterling LaRose mercerlk@westriv.com 46
8 Hiatt, Jacqueline hotjackindc@yahoo.com 79
9 Azure, Shannon brunettecentral@hotmail.com 2001
10 Azure Campbell, Shonda angelic_desires_of_a_firefairy@yahoo.com 94
11 Larson, Norman normbott@utma.com Auxiliary
12 Larson Vaughn, Norma NVaughn@comnetcomm.com Auxiliary
13 Johnson, Sybil great_grandma2007@msn.com Auxiliary
14 Eurich Strietzel, Dorothy wstrietz@hotmail.com 75
15 Eurich Roland, Jean tjroland@srt.com ?
16 Bergman, Ron PwRBRM@utma.com Auxiliary
17 Aitchinson, John anniesammie@hotmail.com 46
18 Watkins Carbonneau, Carol annie_oconnell@yahoo.com 46
19 Boardman, Robert bboardman@loretel.net 44
20 Hagen, Oscar oehagen@centurytel.net 44
21 Landsverk, Howard hlandsverk@hotmail.com 44


11/22/2014 (2137)

Marble games
Reply from Dick Johnson (’68):  Dunseith, ND

Gary and Friends,

I certainly remember playing lots of marbles outside the old grade school.  We had two marble games we played.  I don’t know if they had names but one was shooting marbles in a circle drawn in the dirt and the other was tossing marbles at a small cup we dug along the wall of the building.  There were ‘rules’ that had to be negotiated before the game began.  Someone would call out,  “NO giants.”  or “NO steelies.”

OK,  so what the heck is that?  Some kids had huge marbles or a steel ball bearing roller in their pocket and could smash our glass marbles and blow everything out of the ring and clean out the game in no time.

Obert Medlang had found a GIANT, and I mean GIANT,  steel ball bearing ball and would clean a ring in no time so if he showed up,  everyone was yelling “NO STEELIES,  NO STEELIES” much to Obert’s amusement.  One of the other ‘rules’  that was always a point of contention was ‘fudging’

which was reaching over the edge of the ring when shooting your marble or stepping over the line when tossing your marble toward the dugout cup by the wall.  Many a scrap happened over whether or not someone ‘fudged’.  It didn’t matter unless you won,  then the scrap was on! It didn’t matter whether it was muddy or dry,  we were out playing marbles as soon as the ground was thawed in the spring.  The girls played jacks indoors for the most part but some joined in the marbles outside too.

Another game we played out on the east side of the old white school was ‘dodge ball’.  I remember it went OK until someone kicked the big red ‘VOIT’ rubber ball and hit someone, usually one of the girls, in the head.  They would cry and head in to tell the teacher. Then the game was over and we would head in to the school to see who was going to catch heck from the teacher.  We also played lots of softball and basketball on the west side of the grade school where there was a concrete basketball court.  During the softball games, inevitably,  the ball would end up on top of the newer part of the school (1956 addition) and one of us would have to climb up from the short ‘breezeway’ connecting the two schools to retrieve it.  Of course there were more ‘rules’ about kids not climbing on the roof and someone would nearly always run to tell the teachers that we were on the roof so we had to really get the job done fast and be back on the ground by the time word got to Mr.

Rude,  who would come out looking for the culprit.  When kids played any kind of game without an official referee, we would nearly always end up in a disagreement over a goal or a move that was questionable.  Many times we ended up pushing and shoving or even duking it out to decide the outcome.  The odd thing was,  we usually went back to the game and forgot all about the disagreement in minutes.  Kids do that.  Thanks Gary!



Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe:  Bottineau & Minot, ND

 Rose Ann Peltier

(August 1, 1960 – November 17, 2014)

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Rose Ann Peltier, age 54 of Dunseith, passed away on Monday, November 17, 2014 at a Minot hospital. Funeral services will be held on Friday, November 21, 2014 at 10:00 A.M. in the St. Michael’s Catholic Church in Dunseith. Burial will be at the St. Mary’s Cemetery of rural Dunseith. A wake will be held on Thursday, November 20, 2014 beginning at 6:00 P.M. with a prayer service at 7:00 P.M. in the church.

Rose Ann Peltier, a daughter of Ernest and Mary Rita (Demery) Peltier, was born on August 1, 1960 at Belcourt. She was reared and educated in the Belcourt area. After her education she began working at Dunseith Hardware. Later Rose moved to the valley where she worked at Crystal and Hoople during the potato harvest. During the off season, Rose worked at Fargo in motels as a housekeeper. In 1997 Rose returned to the Dunseith area where she had resided since.

She enjoyed going to the casino and popping her gum. Rose loved to spend time with her grandchildren. She was a warm-hearted person, always willing to help someone out. Rose had a smile if you were down and would make you laugh. She will be greatly missed by her family who loved her.

She is survived by her children, Tina Peltier, Carmen L. Peltier and Felicia Peltier all of Belcourt, sons, Leon Peltier of Dunseith, Jarred Peltier of Dunseith, Kasey Peltier of Belcourt, and Billy Jack Peltier; grandchildren, Sara, Kevin, Thomas, Mary, John, Summer, Ethan, Daeton, Demarcus, Jayzin, Jayin, Dalton, Rae Ann, Dillon, Mckaysha, Ian, Manasseh and Braden; brothers, Clarence Peltier of Grand Forks, Ernest Peltier, Albert Wilkie and Harvey Peltier Sr. all of Belcourt, Francis Peltier and Eli Peltier, both of Dunseith, and Albert Peltier of Minot; sisters, Betty Ann Nadeau, Ernestine Azure, Marita Champagne, Carmen Peltier and Roberta Enno all of Dunseith; aunts, Mary Rose Counts, Ruth Hunt and Mabel St. Pierre all of Dunseith, uncles, Jerry Demery of Rolette, Sylvester Peltier of Dunseith and Walter Peltier and Fred Peltier both of Canada.



Blog (200) posted on August 24, 2008

Condolences from Julie Knox Seier (82): 


Please pass along my condolences to the Pritchard Family. I
only knew Ann from seeing her at Birchwood but somehow felt
connected to them after all of the updates on her lung
transplant the past several days. My folks knew Ann and Flyod
over the years and always visited with them when we were went
to Birchwood. My deepest sympathies to the entire family.
Julie (Knox) Seier


Condolences from Phyllis McKay (65): 

I did not know Ann, but through the e-mails I have felt like I was getting to know her. My thoughts and prayers are with her husband, children and grandchildren. It is never easy to say good-bye to our loved ones.

Phyllis McKay

Condolences from Neola Kofoid Garbe: 

Hi Gary,

When I started my computer just now and the emails were coming in, I saw this subject  (Ann Pritchard passed away).  I am SO SORRY to hear this.  I knew Ann from Birchwood–lovely lady.  Floyd bought Dad’s garage in Bottineau, but I didn’t know either Floyd/Ann at that time.  My condolences to the family.  Because of the updates Ann’s daughter/granddaughter sent to you and you shared with us.  I felt I knew Ann/the family much better.  Receiving your emails with news/updates/etc. on people’s health, involves us/our feelings with people we haven’t known/known well before.

Thanks, Gary.



Condolences from Bev Morninville Azure (72):

So sorry to hear  of  Ann’s  passing. I  did not know  her personally  but in the  pass  few  weeks  sure have prayed for her  a  lot. My family enjoys the  Birch wood Inn very much the food  and  service is   the best

Condolences from Sybil Johnson: 

Very sorry to hear about Ann. I didnt know her, but my heart goes out to all

who knew and loved her.
Sybil Johnson


From Bobby Slyter (70): 

To Bev Morinville azure: my prayers and good thoughts are still with Deb and her family, it is such good news that she is improving

From Gary Morgan (54):

Gary & All,

Darrell Fassett probably remembers this better than I do but in answer to Dick’s query about the hole across from the lumber yard:  The baker at the San for years, was a fellow named George Pudenz.  In the late 40s, after WWII, George decided to build a hotel in Dunseith.  He bought the lots across from the lumber yard and excavated the basement for his hotel.  I don’t know if he ran out of money or just changed his mind but that was as far as the project ever progressed.  I don’t know who it was that coined it “Pudenze’s Canyon” but that was what it was when I was growing up.

Gary Morgan


Mavis (Mrs. Art 72) Hagen’s udated report (Lung Cancer):


Last night Art left the hospital about 8:40pm and thought Mavis was settled for the night.

At 9:15 respiratory therapy was in for a treatment by 10:00 the nurse and aide were in trying to help Mavis cough. Guess this is quite a process with broken ribs and only 1 lung.

At 11:00 the plumbers came in. The bathroom sink was plugged and they were there to unplug it. I can’t believe they didn’t have time during the day, they knew it wasn’t working when she moved in this room from ICU. Oh well! Anyway, they were there until after midnight. Ok finally she can get some sleep. Nope, 3:00 the nurse is in to get her vitals and weigh her. I wonder if you weigh less in the middle of the night? 5:20 the lab lady was in to get some more blood. Guess it’s morning, now why try to sleep?

When Mavis called this morning she sounded good. She was waiting for the antibiotic to get done, which takes about 45 minutes, then into the shower. Then maybe she can have a nap.

She said once she gets home she will be able to rest. She can kick us out, but a little hard to do with the hospital personnel.

Art is planning to go the lake with Dorvin and Judy tomorrow. This will be good for him to see something other than hospital walls.

She is just overwhelmed with the support, prayers and well wishes. THANKS!!
Picture provided by Neola Kofoid Garbe: 


Many of you have asked about my brother Allen also known as Big Al. He stands 6′ 4″ tall.  He reached this height by the time he was in 7th grade.  Neola has found a picture of him taken with Leola Lagerquist.  This picture was taken up at the Ackworth Cemetery, the day of our mothers burial in July 2004.  Allen and Leola are facing the Cemetery looking west with the Stokes farm trees in the back ground.  Our former farm buildings are about 200 feet behind and to the left of this picture. Leola still lives on the original Lagerquist farm located 1.5 miles east and 1/2 mile south of this picture. The John Hiatt farm, now the Fauske Farm, is located about 1.5 miles north and about 1/2 mile west of this picture.

Allen & his wife Janet have lived in San Diego, California since about 1992.  Allen is the maintenance man for a larger apartment complex located in the heart of SD.


Reply from Gaillord Peltier (80): 

Hello Gary,

My name is Gaillord Peltier, 1980 graduate of DHS. Your website sure does
bring back alot of memories. I know that I was very young in the mid to
late 60’s, but I do remember alot of the stories that are mentioned here.

The Dunseith Dragons boys basketball picture of 1983 from message 198 is
filled with many relatives and my brother. The first one from the left #40
is Gerald Counts, my 1st cousin, son of Gary and Theresa Counts, #24 is
Mark Peltier, 1st cousin, son of Edward and Madeline Peltier, #14 is Roger
Cree, my relative, son of Henry and Loualla (Herman) Cree, #44 is Pat
Peltier, my brother, son of Joseph and Delores Peltier, #42 is Travis
Davis, my relative, son of Alfred (Damion) and Leona Davis, #32 Mitchell
Cree, relative, brother to Roger Cree, #30 is Brian Azure, relative, son
of Vincent and Janice Azure, #12 is George Bruce, I don’t know who is
father is but is mother is Rita Champange, #34 is Dean Gillis, relative,
son of John and Karen Gillis, the little  student manager to the left is a
brother to George Bruce, the one to the left is Gilbert Peltier, another
relative, he is in the Doris Peltier photograph. The head coach is James
Keating, I believe that coach Keating was in Dunseith for 3 years, this
was his 2nd year.
It is amazing of how many conections there are in the hills of Dunseith.

The Doris Peltier family is Valerie, Quintin, Shawn, Arlan and Gilbert.

Keep the memories coming and the pictures.

Class of “80”

Gaillord Peltier



              Doris Peltier with Valerie, Quintin, Shawn, Arlan and Gilbert
Peltier, Doris 2137

1983 Dunseith Dragons Boys Basket Ball Team L to R:
Back: Brother to George Bruce, #40 Gerald Counts, #24 Mark Peltier, #14 Roger Cree, #44 Pat Peltier, #42 Travis Davis, #32 Mitchell Cree, #30 Brian Azure & Gilbert Peltier
Front: #12 George Bruce,Coach  James Keating & #34 Dean Gillis
Basket Ball 2137

Folks, This is a correction to Message 197. In that message, I listed this reply as coming from Roberta Hagen.  It actually came from Kim Hiatt.  Sorry Kim & Roberta for the mistake.  Gary

Reply from Kim Hiatt Herman (77): 

Yes it is me and Roberta Hagen I haven’t seen this picture for years. Oh my gosh, it brings back some wild memories.

Back: Roberta Hagen Striker (75)
Front: Kim Hiatt Hermann  (77)


Message/Picture from Neola Kofoid Garbe: 

Hi Gary,

Thanks to you, Vickie Metcalfe, and Ron Peltier, I just received an email from Amy, the daughter in this picture.  I now have her mailing address and will get the pictures mailed to her soon.  I happened to have these pictures all together in an envelope, which isn’t the case with the other pictures I have.

Thanks again for all you are doing to see these pictures get delivered to people who want them.  I’m thrilled to get the pictures to people, as they are too nice to eventually be destroyed.


Peltier, Sandra 2137



11/21/2014 (2136)

Patricia Ann Sunderland Warburton (DHS ’49) Obituary
Posted by Bob Leonard (’51):  Dunseith, ND

Dear Gary:

Thought I would try to forward this obit to you to put on the blog.  As you will see, she was my sister in law.

If it does not come through, you can access it on the Johnson Funeral Home web site.

Hope all is well there. 





Thursday November 20, 2014, 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Johnson Funeral Home Chapel

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Friday November 21, 2014, 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Johnson Funeral Home Chapel

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Funeral Service

Friday November 21, 2014, 10:00 AM

Johnson Funeral Home Chapel

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Patricia Ann Sunderland Warburton
Sunderaland, Pat 2136

March 16, 1931 – November 18, 2014

Patricia Ann Sunderland Warburton, 83, of Lake Charles passed away early Tuesday morning, November 18, 2014 in her home surrounded by her loving family.
Mrs. Warburton was born on March 16, 1931 in Dunseith, North Dakota. She attended the University of North Dakota majoring in Home Economics. She was a member of Tri Delta Sorority which served as the vehicle for meeting future husband, Stan Warburton. In August of 1951, Patricia married this adoring bus boy, packed everything they owned in an old car and journeyed to Lake Charles, Louisiana to begin a life together raising five children. Mrs. Warburton spent her life devoted to her family and her church. She was an active member of Oak Park United Methodist Church spending her time as a Sunday school teacher, choir member and member of the United Methodist Women, She also was a volunteer at Abraham’s tent. Later in life she attended First United Methodist Church. She played bridge, traveled and lunched with her lifelong friends affectionately known as the Lunch Bunch and her beloved Bluebonnet group.
Mrs. Warburton was a dedicated and loving mother to her five children and shined in the eyes of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Her spirit was the essence of kindness and selfless giving and her greatest joy in life was proving her ability to love unconditionally. Her baking skills were legendary and became the envy of her friends and family. She never met a plant that would not thrive with her tender loving care. She took every opportunity that she could to be a beach bum.
Those left to cherish her memory are her loving husband of 63 years Stanley Nero Warburton; four daughters, Kathy Phillips, Kaaren Pantaleo, Karyl O’Banion, and Kelly Cady; a son, Brian Warburton; a sister, Shirley Fazio of Florida; nine grandchildren, Brent Phillips, Kara Jean, Michael and Diane Pantaleo, Emily O’Banion, Christopher and Krysten Duncan and Lauren and Ben Warburton; and two great grandchildren Hailey and Sophia Jean.
She was preceded in death by her parents, Henry and Florence MacMillan Sunderland and a sister, Donna Leonard.
A memorial service will be held at 10:00 AM on Friday, November 21, 2014 in the Johnson Funeral Home Chapel. The Rev. Roger Templeton will officiate. A private burial will take place at Prien Memorial Park Cemetery. A gathering of family and friends will begin on Thursday from 5:00 PM until 8:00 PM and will resume on Friday from 9:00 AM until the start of the service.
The family wishes to extend their sincere gratitude to all of Mrs. Warburton’s caregivers, Doloris Davidson, Karen Lominac, Shirley Jean, Shirley Tezeno, Sherrie Gillette, Katrina Mouton, and Justin Corell.
Donations can be made to the Methodist Children’s Home and the Alzheimers Association.

Reply from Vickie Metcalfe (’70):   Bottineau, ND

Gary and friends,

Many thanks to Bonnie Awalt Houle 56, 

for sharing , jacks, jump ropes, and marbles were popular with the “class of 56”.

You and Janice reigned with the Jump rope. 

Lowell Leonard and Bruce Poepple were the masters of the game of marbles.

I don’t think many kids attending school now would know what to do with  a ball and jacks

Or about  the intricacies of marbles.

I remember some  marbles  were called cats eyes, others pure-ies, some big,

 some small, and were steel-ies special? 

 There were some more valuable than others.

And I never  quite understood what that was about.  I had

 poor eye hand coordination, 

 the last one  picked for games, 

so marbles was never my forte. 

But, I purchased some old marbles at an estate sale a couple years ago. 

Just because,I am what you’d  call a sentimental buyer. 

 I  am fond of  things  from  the days of sweet  yesteryear.  

Please note;

I didn’t have regular access to a computer a few years ago so some articles are new to me,

 but I recognized the 

 Doris (Cree) Peltier Children,

Valerie, Gilbert ,?and Quentin 

I recall  them all as very intelligent children who attended Dunseith Elementary School.

They were also the grandchildren of Francis and Rose Cree.

 The Cree Family is well known for  willow basket weaving and beading.

 I believe on a national level. Wasn’t some of their work displayed  at the Smithsonian?

T’was in Dunseith, my very first year of teaching,  one Valentines Day, 

I was gifted with a beautiful floral beadwork necklace handmade by Rose Cree.

I was so delighted when she said it was a gift for me!

It is a piece I treasure and continue to wear on Valentines Day.

I also have a few willow baskets as Rose knew my weakness for willow. 

Later, Vickie


Blog (199) posted on August 22, 2008

Update for Deb Morinville with her stroke (70) from Bev Morinville Azure (72):

Hi everyone, Wanted to let everyone know that Deb is improving  each day they are moving her back to Miles  city to the nursing home as  she  needs  intensive therapy. She will be  leaving Billing   on Friday for  Miles  city. Kenny and I talked last night  for about  1/2 hour and he  explained  that  they have  stopped  so many visitors right now  cause  it is confusing  her and  she  gets  very upset  since  she can’t  talk to anyone. I plan to go  out there  as  soon as Shonda’s  wedding is over. 2 wedding in one summer is  enough . lol  Please  keep praying  for  Deb her faith is  unbreakable it amazes  me. Thanks  for  doing this Gary  what a blessing this  site is  .


Reply from Diane Larson Sjol (70): 

I remember the Robert family well.  We used to hang out at their gas station in town and had the best time.  Anyone know where they are now?

Those Metcalf kids were always so cute (Vicki, you still are!).

Diane Larson Sjol

Message from Neola Kofoid Garbe: 

Thanks to those that supplied info for the pictures – for the LaRoque family, too.  If the people are identified at a later date, I’ll add the names and resend it.

Thanks to everyone for all information. :)  If Mel Kuhn has any extra memory pills, I can use some!


Reply from Tim Martinson (69): 

Hi Gary, You probably have gotten a response on this picture, but as I remember, Arlinda is on

the left and Beth is in the middle. I lived one block south of their home in Dunseith. I sometimes

wonder if the boys still ride the dirt bikes as they and theLaugerquist boys had a lot of fun in

the mountains. They probably have switched to riding hogs instead, as in Harley Davidson, and

travel on the pavement rather than the country roads and trails. There were many times in the

early 70’s that I would run into these mud splattered guys cruising on their bikes. What a sight

to see a group out having fun their way. Take Care, Tim

Tim, you are right.  I got Lindy & Beth reversed. Knowing that Beth is the older of the two, with Arlinda being the taller of the two in this picture, I got them reversed.  Taking a closer look I can tell I listed them wrong. You Fauske kids are just too polite in not telling me I screwed up.  I think Beth got a growth spurt later on.  Gary


Elwood Fauske Family:
Back L to R: Carrole, Russell & Connie
Front L to R: Eleanore (Hiatt),  Arlinda (Lindy), Beth,  Brian & Elwood.


Message/Picture from Phyllis McKay (65): 

Hi Gary,

I returned from Florida the evening of August 10th. My sisters Patsy and Minnie Mary went on a cruise to Mexico and spent several days in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area. It has taken me until now to get caught up on all the summer e-mails! I have enjoyed reading all of them! I seem to be missing 191,194,and 195.

I spent most of July in Europe with my 18 year old grandson, Derek Sims. He graduated from Milnor, North Dakota in May. We were in London for about a week. We visited the Tower of London, cruised the Thames, went to West Minister Abby and saw the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace. We ate at the original Hard Rock Cafe and in the Crypt of Saint Martin in the Fields next to Trafalgar Square. We went to the National Art Museum and spent time in Trafalgar Square with the pigeons. We met many interesting people as we traveled on the city buses and the “Tube” (London’s underground subway system).

We rode on the high speed train from London to Paris using the tunnel under the English Channel. The machine that dug this tunnel came from Seattle. In Paris we visited Notre Dame, cruised the Seine River, and went to the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles. We ate on the 400 foot level of the Eiffel Tower and of course the Hard Rock in Paris. We dined in several Parisian sidewalk Cafes. We looked at great works of art in the de Orsay, the Orangerie and the Louvre Museum. We found our way to the Pere Lachaise Cemetery and saw Jim Morrison’s grave. (He has his own guard!) Derek soon learned enough French to navigate around the city of Paris. When we were on the top of the Eiffel Tower, (1000 ft) we could see the city stretching out in all direction with no end in sight. Derek could not believe his eyes! Going with an 18 year old, we climbed the stairs to the top of any monument that allowed it. Of course he would be waiting for me at the top as I huffed along behind him.

It was a trip that will always be remembered as not only a time to see far away places but also a time for me to get to know my grandson as an adult. I could not have asked for a more kind, considerate traveling companion, of course I am tremendously prejudge!

Thank you again, Gary!

Phyllis, You’ve got a very nice looking grandson.  His Grandma is looking pretty sharp too!  We don’t look a day over 61, do we?  You could pass for being much younger though. Gary

Pictures of Phyllis McKay & her grandson Derek,in Europe

McKay, Phyliss 2136-1 McKay, Phyliss 2136-2 McKay, Phyliss 2136-3

Message/Picture from Neola Kofoid Garbe:


Thanks to Mel Kuhn for the identifications and the information about the families.  Olivine either is/was across the hall from Mom at Good Sam.  Mrs. Senechal is a couple doors to the west.  I usually see Evelyn/Mrs. Senechal  when I visit Mom. When I say, “Hi, Evelyn”, or “Hi, Mrs. Senechal”, she gives me a big smile and says something, so we sometimes chit-chat a bit.  She and her walker “get around”. :)  Keith/his wife have been visiting his mom a couple of times when I’ve been there.


Allard Family



11/19/2014 (2135)

Class of 56 Memories
Posting from Bonnie Awalt Houle (’56):  Becker, MN

To Vicki Metcalfe,

Class of 56:  We were great marble players in grade school.  Lowell Leonard could clean you out in a heart beat until Bruce Poepple showed up and Bruce would take over.  Even the girls played marbles.  We also played Jacks.  Janice and I were the best, at least we thought we were.  At a younger age we played jump rope, we had tons of  rhymes memories for each turn.

Bonnie Awalt Houle 56


The last photo 11-26-83 is the Jerome LaRocque  family.
Reply from Vickie Metcalfe (’70):  Bottineau, ND

Linda (LaRocque) Poitra was in my sister’s class of ’68.

She and her sister’s Jackie and Jeanette I saw frequently at the Christopherson House Estate Sales this summer.

Their little sister was once a student in  in my class.

They are all cousins of Ginger (LaRocque) Poitra.

And  they are also great nieces and nephews of Emil and Genevive Morin. Later, Vickie



Blog (198) posted on August 21, 2008


Carol Fauske Rude’s (66) reply to her family photo posted yesterday:


I don’t think I remember ever seeing this picture before.  Great Picture!
We have a granddaughter that looks so much like Lindy here unbelievable.
Thanks for your great work.  I like so many others I look forward to this each day.


Allen Richard’s (65) reply to the Bedard picture posted yesterday: 

Great picture of Rene Bedard.  Mom used to refer to “Uncle John” — not sure how that connection worked.  Same with John Bedard.  Maybe John knows or Colette Schimetz.


Mavis (Mrs. Art 72) Hagen’s udated report (Lung Cancer): 


On Monday, which was the first night in ICU, the power went out, not sure what happpened to cause this. The backup generators kicked in, but when they did a fire broke out. Sounded like the nurses were bustling around pretty quickly to find flashlights and make sure all the pumps and machines were running. Mavis remembers all of this and wanted to pass it on. Never a dull minute.

She also said to express her thanks for all of the support, prayers and love. It truly is an inspiration to read all of the messages and know so many people care. I’m sure once she is up to it, she will take over updating her journal.

She is doing well, the morphine is taking care of the pain for now. She was even up a couple of times today and walked around ICU.

Thanks to everyone!!


Updated reports for Ann Pritchard (Lung Transplant) posted by her Family:

Wednesday, August 20, 2008 8:00 A.M.

Posted 1 hour ago

We received a good report from the doctor this morning. Mom had a stable night and they were able to decrease her support from the ventilator. They have also been able to decrease some medications. Today the plan is to continue to pull fluids from her as she allows and to rest most of the day. Dad inquired about decreasing sedation. They will try to bring her up a bit to see how she handles it if the team of doctors are in agreement. Physical therapy has been started for passive range of motion exercises to keep her joints from locking up. God Bless you all, Gina

Wednesday, August 20, 2008 8:00 P.M.

Posted 4 minutes ago

Praise God, mom had a good day today. She stayed stable throughout the day. They were able to reduce some of her support. This afternoon, her hemoglobin dropped so they had to give her blood. The plan is to continue to reduce her support and see how she handles it. Keep praying for her. God Bless, Gina


From Mel Kuhn (70): 


The family picture is of John and Olivine Allard. Back row Larry, Kenny, Clayton, Center row, Mary,Olivine, John, Karen, Front row, Betty, Duane,Carol.

There were at one time 5 of the Cote sisters living at Good Sam at one time. Evelyn Seneshal, Adeline Allard (Deceased), Olivine Allard, Lillian Allard & Alice Kuhn.

Evelyn Seneshal [I think I’m spelling that wrong] Married to Philip farmed at Overly for years. Now 3 married to Allard brothers, Adeline [Fred] I’m sure you know some of the kids, Alden & Merle for example. Olivine [John] Carol’s mom and dad, Larry married to Dawn Gregory from St. John. Lillian [Bill] Their daughter Judy lives in Botno. Lillian and Bill are both in Good Sam. My mom Alice [Marvin] Kuhn. The 5 sisters were all at Good Sam at one time, Adeline passed away, I believe it was last year. My memory is such crap that I can’t even name off all of my own cousins. Once the big old family picnics kind of quit and everyone kind of grew away into their own lives we kind of lost touch. I really envy guy’s like you and Dick with your memories and details. I have just about lost my memory of my youth and even high school unless prompted by someone or some thing. Even my first marraige is a blur. .Keep on eating those memory pills.

Thanks Gary

Mel Kuhn

PS. Evelyn is like 95-96 and as far as I know doing pretty good. Olivine & Lillian are physically good but their minds are gone. My mom is still pretty sound but just had to have some surgery and is recovering really slow. I guess 81 years old having some of that female type surgery can take a lot out of you, and she just can’t understand why she had to get put on a bag, which hopefully after some healing might be able to be removed.


The John and Olivine Allard Family L to R:
Back: Larry, Kenny, Clayton,
Center: Mary, Olivine, John, Karen
Front: Betty, Duane, Carol
Allard Family


Picture provided by Neola Kofoid Garbe: 
Can any one identify those in this picture?

                                  Dunseith Dragons – 1983
Dunseith Dragons 1983 - 2135

Message/Picture from Neola Kofoid Garbe: 

Hi Gary,

Ron Peltier (70) identified this fellow as Gary Nadeau.  Ron/Gary were friends. Gary moved to the west coast years ago and passed away about 3 years ago.  I was sorry to hear about his passing, even if I didn’t know him.

As you can see, I changed the text.

Thanks again for including Gary’s picture in your email.


Nadeau, Gary 2135

    Birth Date: 9 Oct 1952
    Death Date: 10 Aug 2005
    Social Security Number: 501-62-1664
    State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: North Dakota


From Sybil Johnson: 

That picture from Dunsieth/Belcourt isnt from the Gagnon family is it? It
kind of looks like Arnie when he was younger. There is no update on Beckie’s
condition; hopefully she will be able to go home soon.
Sybil Johnson


From Evon Lagerquist (77):

The last picture looks like it could be the LaRocques, not sure of their names, tho…


From Sharon Longie Dana (73): 

The very bottom picture is the LaRocque family, I see Debbie, Joy,Jeanette and Jackie, thats some of the girls, unfortunately I don’t remember all the others names. I tried to help.

Sharon Longie Dana


     Can anyone identify the folks in this LaRocque family photo?

LaRocque Family


Picture provide by Neola Kofoid Garbe: 

Hi Gary,

It says “Doris Peltier Family” on the back of this picture–darling kids.  I think I can locate someone to send the pictures to, as I’m getting a few names from the Dunseith/Belcourt area.  However, if someone would like to provide a mailing address, that would be great.  Just mention the pictures is the “Doris Peltier Family”, picture. If you want to post the picture, please do.  If not, no problem. As always, I leave it up to you. :)


Peltier, Doris 2135



11/18/2014 (2134)

No blog the past two days

For the record I did not a get blogs posted the past two day.



Happy Birthday Arlene (Jerry ’73) LaCroix: Bottineau, ND

Class of 65 – 50th reunion
Message from Vickie Metcalfe (’70): Bottineau, ND

Hi Gary,

Today, while at  Wal-Mart, I met your former classmate Ginger LaRocque Poitra who sends greetings.

She asked if  you have discussed  any plans for a 50th class reunion, and  indicated an interest..

Whenever I receive this blog, I send on to her son, who in turn gives to his mom.

These past few years, as I have come to know Ginger better,

I have discovered through  visits, she is the daughter of  Madeline

(Poitra) LaRocque.

Madeline was one of my dad’s former classmates at Hill Side Country School.

She is also related to  family friends, Genevieve and Emil Morin.

Today I told her I am kicking around an idea in my head. I recall many my Dad and Aunt Leona shared.

I wonder if folks would contribute to sharing  with the blog readers games and pass times  of their generation.

I’m  hoping all who read,  including  Erling Landsverk will share what their generation did.

Childs play!

Okey Dokey,


Yes Vickie, We the class of 1965 have a 50th reunion planned. We have a banquet planned at the Birchwood at Lake Metigoshe on July 17, 2015. Evidently the email address I have for Ginger is no longer good. I will add you to my “Class of 65” distribution so you can forward our messages to her son. Thank you Vickie.

I will be attending, however Bernadette will not be making the trip with me. She doesn’t feel as though she is well enough to make the trip. I recently purchased round trip tickets from Cebu to Minot. I will be arriving in Minot on July 3, 2015 and leaving on July 27th. I will be staying with my Brother Darrel (Bud) and his wife Debby in Bottineau.



Birthday greetings to Peggy Sime Espe (’60)
From Margaret Metcalfe Leonard (’65):  Rolette, ND

Happy birthday, Peggy.  Make it a GREAT day. Margaret.


Blog (197) posted on August 20, 2008


Message from Art Rude:

I was in the hills most of the summer, staying in the farm house as I was between renters at the farm.  Duane Mornville bought a house in Dunseith, so I was sad to lose him as a renter.  I didn’t put in any phone for the summer, so haven’t had internet.  I see I have some reading to do.  I didn’t know Dwight Lange was at the lake, I would have looked him up.  Visited him in Nashville one time, and enjoyed the visit.


From Vickie Metcalfe (70): Gary etal

Please  be aware of the health concerns of  Mavis (Froseth) Hagen .  Mavis, the dear wife of Art Hagen (’72) and daughter in law of Clarence (’35) and Mary Ann (former Title I aide at Dunseith Public School)  http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/mavishagen.  Mavis is currently a third grade teacher in the Bottineau School District.  Art and Mavis also own and operate Davidson’s Meat Processing.

The picture of the Metcalfe family that was been forwarded to me by Geri (Metcafe) Munro is  the family of  Cliff and Charlotte Metcalfe, Nancy, Vickie, Cynthia, Archie and Shanon.

Indeed, the photo of the Seim/Metcalfe Meadow from Dick was correct. For years, previous to this rain,  there were other big rains.  My dad, Cliff, forever a story teller had names for various places and things; For instance, he  called our road  (which was the Carlson,Seim,Metcalfe,Smith,& Johnson gravel road sometimes Anthony too..) “The Acorn or Oak Hills Road” because of the many Oak hills , he’d say this road ran from Snuce Box Junction intersecting  highway #3, because he explained,  Dad and Art among others on the east side of the highway and  Bill Metcalfe going west were “snuce” chewers.   For years, those gravel roads had various  places where  they’d wash out.  The county would bring in bridge planks for vehicles to get across.  One summer,after all the meadow hay was cut and baled,a  big rain came washing out the road in 2 or 3 places.   Odin Medlang had baled the Metcalfe meadow hay using  baling wire. Art used baling twine on his bales on the Seim Meadow.  Art and Dad had no problem deciding whose bales were whose, as many had floated back and forth across the road.  Fortunately, for us Metcalfe girls, we hadn’t quite discovered the fun or benefits of weight lifting/ strength building of bale tossing. So we didn’t have to go fetch ours. Vickie

Vickie, I have posted some of the updates of Mavis Hagen below.  I will continue to post updates as she goes through this terrible lung cancer ordeal.  I don’t know Mavis too well, but I sure know Art from our younger days with the Hagen’s being close neighbors.  Our prayers are with her.  Thank you so much for posting this info about Mavis. Gary


Mavis (Mrs. Art 72) Hagen’s udated reports (Lung Cancer):

SATURDAY, AUGUST 16, 2008 10:30 AM, CDT

Today is Saturday and a beautiful sunny day. The path report came back and surgery is scheduled for Monday afternoon to remove the rest of the left lung. The entire left lung had cancer cells. St A’s will continue to be Mavis’ home for about 10 days after surgery. Some type of treatment will take place after surgery, but this won’t be decided until after Monday. Prayers are still requested. Thanks for the support!


MONDAY, AUGUST 18, 2008 03:04 PM, CDT
Today is Monday and Mavis went into surgery about 2:35pm. Art & Evette are sitting in the waiting room waiting. She was in good spirits this morning, just anxious to be done with it.We will update after we talk to the surgeon.

Keep the surgeon and medical team in your prayers as well as Mavis. She is a strong lady and we love her dearly.

Updated reports for Ann Pritchard (Lung Transplant) posted by her Family:

Monday, August 18, 2008 4:00 P.M.

Posted 13 hours ago

Mom came through surgery for the tracheostomy tube well. They also were able to place the feeding tube in the position they wanted. We did not get to confer with the doctor after surgery and will probably not see him until morning. Mom is resting well and they are continuing to pull fluids off her body. The A.M. x-ray showed slight improvement again. Mom continues to make steady progress. Thank you all for your continued support, thoughts and prayers. When mom is well she will be able to look back at these notes to her. GOD BLESS!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008 9:00 P.M.

Posted 8 hours ago

Mom had a very difficult day today. It is only through the grace of God that she continues to fight her way through this. Keep praying, I cannot stress it more. She is fighting hard and your prayers are reaching our heavenly Father’s ears. She has been stable now for the past 5 hours. They changed some medications and modified her treatment. She will continue to rest through the night. God has a purpose in everything. He will not give us more than we can handle and we all take comfort in that. Thank you all for your prayers and support. God bless you, Gina


From Dick Johnson (68): 

Gary and Friends,

Something that just crossed my mind today, does anyone remember the huge
basement hole that was on the west side of Main street across from the
lumberyard ? We used to play in it summer and winter. Stan Salmonson of
Northland Builders put up a big green storage building on the spot where
this dugout was. I was told that someone was going to build a hotel
there but never got it done. This was back when I was a kid, so I don’t
even remember who said it! Can anyone fill us in on what this was for?
Thanks Gary!



Elwood Fauske Picture provide by Neola Kofoid Garbe: 


Is this the Elwood Fauske family?  I don’t recognize anyone, but the mom resembles Mrs. Fauske as I know her.  I just met the M/M Fauske about ten years ago, or so.


Yes Neola, This is the Elwood Fauske Family.  This is one family that I do know well. Great folks.

I think this must have been taken in the early to mid 60’s. Gary

Back L to R: Carrole, Russell & Connie
Front L to R: Elenore, Beth, Arlinda (Lindy), Brian & Elwood.
Fauske 2133


Message/Picture from Don Lamoureux (75): 


I’m going to try to attach a scanned photo of my grandfather Rene Bedard, and great grandfather John Bedard on John’s 85th birthday.  I’m a neophyte at this game, so please tel me if I made it impossible to download, I read that you are having internet issues as it is.

Don Lamoureux (75)


                        Rene & Father John Bedard
Bedard, Rene 2133


Reply from Roberta Hagen Striker (75): 

Yes it is me and Roberta Hagen I haven’t seen this picture for years. Oh my gosh, it brings back some wild memories.

Back: Roberta Hagen Striker (75)
Front: Kim Hiatt Hermann  (77)


Message from Neola Kofoid Garbe: 

Hi Gary,

Would Dave Slyter mind telling his sister (Kim Hiatt)  I’ll be mailing the pictures to her?  I could type/send a letter with the pictures, but I’m trying to keep the envelopes as light as possible–less postage. :)  I don’t care to write notes to send with the pictures, as my fingers are a little stiff.  For the most part, typing is no problem–thank goodness!!

Please thank everyone who has provided information/names/addresses/etc. that pertain to the pictures I’ve sent. This includes people who have sent the info to you to forward to me, and those who have sent emails directly to me.  I’m slowly, but surely, making a little headway with the pictures.  Maybe I should have only brought 1000 of them home! Ha!  No, it isn’t quite that bad!  As you can tell, though, I do have a lot of pictures to deliver to many people in many locations.  As you can tell from what I send to my “Bottineau Bunch” list, I’m working on other pictures, too.  I also have a “Kramer” list, and I’m delivering some pictures locally, too.  It’s a great project; I’m enjoying it very much.  It would impossible to deliver the Dunseith/Belcourt pictures without your/your list members’ assistance.  THANKS AGAIN to everyone!


Reply to yesterdays message from Sybil Johnson: 

Hey Gary, that sounds like here in the states, not in the Philippines. I
would like to give an update on my daughter, Beckie. The blood clot she has
is located in the artery between her large intestine and her liver. Until
that clot dissolves by itself, she will not be going home soon. But, she
does have great doctors. The hospital she is in, is a branch from the Mayo
Clinic. Like she said, she didnt expect to spending her birthday in the
hosptital(yesterday and she turned 41).
Sybil Johnson
 The following unidentified pictures have been provided by Neola Kofoid Garbe: 

Do any of you recognize any of these pictures of folks from the Dunseith/Belcourt area?

Unident-7 Unident-6 Unident-5 Unident-4 Unident-3 Unident-2 Unident-1









11/15/2014 (2133

      Happy Birthday Jackie Pritchard: Leesville, LA
Pritchard, Dale 2133


Happy birthday Peggy Sime Espe (’60): Dunseith, ND
Espe, Dennis Peggy 2133

Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe:  Bottineau & Minot, ND
Dunseith News


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Reply from Sybil Johnson about Axel Johnson: 

Gary, that’s funny about “Pa”. He was a great man in my eyes and always will be. He loved his family and did whatever he could for each and everyone of all of us. I remember Bernice getting after him, because he wouldnt wear his hearing aids. He would only say, talk louder! And when Bernice would yell at him for one thing or another, he would just walk outside until she cooled down. Dont get me wrong I loved Bernice and I learned alot from her, while Augie and I was together.

Sybil Johnson


Comments on the Cliff Metcalfe Photo below:

When Neola sent me this picture, I could not figure out which Metcalfe family this could be.

Vickie, I know you and Cyndy, but I didn’t recognize you guys in this picture.  You would have been Just graduated from HS when this picture was taken.  Thinking this could possibly be one of Jim Metcalfe’s family, I sent this picture to Lola.  I have pasted her reply below.

This is a beautiful picture!  Gary

Lola’s Reply: 

HI Gary!!–  I just enjoy this “blog” soo much-
I’m really glad you sent me this picture- it is my Uncle Cliff’s family
(Dad and Cliff were brothers)
Back Row: Nancy, Vickie and Cliff
Front row: Cyndy, Archie, Shannon and Charlotte (Lottie).
That is a wonderful picture of them!!-  Thanks for all you do Gary!-
Regards,  Lola

Pictures provide by Neola Kofoid Garbe:    

Clifford Metcalfe Family:
Back Row L to R: Nancy, Vickie & Cliff
Front Row L to R: Cyndy, Archie, Shannon & Charlotte (Lottie)
Metcalfe, Cliff 2133


Back: Roberta Hagen Striker (75)
Front: Kim Hiatt Hermann  (77)
Hagen Hiatt 2133


11/14/2014 (2132)

No Blog yesterday.

For the record I did not get a blog posted yesterday.



Happy Birthday Judy Allery Azure (’65): Bismarck, ND
Allery Azure, Judy 2132

Happy Birthday Aggie Casavant (’69):  Fort Mill, SC
Casavant, Aggie 2132


Happy Birthday Lynn Halvorson Otto (75): Boonton, ND
Halvorson Otto, Lynn 2132


Happy birthday Don Aird: Fenton, MO.
Aird, Don 2132



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Brandon is the grandson of Curtis/Denise Halvorson and Edward/Judy Halvorson Berg (Becky Berg Pollman is their daughter), great grandson of Clifford/Alma Christianson Halvorson and Albert/Alma Pederson Berg.



Identified Mother and Children
Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe:  Bottineau & Minot, ND

Peltier Azure, Sandra 2132


Blog (195) posted on August 18, 2008


Question from Sharon Longie Dana (75): 

Does anyone know how Mr. Hepper passed??? He was our neighbor for years.  He was always such a nice man.  Did he leave Dunseith???

Reply to Bev Azure:  All of our prayers are being heard. Her road to recovery starts now and we will still be praying for her and all of her family and  extended families.

Take Care Bev!!!

Sharon Longie Dana


Reply from Sybil Johnson:  

Thank you so much for those pictures of Axel, Gary. I, myself have never seen them before and I know Augie’s family will enjoy them also. I have downloaded some pictures of Augie and the family and will send them later.

Thanks again and Dick I loved the stories you told about “Pa”, they were
Take care,

From Gary Metcalfe (57): 

To Gary and All,

I am glad the diversity issue came up as it is  important to me, along with all the pictures, definite history.

Dick, the picture of the 10 & 12 inches of rain we got that night was great as I saw that same meadow the next day.  We lost two of Eben Ahrends’ brothers that night, Hiriam and Jennings, somewhere near Lords Lake.  They were brothers of Mrs. Norman Hiatt.

I guess it is time to add to the Axel stories.  Very early one morning I left my all night vigil on the station side of Dale’s and very quietly came up behind Axel, who had his head and shoulders up under the grill.  I said, “BOO”, he just slowly turned, looked at me and said, “let’s have some coffee”.  So, I got ready for another story.  I asked Axel if he knew my uncle Lucky Metcalfe.  He said one night in the years gone by, we were stuck in the mud in the hills around Willow Lake.  Axel and Lucky were lifting the car out of the ruts and some guy was getting “pesky”.  Axel said, “Lucky, get him off me.”  He couldn’t tell me what Lucky did to that guy because he lost it.  He was reliving younger days with an old pal.  Kind of like a volcano and Old Faithful!  Dick you have explained in earlier notes about the one and only laugh of Axel.  Oh, I must say, he worshipped Dale and Georgie.  We called him Georgie, Axel called him Yorgee.  I think Dale added 10 years to Axel’s life, as he was wearing himself right out in the 8 foot deep trenches around town.  He goes right up beside Ole Bersinger and John Bedard as great Americans.

Gary Metcalfe   PS Sue types my info and some names are not as familiar to her, so I want to correct two names that were misspelled in earlier messages, Rybachic not Rybach and Lilleby not Lillabee.


Updated reports for Ann Pritchard (Lung Transplant) posted by her Family:

Sunday August 17, 2008 11:45 A.M.

Posted 9 hours ago

Mom had a good night last night and is stable this morning. They reduced her sedation this morning at 5:00 but she is still on the pain medication which does cause some sedation. The nurse stated that it can take some time for the medication to get out of her system. She is moving her arms quite a bit but hasn’t started to move her legs. They are removing 3+ liters of fluid these past 2 days and the chest x-ray showed great improvement this morning. Air is getting deeper in the lung which is very good. The surgeon will evaluate tomorrow if she is ready for the tracheostomy tube.
This is a critical week as they will be reducing her sedation which may cause some anxiety for mom. Pray for her to be comfortable and not resistive as this occurs. Also pray for the doctors and nurses caring for mom. They have a wonderful staff here. We are grateful for all of your prayers and support. God Bless, Gina


Folks, I thought I’d include several pictures of some of the Class of 65 folks.  Gary

Class of 65 2132

                             Margaret Metcalfe (2007)
Metcalfe Leonard, Margaret 2132


                  Margaret Metcalfe, Susan Fassett & Carol Jasper
Class of 65 2132-1



11/12/2014 (2131)


I have nothing to post today other than several picture pasted below and of course blog 194 previously posted on 8/17/2008.



Cebu City Lights Condominiums
This picture was taken from the Cebu Marco Polo Plaza Hotel.
Art Hagen and Rose live on the 8th floor of tower 2, 2nd from the right.


Sunday morning breakfast at the Cebu Marco Polo
Gary and Bernadette Stokes with Hans Hauri, Philippines Marco Polo GM


Blog (194) posted on August 17, 2008

Folks, To enable better delivery of these daily messages, I have acquired another email address from Yahoo.  I have been having delivery problems with Globlines and Hotmail limits the number of folks I can send messages to in a 24 hour period.  That left Gmail. Larger Gmail group messages are often times a pain to send.  Often times they will sit in the out box for a long time before being sent.  Hopefully I will have better luck with Yahoo.  We will see.  My email addresses are

I consider Hotmail as my primary account, but you can use any one of the four addresses when sending messages to me. Using Outlook express, messages sent to any of these addresses are all displayed on the same page.  In fact I have to go into the properties of each message to find out which address each message was sent to.  Note the ph on the end of the Yahoo address. Gary

Reply from Joan Wurgler Salmonson (61): 

Thanks Gary,

Happy to hear you got my message. Hope I didn’t mess things up too terribly. Which e-mail address do you suggest using when forwarding messages to you?

Today (Friday) was the Special Memorial Service for Hope Bedard. We send our condolences to her family, Gayl, class of ’56; Lynn  ’58; Twins-Nicole & Nik ’61 and Triplets James, Jean & Juay ’62. Their family will be missed but we hope they will continue to

keep in touch and come back for visits.

Thanks again,


Latest update for Deb Morinville’s stroke from Bev Morinville Azure (72):

Gary, everyone   first of  all would  love to tell u  all thank you  for your prayers and  personal e mails to me.  Deb  wasn’t  doing very good yesterday and Kenny  just about called me to  come to  Montana. But  today  she made a remarkable  turn around and is doing  better.  Kenny and I have been  talking each day  but yesterday ..cause  I was  gone .   But the  minute  i walked into the house today  called and   Kenny said she was better  so he put the phone to her ear  and I told her  we  were all praying for  her  and  that  u all  are  asking about her and praying for her.   told her all about  your e mails  etc.  and when   I told her  so long,  I will talk to u tomorrow  and kenny took the phone  from her ear  she  grabbed it  with her  good hand and put it to her heart. So  I am  sure she is  trying to  tell us  she  is  there  and   I know  she  heard me. thank u all will  keep u informed  sorry  I thinking I …..rattled on just so  excited.  Garys  thanks for all u do   Bev


Sybil Johnson’s Reply to forwarding her Axel Johnson messages: 

Gary, that would be great. Augie and the rest of the family would really like to see them. “Pa” was a great guy. I remember how he would get down on the floor with not only my kids but all of his grandkids and play with them. Then there were times when I would put my kids down for a nap and there was “Pa”, sitting on the bed and feeding them cookies dunked in his coffee.

Neola, that’s a great picture of you. I would recognize you anywhere.
If I may, would like to give an up date on Beckie(my daughter). She is back
in the hospital. They found that she was accumulating blood clots and air
pockets. They have her on blood thinners and will be there for a few days.
Take care everyone!

Updated reports for Ann Pritchard (Lung Transplant) posted by her daughter Pam:

Saturday, August 16 10:55AM

Posted 8 hours ago

Once again everything went well overnight. They removed 4 liters of fluid yesterday and today, that’s a little over a gallon. In other words she lost about 9 pounds of water weight. The chest x-ray was about the same today as yesterday. She is still tolerating the ventilator well. Today her heart was beating a little out of sync and a bit fast. They were not too concerned about it, they said many people are fine with slightly irregular beats. They eventually got it back into a strong, normal but slower beat.

Dr. Peters gave us a little insight into their plan for next week. Assuming all is well this weekend, they want to remove her breathing tube early next week and replace it with a tracheostomy tube. This has many advantages over the normal breathing tube; it’s a shorter less obstructive route to the lungs, the tube is actually shorter and easier to manage, it will be more comfortable for her, it will allow them to slowly wean her off the ventilator, and it will allow her to be much less sedated. While they are doing this he thinks that the surgeon will use a scope to go inside the chest wall, through the spot where the chest tube is now, to examine the outside of the new lung. They think that a portion of the fluid we see on the chest x-ray may actually be clotting/puss/blood on the outside of the lung. If it is there he will remove it and that will allow the lower part of the new lung to work more easily.

This blog entry wraps up my time here in Rochester, I am very happy to have seen Grandma make such great improvements over the past 9 days. Gina is coming in this evening and will be here with Grandpa and Grandma through next week.


Question from Sharon Zorn Gerdes (62): 

Gary, would you by any chance know if Ben Grossman is still alive and what he did after leaving Dunseith? I recall him vividly, and some of the teachers I have difficulty remembering.  I recall  Mrs Conroy and a few others.  I love the messages you are receiving, what wonderful memories.  Sharon

Sharon, Mr. Grossman died in 1996.  I have pasted, below, the deceased Dunseith teachers that I have in my files.  Gary

1 Conroy Edward Born February 11, 1907 – Died October 17, 1972 Deceased Teacher
2 Conroy Florence Born April 7, 1908 – Died August 5, 1986 Deceased Teacher
3 Grossman Benjamin Born August 30,1920 – Died February 25, 1996 Deceased Teacher
4 Jerstad Lincoln Born May 15, 1922 – Died August 8, 2007 FARGO, ND  58103  (701) 235-8211 Deceased Teacher
5 Hepper Eugene Born May 1, 1937 – December 15, 1991 Deceased Teacher
6 Jury Robert Born July 4, 1936 – Died December 20, 1998 Deceased Teacher
7 Shurr Buelah Born March 3, 2003 – Died July 19, 1967 Deceased Teacher


Pictures/Message from Dick Johnson (68): 

Gary and Friends,

The other night I ran across some pictures I took in 1968. We had a bad
storm with hail, that completely wiped out our crops! And if that wasn’t
bad enough, it then rained several inches and flooded all our hay ground
and flattened that too! I remember driving up highway 3 and coming over
the last hill before we turned east toward the farm, only to see the
entire flat south of Kelvin under water! I had my camera along and took
these pictures. What appears to be a lake is actually the big hay meadow
that Art Seim and Cliff Metcalfe owned, and of course were planning to
hay! Our crops were pounded right into the ground! The water had gone
over the roads in several places and left floating debris everywhere. It
was a mess and a very defeating feeling when we looked at all our hard
work that was basically for nothing! I remember Dad and Duane Fugere and
I went to see the damage. Duane said something that has stuck with me
for 40 years. He said, “Playing poker isn’t gambling, this is gambling”!


PS- The storm was in 68 but I had the film developed in March 69.


Photo provided by Neola Kofoid Garbe: 

                        Bernard & Betty Kavi Family – 1972
Kavli, Bernard 2131



11/11/2014 (2130)

Wealth of history – reply to 8/14/2008 blog
From Bill Hosmer (’48):  Tucson, AZ

Gary,  I just finished reading the August 14 Blog of 2008. There is such a wealth of history, character, and significance in this one.  My gosh, the description of people like Mrs. Conroy, Hope Bedard, and Diane Larson’s remembrances are real treasures.  I wonder if there is another community in America with the same loyal, courteous, and dynamic historical dialogue going on, as is reflected in this blog.  My guess is that what we have, and what you give us is the opportunity to enjoy through your personal efforts, a terrific opportunity to express ourselves about our respect and love for the people we grew up with and who gave us the example of how to be better North Dakotans and Americans. I am proud to be among you who give a damn about America, North Dakota, and each other.

Bill Hosmer


Memorial day tribute
Posted by Bill Hosmer (’48):  Tucson, AZ

Gary, This is a rather lengthy rendition.  It has merit.  Maybe it will over-tax your system. If so , we can let it go and I will understand.  Thanks for all you do and I keep Bernadette in my mind in hopes she continues to overcome all medical challenges.  Bill Hosmer



Thanks to all who have served.  GOD bless America.
Posting from Jim Kofoid:  Bottineau, ND


I wanted to get this out before Veterans Day so it can be passed around. It is emotional to watch. But it is a  very  moving video.

This one is special.

Put aside the day’s clutter, take a moment… Absolutely one of the best tributes to our military that I’ve ever seen

Simply awesome…  After you click on Mansions; do not click on anything else.  It will start playing by itself. Sound UP.! Full Screen.!

  Thank you to all the vets.


Stokes Veterans 1496


Photo from Keith Pladson (’66): Roanoke Rapids, NC

I took this off our back deck this morning about a half hour ago (at 9 am).  In ND they are enjoying their first taste of old man winter again.  Here in NC we are enjoying a sunny day that should get up around 70.  We still have well over 50 percent of leaves on our trees , so it is a really beautiful day.  It is supposed to be a carbon copy again tomorrow, too!

P.s.  This photo is one of the reasons Alice and I moved here.


San Haven
Reply from Lola Metcalfe Vanorny (’68):  Dunseith, ND

Yes Brenda – You were right in the middle of it and know what i am talking about- !!- there was a purpose for everyone!_and it was a delightful place- we never heard much about bad things happening-  anywhere- and   i wouldn’t blame you of wanting to recreate the gorgeous grounds —  they were so peaceful – !!-  

and aggie-  It is so interesting  you would Mention Jimmy-  Casavant —  Tina did her internship for addiction counseling at Jamestown and then accepted a job there for  a few years–  she talked about the friends she made there- and especially one nurse that was so dedicated and friendly and such a great upbeat attitude – she said his name was Jim and later i learned Casavant– I told her the Casavant’ s were from Rolette and she knew that !-     I never told her about his accident for a couple years –  we knew about his injuries and they were severe- !!!_ Laurie Evans was in the same accident with neck and back injuries  and i cleaned at the customs port of entry for her Dad while they were with her in the hospital !-   back in t he early 70’s–  

  THen after a couple years i asked her if she noted anything  different about him and she said “not really”  – she said she just noticed he had some scars  on his face but didn’t really notice-  she thought just maybe from acne or something- and then i told  her about the accident-  —  she was appalled that he had such an upbeat positive and cheerful demeanor about him !!_-  she really liked him- !!!!–  

Yes and i remember your mom- she cooked at the school right??- just a sweet little French lady !!_ always prim and proper-  just a lady that was very happy all the time and nice to us kids-  !!!– She and Stella Schimetz  will have their own special place in heaven for sure- !!!_ – such sweet Tiny ladies- !!!_  Oh so many good memories- !!!

I remember talking to you also Aggie for hours on end you were such an interesting and wise kid even at such a young age- !!_  that has been  many many moons ago—-  I wouldn’t t even guess how many years–  but your sweet face–  keeps popping into my mind-  a little French girl with that awesome completion!!-  like the mongeons- !!! 

take care !!_  —  thanks Gary for this blog – !!_ LOla

Keeps us in touch and is very healing to the soul!!_  especially in this crazy world we live in today – !!!

PS Aggie-  !!- yes i remember when David Casavant was killed in a motorcycle accident– his wife Janet and he were such a happy couple-!  It was very devastating to her!!!-   an then went on to marry a very nice man —  a son of Bud Baker- who was a very good man and handyman around town- his son !!–  

who she married and after many many years- 

 she was virtually run over in her car by drunk drivers and is now confined to a wheelchair!!-  But she married a very nice man and he was taking care  of her as best he could since- 

– We used to ride to work together for a couple years when she worked in my office in Rolla–  she was an amyotte from St John and her mother was Ernestine Amyotte — again small world- she was my first supervisor at San Haven and i loved her dearly !!  SHe was so awful good to me and helped me train for working with the patients on the floors in high school-summers-!   She would laugh and say –in her calm voice — ” all I hear from you is “Ernestine!!!!”–  and one of the patients would have me bound with his arms and legs – as soon as i let his crib side down to give him a  bath- !!!!-   so she would have to come and relieve me from his grasp !!_- lol! !!  – she and her husband Joe were also good friends of my Dad and MOM-  –they bought the farm my aunt Nellie ( mom ‘s sister) sold —  well after San Haven closed i didn’t see her for a few years and then Ernestine passed on- !!_ I felt so bad-!!!!!-  then Margaret Bedard had some quilts for sale at a rummage sale and i stopped in  and saw one i really liked  — a STAR  QUILT !!- VERY  BEAUTIFUL !!- I  didn’t buy it  as i really couldn’t afford to buy it at That time  !! and then something told me to go back and get it no matter the price!!- so i did!!- and when i got it home i saw it had been made by —– written in black waterproof ink – made by Ernestine amyotte and the date!!-   that was a great blessing for me!!!_ —  and i keep it on my bed at all times and when i crawl into it at night i can almost feel her arms around me- !!! KEEPING ME WARM AND COMFY AS SHE ALWAYS DID AT SAN HAVEN — MAN!!- THERE WERE SOME AWESOME  WOMEN THAT WORKED AT SAN HAVEN on the floor for  40 0r more years-  i think they knew most if not more what the Dr’s did!!-  they had dealt with so many diseases and issues for so many years-  !! and they always had remedies for everything that really worked– no prescriptions needed- poultices–  vinegar and hilex were a lot of them !!_  

One old gal told me to use vinegar in water – like a cup of vinegar to a gallon of water for diaper rash that i had tried EVERYTHING   for!!- My poor Baby Jason!!!!- diaper rash just awful and i would take him to the Dr and they  would give him – ointments — sunlamps –  you name it and she said just put a cup of vinegar into a basin with a couple gallons of water and set him in there- !!-  so i did and bingo !!-  gone the vinegar —  straightened out his ph balance- and i gave that advice to my daughter TIna d n her husband- he was beside himself – just nothing helped – Well, i know that the mother in law should show up and shut up – unit i asked him if i would be interferring to him to give hims hint about diaper rash and he said “absolutely not”  – so i gave him the hint and it worked !!!- and “CHristian told me -I will love you forever and ever for that!!–  — Dakota’s diaper rash was gone overnight!!!_  such good advice from long time aides  — if it was now days i think those gals would have all been Doctors !!!!-    

Oh well!!- now i am babbling and should be reading my emails and mailing customers-   so will sign off–  best regards- LOla


Postings posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Bottineau & Minot, ND.

Olson, Willard 2130 Dunseith News Slyter


Blog (190) posted on August 14, 2008

Update report for Debbie Morinville (70) from Bev Morinville (72): 

Thank you all for your prayers for Debbie and her  family. They need them all. They did a  scan yesterday and  Debbie has had a major area of her brain affected by this stroke.her speech is  the  biggest thing. She can’t swallow  so they put in a feeding tube, I had one of these  when I  had surgery and mne  was  awful. They says  they never had any problems  with anyones  before . So I am praying  Deb isn’t feeling the pain I did with hers. Kenny (Deb’s husband) is beside himself he is  so worried about  Deb  they have been together  for years . Also please keep her  4  children in your prayers they are very  worried about their mom. I  Know Debbie  would  say  to  tell everyone to prayer for  her  she  is such a christian and knows the power of prayer. Thank you all so very mych for  the  prayers  and the  sweet thoughts as  our sister  goes through this  time in her  life. I  will get the  address for her  and  put it on here  so  anyone wanting to send  Deb a card  can do  that. I  know when I was  sick you  guys  got me though  with all your  wonderful  letters, cards,  flowers and prayers  thanks again   i will keep u all informed or  my  daughter  Shonda  will   Bev

From Curt & Ann Rotto (Former Peace Lutheran Paster): 

Gary and all,

In response to the picture of Peace Lutheran Church members (in #173). Lawrence Struck was in the middle of the bottom row. I believe he was teaching the Bethel Series and this may have been his first class.

For two years, as pastor of Peace Lutheran, I trained 10 persons from the church to prepare them to teach the Bethel Series to other lay people.  I am not sure if any other of the ten persons taught the Bible Series to others….Murl Hill may have information on this matter.

The following persons were trained from 1965 to 1967: Lawrence Struck, Murl Hill, Edna Leonard, Bennie Frovarp, Ken Sebelius, Ann Rotto, Barbara Schlacht, Marjorie Lillico, Orvin Hagen, Eva Struck.  They met for two hours every week for nine months for two years, along with “homework”.

Re: the naming of Peace Lutheran Church. In 1965 Little Prairie Church voted to close and join Dunseith Lutheran. Any confirmed member of either congregation was eligible to vote…(young people included.)  It was a consensus that a new name would be appropriate in forming a new congregation.

It has been over 40 years since we left Dunseith for Fergus Falls, where we still live. Our three children and 10 grandchildren live in other states.  Ann and I have enjoyed reading the many comments of Dunseith people, some who we know well…some who I had in confirmation classes.  It brings us many happy memories!  Thanks, Gary, for all your work on keeping the information and memories alive for many of us.
Curt and Ann Rotto

Curt, I recognize most all of the names you listed above.  Orvin Hagen was and still is a very close family friend of ours.  I talk to him frequently.  He lives in Kindred ND.  He is 87 and going strong.  Orvin was a 4 H leader, for many of the folks on this distribution list, for many years.  Orvin does not have email but his phone number is 701-428-3125. I’m sure he’d love to hear from any one of you.  If you call him be prepared to visit. Gary


Reply from Sybil Johnson (Augie Johnson is a cousin to Don Johnson, Dicks Dad): 

Thanks to Trish Larson (73), we now have Sybil on our distribution list. From what I understand, they just ran into each other out of the blue and discovered they were both from Dunseith.  Thank you Trish for passing Sybil’s info onto us.  Gary

I didnt know Hope Bedard, but my heart goes out to the family and their time of mourning.

For those who remember Augie Johnson: He just got back from Chippewa Falls,
Wis, where our daughter went through colon surgery. He is doing great, but
anyone who remembers him, can you imagine him weighing over 250 lbs? I was
married to him for 30 yrs and he never weighed that much. But, he is doing
Our daughter came thru her surgery great and they expect a full recovery.
The cancer had been contained only in her colon.
Have a great day, everyone!
Cecile Gouin Craig’s (61) reply to missing message: 


Hello again, are you ever on top off it! I just sent that message. As you
know the Morrinvilles are important to me, or I should should say us. my
parents included. So yes I did get the 190 message I was missing. Thanks so
much. Cecile

Reply from Diane Larson Sjol (70): 


I am sitting here after reading your post with a great big lump in my
throat and tears waiting to spill.  You are so articulate and have
reminded me of memories that I hold very dear.  Angelina was such a
great friend.  She told me how she hid her rosary in her sandwich when
they left Cuba and how the soldiers tried to take her mother from the
plane as all the kids wailed.  Finally they let her stay on the plane.
What a brave family.  I hope we can reconnect with her somehow.  As
for Mrs. Conroy…she was and still remains one of the most
influential people in my life.  Her classroom was always one of
activity.  Remember playing jacks on the floor?  The macaroni boxes we
painted bronze and the records we somehow melted and spray painted
into beautiful bowls?  I do remember the weekly reader and how much of
an impact it had on our lives.  As for the different cultures in our
classroom…there were many….and we all got along as we merged into
learning…helping each other succeed.  School was fun at the same
time.  I remember she liked my handwriting so she would have me stay
in during recess and write out the math test which she would later
copy on the mimeograph machine and lo and behold, there was our test.
I never thought about cheating…I just wanted to get the copying done
so I could scoot outside.  Anyway, thanks for your wonderful
words….and also everyone…keep Debbie Marmon in your prayers.

Diane Larson Sjol
Reply from Bob Lykins (Former DHS teacher in the mid 60’s): 

To Diane Larson & Bill Grimme,

Diane, I remmeber all of the places you mentioned and, like you, camped extensively throughout Europe.  At first I had a Dodge Cobra Van and then I went to a pop-up trailer tent and finally, toward the last, I just traved with a tent.  It was every weekend and vacation on the road.  We even did some winter camping.  We were real hard core.

As for your old friends, you could probably make contact with them through the alumni organizations such as the BRATS organization.

Bill, correct me if I am wrong but in answer to Diane’s question, that looks like the GUM.  Under the communists it was the main shopping store in Moscow.


Reply from Bill Grimme (65): 


In fact, the building was used for something besides a grocery store and  a wine market, but that was over 200 years ago. The building was constructed by Catherine the Great’s State Secretary as a palace for his wife. Upon her death, the building was purchased by a St. Petersburg millionaire named  G. Yeliseyev. He converted it to a food emporium and a wine market for very wealthy folks. The store has operated in this manner ever since, surviving revolution and war. The wine market is in the back of the store and it is huge. Originally, the wine was in the front, as you entered the store. But, apparently, that caused Yeliseyev some problem with permission to open a wine market. So, the store was re-arranged and the wine was moved into a separate room in the back, so, when one entered, the first place you came into was a “grocery store”. This satisfied the law at the time. Remember, this was in the early 19th (yes, 19th) century and this business still sits there. The art in the place is from the original palace, at least that’s what I am told.

Here is a website about the area where the store is located. If you type it in to Google and then click “read this page in English, you will get some info. The translation is not very good, though, and it is hard to read.


Updated reports for Ann Pritchard (Lung Transplant) posted by her daughter Pam:

Thursday, August 14 2:45PM

Posted 6 hours ago

Last night was a good night, she got rid of a lot of fluid and was stable all night. The x-ray also look a tiny bit better. This morning we were not able to meet with the main doctor. I briefly talked to the ECMO doctor and he said they were all very happy with her progress at the morning multidisciplinary rounds. They were hoping to do another bronchoscopy, but the surgeon got tied up in surgery, they may do that later this afternoon or tomorrow.
At 11:45am they started the process to wean her off of the ECMO machine. as of 1:30 everything was going very well and she still have 100% oxygen saturation with no help from the ECMO machine, meaning her lungs were doing all of the oxygen/carbon dioxide exchange work. This afternoon sometime they will take her into the operating room briefly so they can remove the large catheters that provide blood to and from the ECMO machine.
Then we start another process of healing, making her lungs do the work they need to be doing, with just the help from the respirator.
She is still very sedated, they need her this way to minimize movement but she is still able to follow commands when she becomes a little more lucid.

Thursday, August 14 4:00PM

Posted 4 hours ago

Grandma is on her way to the operating room to have the ECMO machine removed. With the ECMO oxygen contribution at 0% for 4 hours and the ventilator only at 50% capactity, she was able to maintain 100% oxygen saturation and her blood gas values were very good. They believe now is the time to remove the machine, and they have room to give her more oxygen by the vent if they need to. That procedure will take less than an hour.

Thursday, August 14 9:45PM

Posted 26 minutes ago

The ECMO removal was a success. They had no complications and her oxygen levels were great after the removal. While they were in the OR, the surgeon performed the bronchoscopy, the new lung continued to look good and there was very little junk in the lung to be removed. After the procedure the surgeon was very optimistic and happy with the progress she has made. She has quite a bit to go but today was a fantastic step. The doctor said that if everything goes well she might have the breathing tube taken out next week, wow that would be a big turn around. Now that she is off the ECMO they can really start to get a lot of fluid off of her…
She is still heavily sedated, but even I can tell that she is trying to breath for herself some times, that is also a great sign.
Again, we look forward to seeing the x-ray tomorrow morning.
She does continue to have one or two nurses with her at all times to monitor her status.
Everyone agrees that she has made huge progress today

Picture provided by Neola Kofoid Garbe:

Struck  (2130)

From Stan & Joan Wurgler Salmonson (both class of 61): 

Subject: Artist Janet Haagenson Sedlacek ’61’

Janet Haagenson Sedlacek, DHS Class of ’61’ who lives in Great Falls, Mt. was a featured artist at the Prairie Artists’ Show & Sale at the Christian Center of Lake Metigoshe on Aug. 9-10. She has exhibited her works at numerous shows in Great Falls and the area. She is famous for her painting of the Rendahl Church of rural Dunseith. The beauty of her watercolors can also be seen in her flowers, scenery of the Turtle Mountains, Montana and Alaska. Janet is a sister of Cheryl Haagenson and the late Mickey Grenier. Janet does not have e-mail but can be contacted at 224 Riverview Dr, Great Falls, Mt. 59404.

PS: In a previous picture of the 40th Anniversary of Wayne & Rosemary Smith–Wayne is also from the Class of ’61. Congratulations Janet, Wayne &  Rosemary.  Class of 61, let’s hear it from you!!

Haagenson, Janet 2130 Haagenson, Janet 2130-1 Haagenson, Janet 2130-2

Pictures provided by Neola Kofoid Garbe: 

Do any of you recognize any of the folks in these 2 pictures?

unidentified unidentified-1



11/10/2014 (2129)

San Haven
Reply from Brenda Hoffman (’68):  Greenville, SC

Thank you so much Lola for letting everyone know about the San. Our family adopted Donald the patient positioned directly opposite our front door at the San so he could loudly report our comings and goings. Mom was on the floors often and would tell us about special patients – esp. Donald. San Haven will always be in my heart. It took me a few years to realize I selected homes with outdoor environments similar to the San. 

San Haven
Reply from Aggie Casavant (’69): Fort Mill, SC

Lola, That  was  a  very  interesting  post  you  wrote  about  San  Haven.  I  left  the  Dunseith  area  right  after  graduation  and  moved  to   Denver  Colorado, so  I  missed  out  on  alot  of  the  happenings  that  were  going  on  around   home….  It  wasn’t  like  we  had  Facebook  LoL.  I  worked  at  San  Haven  3rd   shift  for  like  1 1/2   years, after  moving  back  around  the  Dunseith  area,  after  my  youngest  brother  Jimmy  was  burned  at  his  graduation  party. I  enjoyed  my  time  there, playing  cards  with  Ida  Norquay, my  cousins  David  Casavant, and  Gerard  Barbot.  The  thing  I  remember  about  San  Haven  growing  up  was,  from  down  on  our  farm  on  the  prairie, at  the  same  time  every  evening, when  we  were  doing  the  supper  dishes, we  would  look  towards  San  Haven, and  when  the  sun  set, it  would  reflect  in  the  widows, that  would  make  it  look  like  the  entire  hospital  was  in  flames. We   would  always  yell to  our  Mom,  “Hey  San  Haven  is  burning  down!!!   Finally  one  evening  when  we  yelled  that  she   hollered  back  and  said, “Well  it  should  be  burnt  to  the  ground  by  now, one or  another of  you  kids  have  been  yelling  that  for  years”. Poor  Ma….we  just   wore  her  down with  our  craziness, but  she  was  always  sweet  and  smiling.  Anyway  that  was  my  memorie  of  San  Haven…. Thanks  for  sharing  Lola….  Thanks  for  everything   Gary! 😉


Blog (191) posted on August 14, 2008


Obituaries – Minot Daily News

Hope Bedard

Aug. 6, 1918-Aug. 11, 2008

DUNSEITH Hope E. Bedard, 90, Rugby, formerly of Dunseith, died Monday, Aug. 11, 2008, in a Rubgy hospital.

She was born Aug. 6, 1918, to Charles and Edna Hanefeld in Wilton. She married Rene Bedard April 17, 1938, in Dunseith.

Survivors: daughters, Gayl Lamoureux, Chino Valley, Ariz., Lynn Shelver, South Bend, Ind., Nicole Whitmire, Columbus, S.C., Jean McDaniel, Falls Church, Va., Juay McClanahan, Fort Collins, Colo.; sons, Nikkey, Rock Springs, Wyo., Jim, Sheridan, Wyo.; 15 grandchildren; numerous great-grandchildren.

Memorial service: Friday, 11 a.m., Peace Lutheran Church, Dunseith. (Nero Funeral Home, Bottineau)


Condolences from Bonnie Awalt Houle (56):

Dear Gary,

So sorry to hear about the passing of Hope Bedard.  Hope was a very kind lady.  When I was expecting my third child I ran into some terrible health issues which required I get shots every week.  It was the middle of the winter and getting to the Doctor became a problem.  Hope Bedard volunteered to give me the shots, at no cost to me.  She was wonderful to me, and showed me great kindness.  She will be missed.

Bonnie Awalt Houle 56


Message from Ron Peltier (70): 

Gary:  Hi, my name is Ron Peltier, a 1970 Dunseith graduate and still living north of Dunseith.  I’m married to a beautiful lady from the Belcourt area, Debra Jean, and have two grown children, Aleta and Justin.  My daughter has 4 children; Isaiah, Tehya, Bryghton, and Elijah.  My daughter is a registered nurse working at the Belcourt hospital and my son, Justin, is working on an engineering degree at the University of North Dakota.

A few weeks ago there was a picture of a man named Martin Azure, who is my father-in-law.  My wife never seen that picture of her father before and would like to know if whoever has the picture if she could get a copy or the original.  You could mail it to me at P. O. Box 313, Dunseith, ND 58329.  It would be very much appreciated.  And thank you for the great work you have done in putting this message center together.  It’s great!

Azure, Martin 2129

Message from Ivy Eller Robert (74): 

Gary…….I would like to tell Bev, Toni, & Dewy and all of their family, that Debbie is my prayers. I hope she has a very speedy and complete recovery. I know it’s all in God’s hands right now, and with all of us talking to him in prayers, we can only hope for the best!

Ivy (Eller) Robert


Message from Bobby Slyter (70):


To Bev Morniville: so sorry to hear that Deb is having so much trouble, our thoughts and prayers are certainly with her at this time.


Message from Sharon Longie Dana (73):

Reply to Bev Morinville Azure: Our thoughts and prayers are there with you, your families and of course with Deb and her family.  we are here if you need us!!!

Sharon Longie Dana


Message from Dave Slyter (70): 

Thank you for updating on Deb’s surgery and recovery.  Sad to hear that she has had a set back with a stroke.  Deb and I have been corresponding back and forth once in a while.   Talking about the good ole days.   Please keep us all informed on how she is doing and I will be praying for a fast recovery.   Ok Class of “70”,  Deb Mornville needs our help with all our prayers.  Lets help her out.
Dave Slyter (70)


Message for Floyd (59) & Ann Prichard from their children.  Ann is recovering from a Lung transplant.


Posted 11 minutes ago

Happy 48th Anniversary Mom and Dad! As we think back about the journey you have taken throughout your marriage, we are truly humbled. You are a genuine testament to what it means to have incredible love, deep commitment and never-ending strength along with an adventurous attitude and a giving spirit. Because of your profound faith in God and your enduring dedication and love to each other, you have always pulled through life’s challenges just as you both are doing now. We love you so much! Your daughters, Kim, Gina and Pam (oh…and Thumper too!)

1 Corinthians 13:4-7 – Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always preservers.

Latest update for Ann Pritchard:

Wednesday, August 13 12:15PM

Posted 8 hours ago

Grandma had a challenging night last night. They made quite a few changes to her support systems that took a toll on her. They changed some of the filters, etc. which causes the body to react to the new surfaces causing inflammation and bleeding difficulties. As a result, they had to give her some more fluids with some necessary medicines. They have decided not to try and remove the ECMO today and let her body rest and recover a little more.

They did perform a bronchoscopy today, during which they inserted a small camera into the lungs to view the passageways and surfaces. They found quite a large amount of thick fluids in the primary passageways, which they were able to suction, this should help a lot. The surgeon was very happy to remove this amount of fluid and thinks that it will help a bunch. Additional good news is that the primary passageways of the lungs still look healthy, after they removed the fluid. The surgeon was relieved about this as well. He said they look good.

The rest of today they will let her rest and try to remove more fluids.

The x-ray after the bronchoscopy showed a great improvement over this mornings x-ray. It looks the best it has so far!


Messages from Diane Larson Sjol (70): 

I was driving home from Bottineau to Minot three nights ago and
noticed a star outshining all the others in the sky.  I think it was
put up there for you for all this wonderful work you are doing uniting
all of us.  I can’t put into words how important this forum is and how
much joy it brings to people.  Once again, thank you….Diane Larson

Diane, It brings great pleasure to me too, that you enjoy what I’m doing.  I also enjoy doing this.  It keeps me connected to the states from here in the Philippines.  I too, wake up each morning with excitement to see what new messages I have from all of you folks.  Remember, it’s day time for you guys when it’s night here.  We are the same time as New York, but on opposite ends of the day.  Gary

Reply 2 from Diane Larson:
This is a reply to Maria Parlade,

I am Diane Larson who was a good friend of Angelina.  I remember your
mother made us matching red cordoroy skirts.  I remember Angelina
spending time at our house in Dunseith and then we had to mvoe to
Germany.  Can you please tell me how to get ahold of her?  Thanks.
Diane Larson Sjol

Reply 3 From Diane Larson:

To Bev Morinville,
I am so  happy that your cancer is gone Bev.  Our prayers have been
answered.  Take care my friend.  Diane Larson Sjol

Reply 4 from Diane Larson:

To Bob Lykins,
Thank you for your great explanation on TCK…you have triggered an
interest in the subject for me and I will check out the web. I would
also love a copy of your writings…address 712 South Main Street,
Minot, ND 58701 and appreciate it very much.  The Third World Culture
concept explains alot to me….

I lived in Germany three different times…the first when I was a
baby…was in Augsburg, near Munich…the second time was in
Wildflecken, which was the most influential time I spent there.  I was
in the 5th through 8th grades, learned to speak German and was on a
mission of self discovery.  We traveled every summer, camping like
most people did back then, and visited Italy, Norway, Sweden, Denmark,
Austria and other parts of Germany.  We would be gone for an entire
month of leave and met great people and other teenagers from different
countries and had a blast.  I hope those memories never leave me.
There was also a certain camaraderie among military kids, just like
there is among military families who are stationed away from home,
especially abroad.  I wish I had stayed in contact with those kids.  I
would love to read the book you mentioned so will look it up.  Thanks
Bob for this great info….

Diane Larson Sjol

Question to Bill Grimme from Diane Larson:

Did that grocery store used to be something else?  I am referring to
the one in the photos from Russia.


Reply from Dale Pritchard (63):

I forget if Bob Keeshan was in the list of veterans the other day.  It’sinteresting to note that when Lee Marvin was wounded on Iwo Jima, Bob Keeshan, well known as Captain Kangroo, helped carry Lee Marvin to safety.  True heroes these guys!



Letter from Vickie Metcalfe (70): 

Vickie, This is a wonderful letter.  You are a great writer!  Thank you so much for sharing.  Gary

Greetings Gary and Maria Parlade,

WOW! So many wonderful people in response  the #190 of today
who I have fond recollections of;
GLENN SHELVER chauffeured many people to church, come Sunday
morn at Peace Lutheran.
One of those quiet, gentle, unassuming Christians was, HOPE BEDARD.
Blessed be her memory. …………………………………….
Ahhh.   MARIA  PARLADE.  Frequently, the past few weeks
through Gary’s news, I’ve read and pondered about the idea of “third
culture” from  the various classmates, upper classmates and former
teachers who have had opportunities……and the freedom… to
choose to live in other countries around the world.   I have never
had the opportunity to do that geographically. Thank each of you for
that insight.
Maria Parlade, wow Because,  thoughts frequently when
thinking about third culture ideas. I have started to  zoom in on
memories of I believe your sister, ANGELINA PARLADE.
The fall of 1961, when I began fourth grade, our family,  in
the hills  over the summer, had just acquired running water,indoor
plumbing and an oil furnace.  However, we still had the old  wooden
telephone ie, central operator and the telephone number # of a short-
a long___ and a short- .  Either, we’d walk or mom would drive  1 1/2
miles to meet the big yellow school bus which  drove down high way
#3. The many miles over hills and around curves on the old high way.
We couldn’t just go home or call home if sick or dumped milk over our
selves or had a bloody nose. We just made do.  But,  Excited, you
betch ya!  Because;
Now, I was upstairs in the white school house with  the
wonderful woman who, in my future, became………….. my role model
as a teacher, FLORENCE CONROY.
In that fourth grade class there were the city kids from
Dunseith, some prairie kids, and  many scared kids from the little
one room country schools from all over the hills, whose world had
just expanded considerably to the big white school house and the big
town of Dunseith.  There were brown kids coming in from the
reservation federal land,and were choosing to attend public school
rather tan the boarding schools. They lived in little houses which I
do remember  b-4 the govt. housing.  And a girl whose dad was not
living with her family because he was in the service somewhere ie.
Diane Larson.  And then, of course, there were the  San Haven kids.
One girl who got on the bus was a quiet girl who spoke a kind
different English, her name, Angelina Parlade.
At that time in Dunseith School, we were all from different
cultures within those classrooms. Cultures from the little pockets of
the hills, the prairie, San Haven,federal land, and city of Dunseith.
Here, in fourth grade, I felt we were all ok human beings.
Each of us was special.  Mrs.Florence Conroy gave us that gift that
sense of identity.  She was all about _INCLUSION.  We each belonged
to her.  And, belonged to to each other. No one ever tried to
disappoint her by bad behaviour to her or by bullying each other.
Mrs. Conroy had learning centers everywhere in that room.
Underneath tables covered with blankets, some children would be
watching a slide projector for science, while others in another
corner. pulling out with fingers and sharing jars of paste and
macaroni for art, still  another area students would be reading lines
for a play. Others would be tossing bean bags to learn multiplication
tables.  Every now and then, we could get a whiff of the blue
duplicating ink when the door of the little room where the manual
machine was opened.   And, Mrs. Conroy would bring stuff to eat we’d
never ate before, like “Hasty Pudin”.
The ideas and energy  of Mrs. Conroy was abounding and endless!
Music?  Well  Mrs. Conroy was certainly not  musically, on
the scale of Mr. Don Johnson .  Sharon Zorn, when she could walk over
from the high school, play the upright piano accompanied as we sang,
Davy Crocket or Blue Bird Blue Bird,… if not,  Mrs. Conroy in her
own key, taught and sang to us in  German, ‘Fraulein” or “Wooden
Heart as she discussed Elvis as a GI in Germany and Cassius Clay, the
Quiet time…. She’d read, and read,and read…… away we’d
be transported.  Oh the places, cultures,  our travels took us … in
the many, many books she read, …. the world she opened to us , and
we become I think….. ie. third culture citizens.
It was through , “The Weekly Reader” we read and discussed
project ‘Hope’, the hospital ship.  Once a week,we eager students
wondered where that paper would take us.
One day, her lucky helper placed  the Weekly Reader on each
desk.  An unidentified man not someone we knew about. Many students
did not have T.V’s. Who was this guy?  This a bearded guy in green
uniform and cap, with a rifle? There was a  BIG gasp as quiet
Angelina , now quite white stood over her desk and spat on her weekly
reader!  Yep a big, big spit!  Then she said, “I spit agh, I spit!”
OOOhhhhhh.  Aghast, I looked around to my classmates who had
the same expression!  Silence. We turned and ALL eyes averted away
from Angelina and upon Mrs. Conroy.  She was calm and serene. She
just seemed to float toward Angelina putting her soft plump hand on
Angelina’s shoulder. A gentle squeeze.
That was what we teachers call, “A TEACHABLE MOMENT.”
Mrs. Conroy with her calm hand on Anglina, then directed us
to read orally… all about the guy in green. Then, she, encouraged
Angelina to tell us about that man, his name was, Fidel Castro.  Our
very own, Angelina Parlade became our teacher in that class and on
through the next recess.
Please Maria ,Please thank dear Angelina.
Over the years, I have often wondered about her. Especially,
as I share with my students about her profound effect on me as a peer
from another culture who imparted and shared  her knowledge of Cuba
with we, her fourth grade classmates.  I am so delighted that Gary
has connected you!
Morinville, Marmon, Azure Clan. Keep the faith, for another
former 4th grade classmate Debbie Morinville.
To the Pritchard family, peace and prayers.
Thank you Dick for sharing about our dear friend Carroll who
taught me all about WWII on the German front.  Oh, y’all out there in
Gary Stokesland, if you could have known that gentle man, he was
small in stature.  It was my privilege and Dick’s that he revealed
and left a huge imprint on our hearts with his knowledge and pure
honest patriotism.
My heart is with you all  my dear friends.Til we meet again
through e-mail. Later, Vickie

Vickie L. Metcalfe


11/8/2014 (2128)

Lunch at Chikaan’s in the Cebu SM Mall yesterday

Art Hagen arrived in Cebu on Saturday 11/1/14 at midnight. It is nice having him back in the area too. Art will be here until the end of April (6 months).

We met Art and Rose in the SM mall for lunch yesterday along with Merilou who is visiting from Virginia.

Stokes 2127-1 Stokes 2127-2


San Haven
Reply from Lola Metcalfe (’68):  Dunseith, ND

The article on San Haven was so good–  and so true- !!_ what a devastating thing for our community when it was closed-!!!!  one man made a decision without even  going  up to the second floor – he walked in the front lobby and said “what a warehouse”   and his wife said “oh Bruce!!_ (Judge Bruce VanSickle)   “you haven’t even seen it’  but that went unheeded and he left and ruled to close it !!_ ironically he ended up in a nursing home-By his  wife !!_   where he sent most of our patients- and  sued and even went to the supreme court  to try to get out and  – he couldn’t –!!!!!!!   the judge ruled against him  I read the transcript from the trial !——  in my opinion—!!— justice was then served- !!!   I am not  a vindictive person but i feel this is what he received to affect the lives of 350 + san haven employees families  and 350 residents lives !~– a whole lot of them died  after just a short time in the nursing homes- and friends that grew up together in the  San were split up (patients)  !!- H took away the dignity of the patients that were able to have jobs and meaningful things to fill their day s and had the loving care of the employees-  !!!_  the people that were interviewed were and are just a few of the super great wonderful people on and off the reservation that truly cared and treated our residents with compassion and many got to be so attached to the resident s  both the ambulatory and bedridden — they were like their own children !!_ They all worked so hard to create fun things to do – !!-  take them  out for dinner at a local cafe-   go bowling- Have picnics and arrange hay rides and picnics-  and activities to no end – doing ceramics- and crafts-  —  even so far as traveling to another state with them so they could have a family vacation with their own family –  and  celebrating holidays- and attending church services in town for the ones that could walk –  — I remember going up for communion and several of the ladies (residents) got up and gave me hugs !!! – and people in church asked MOM why does she let them touch her???–  (real Christians)!!-LOL!!!   ————————–   and the ones that were bedridden were given the most tender loving care-   beds  with clean linens every other day and bathing every other day –  and hair dressers coming up on contract- to fix hair- dental services-  you name it !!!!  and then the fun every day stuff people do with their kids – watch tv— make popcorn  and it was like a home – not a Nursing home-  !!!  i could go on and on but will get off my soapbox!!_

Every report of abuse was investigated and dealt with (fired)  and they were just a handful of a slap to the face maybe for someone ( a resident)    who was really abusive to the employee- but happened i think twice in the 20 years Jay and i were there- !!  one  bedridden patient would pout til Jay would make his rounds checking air units- and he would put her slippers  on and give her a magazine!__  her name was lizzy  and she loved Jay and he really thought a lot of her too- he got a kick out of her- she would grab that magazine and not even look up at him just look through  the pages- !!_ – We have many wonderful memories of th egorgeous grounds and buildings and patients and employees– like one big happy family !!_

As for the “hauntings”  –LOL!!_ that is just a bunch of bunk!!!_  I worked at San Haven after it was closed   for a year all by myself – – the only person in the entire complex!!!!-  after it closed and i heard not a squeak or creek all the time i was there and i would walk through the entire building !!- much less moaning or screaming !!_ LOL!!_ or babies  crying!!-  that was when they were getting ready to open that so called sewing factory which was just  in my opinion just  farce to  get a bunch of money out of the state  by a loan of $400,000  !!!_  for a so called garment factory ran by a couple  jerks in my opinion-  !!  they were from Winnepeg and the culture of our area-  and the needs of the people were like the least of their concerns-  —  they just unloaded a whole bunch of junk machines  out of their warehouse – and made off with the the money by charging $80every time i called with a question etc–  !!_

anyhoo–  that is water under the bridge now-  !!- gone- !!  and life goes on – so what happens to our handicapped today !!- after they are 18??– left on their own-  !!_   there no supportive services that i know of for them !!_  if there are it is very minimal !!_  so sad but true!!_  LOLA


1975 Biginners Band at DHS
Posted by Jim Kamphenkel (1975 DHS teacher):  Greenwald, MN

Hi Gary,

Mike Booke, the band director at Dunseith High School posted a photo to his Facebook page that I thought that I would share with you.  It is a picture of the Beginners Band at DHS from 1975.

Jim Kamphenkel 

Dunseith band 2027


Posted by Vickie Metcalfe (’70): Bottineau, ND

Dorothy Belcourt

B. Sunday, October 16, 1927D. Sunday, November 2, 2014

Dorothy Belcourt, 87, West Fargo, ND died on Sunday, November 2, 2014 at her home under the care of Hospice of the RRV.

Dorothy Ann LaRocque was born October 16, 1927 at Dunseith, ND to Aldrick and Jeannette (Gillies) LaRocque. She grew up and attended school in Bottineau, ND. Dorothy met and married Arthur Belcourt. During this union, three children were born. This marriage dissolved and she later married Albert Belcourt on May 1, 1959 in Minot, ND. They lived in Minot, ND until 1969 when they moved to Fargo and lived for two years before moving to West Fargo where they have resided since. In this union there were three children.

Dorothy enjoyed cake decorating, crafts, crocheting and making quilts.

She is survived by six children, Donald of Moorhead, MN, Dwane (Maggie) of Olympia, WA, Linda (Chuck) Langer of Harwood, ND, Judy (Jonathan) of TN, Jim (Lisa) of West Fargo and Mike (Michele) of West Fargo; 18 grandchildren; 19 great grandchildren; two great great grandchildren; sister, Cecile (Henry) Lemieux of Bismarck, ND and Mary Turner of Candby, OR.

Dorothy was preceded in death by her parents, husband, Albert, brother, sister and two great grandchildren.

Visitation: Thursday, Nov. 6, 2014 from 5 to 7 PM with a prayer service at 7 PM at the West Funeral Home, West Fargo.

Funeral: Friday at 2 PM at the West Funeral Home Chapel, West Fargo with visitation one hour prior.

Burial: Sunset Memorial Gardens, Fargo.

West Funeral Home & Life Tribute Center



Blog (190) posted on August 14, 2008


Area Deaths – Minot Daily News – Posted August 12, 2008

HOPE BEDARD, 90, Dunseith, died Monday in a Rugby nursing home. (Nero Funeral Home, Bottineau)

Hope’s Daughters, Gayl Bedard Lamoureux and Juay Bedard McClanahan, along with Hope’s grandchildren Lyle and Joni Lamoureux are on this distribution.


Gayl, Juay, Lyle & Joni; you and your family have our sincere condolences with the passing of your mother and grandmother. We will publish her obituary as soon as we get it.  Gary


From Maria Parlade Corral (62):

Hi Gary; I graduated from Dunseith HS in 1962. At the beginning of the school year(1961) we had just arrived from Cuba and in Dunseith is where I learned to speak English . I was the oldest  of six of my brothers and sisters that were in school also and being the oldest I had to learn English fast. I remember that in my class were the Bedard triplets and I think Nancy Hosmer but I have never read any news from them in your wonderful collection of memories that you so faithfully send to all of us who had the privilege of living in Dunseith even if it was for only a short time. I enjoy reading all the news although I don’t know most of you. Actually we lived in San Haven since my father was a doctor there.

I have lived in Miami Florida since 1969 after I completed my college and M.A. I am married and have 5 children and seven grandchildren. One of the things I want to do is to go back with my husband and show him North Dakota specially Dunseith.. I have heard that the San Haven Hospital has been knocked down. Has Dunseith grown a lot.? One thing I can tell you is that when we arrived to Dunseith from a tropical country to me it was like coming to paradise. We found peace and freedom and we lived with fear no more. Thank you for letting me remember that every time I get one of your emails.   Maria Parlade Corral

Maria, We remember you folks well. You guys were a great inspiration to our school and the community.  If, in the future you decide to visit the Dunseith area, I know the Dunseith folks would be glad to see you.   Yes, San Haven has kind of gone to the ruins. Thank you so much for this reply.  Gary


From Bev Morinville Azure (72): 

Gary, I   don’t know where to start  cause  i  don’t  know everything that  is happening  but  i wanted everyone to know  what has  happened to Debbie Marmon (Morinivlle)  she had  her  hip replacement on Monday and that went  fine. Then this  morning  she  had  what the  call a  dry  stroke. They flew  her to Billings to the  big  hospital there ,I do know  she   is  non responsive at this time.  At this time  this is all the  information I  have   as  soon as   I hear anything I will let u  know . I know  Debbie wold  like me  to ask you for  your prayers  she is a  devote  christian and loves the Lord   so much. Please  say a  prayer  for her.  thank you all  and I will keep you  informed  Bev  Azure



From Shona Azure Campbell: 

Hi Gary I am Shonda (Bev Morinvillies daughter) and right now our family needs lots of prayers and thoughts my aunt Debbie ( Morinvillie) had surgery yesterday for a hip replacment the surgery went well however my Aunt has suffered a stroke details right now are kinda hard to come by I will let you know as soon as I can whats going on Please think of her and my mom and Aunt Toni and Uncle Dewy as this is a very haard time for them …

thanks agian Shonda Campbell (Azure)


Updated report for Ann Pritchard (Lung Transplant) posted by her daughter Pam:

Tuesday, August 11 5:00PM

Posted 5 hours ago

A quick note on the ECMO stop test performed today…
They essentially reduced her added oxygen from the ECMO machine to zero and she did well, keeping her oxygen level up and carbon dioxide level down, with just the help from the ventilator. They weren’t able to do this until around 4pm so they want to wait until the morning to completely remove the machine. They need the same surgeon who put in the large catheters for the machine to remove them as well and it is getting too late in the day. They want to do it first thing in the morning, so they have a whole day shift to monitor her progress when she is fresh off the ECMO.

When they turned down the ECMO, it resulted in a reduction of her sedation that was being put in via that machine. She was fairly aware for a little while, blinking, moving arms, legs, head, and following commands. They gave her additional sedation to make sure she stayed comfortable. They were going to continue to keep the ECMO at zero for a couple hours to make sure she is ready in the morning. Everyone thinks tomorrow will be the last day for the ECMO machine.


From Bonnie Awalt Houle (56): 

Good Morning Gary,

Starting my morning with a good cup of tea and your memories from the past certainly gets me off to a wonderful start.  Thank You.

The girl’s basketball teams that I remember were with Shirley Johnson, and Donna Sunderlund playing.  Donna wore # 00 and they called her “Donuts”.  The next group I can remember was with Mr. Berg Coaching, Millie Crum, Arlene Lamoueux, Viola Hobbs, Betty Lou Poepple, Janice Leonard, Doris Peterson, Lois Hiatt, Carol Fassett, Elaine Schneider, Neva Haagenson, Arliss Nordquist, Joy Nordquist, and Bonnie Awalt. The next year it was Mr. Conroy coaching with Arlene, Millie, Marlene Kraft, JoAnn Kester, Micky Haagenson,  Janice, Lois,  and I.  Then I guess Mr. Conroy gave up and they hired Virgil Vanorney.  I think coaching girl’s rather than boy’s was quite a shock for him.  We did have a good team that year and began winning games, I think we won most of our games but when the Tournament came along we faced Newberg. The Newberg Girl’s Team had been the State Champions for 3 years running and we get them our second game.  Mr. Vanorney had worked out an unusual way to keep us from getting creamed.  He wanted us to STALL everytime we got the ball we were supposed to just pass it around and keep it as long as possible, if they couldn’t get the ball they couldn’t score.  People were booing from the stands and yelling play ball.  It was a difficult game and we lost to the State Champions.  Virgil only coached girl’s that one year!  Marlene Kraft should remember alot more about the games, Marlene was a great basketball player, she and Arlene Lamoureux were probably the best players I can remember.  Someone must have pictures of the girl’s teams.  It would be fun to see some of them.

Bonnie Awalt Houle ’56


From Dick Johnson (68):

Gary and Friends,

Ivy Eller Robert’s forward on movie stars and their service record was
very interesting. I have studied WWII and have many books and VHS tapes
on the entire war, but several of these stars were never listed! Thanks
Ivy! There was a WWII veteran from our area by the name of Carroll
Carlson. He became a very good friend of mine in his later years and
told me many stories of the battles and travels during the war. He
served in a artillery battalion on a tracked 105mm gun. He was in North
Africa and chased the Germans into the sea and then was brought to
England where he trained for the Normandy invasion on Omaha Beach. He
survived the war and was is Pilsen, Austria on VE Day. I asked him if he
drank any beer there, as it is well known for it’s breweries. He said,
“We nearly drank the place dry”! One thing that really got Carroll riled
up was when someone mentioned anything about John Wayne! John Wayne,
according to Carroll, was never close to any action but was given medals
and honored for his parts in the movies like ‘The Sands of Iwo Jima’ and
others! He used to say “Why that chicken____ son of a ____ laid around
around Hollywood, drinking Scotch, while the rest of us were getting
shot at, and they give him the medals!” Sometimes when Carroll was a bit
down, I would intentionally mention something about a show that was
going to be on television starring John Wayne, and he would IMMEDIATELY
rev up and rant about that ‘NO GOOD ____!’
Soon the blues were gone and he was back to his old self! Carroll was
very proud of his service and his unit and kept every scrap of
information pertaining to battle history of his unit. He would bring out
old books with pages of underlined script telling of the battles and the
big pushes and breakouts he was involved in. He told about seeing
hundreds of German planes flying over his position during Hitler’s
strike at the beginning of The Battle of The Bulge. He said they could
have blown him to bits but were ordered to fly all the way forward
before bombing anything. He could see the airmen in the planes looking
at him! They were low! Vicky Metcalfe compiled much of Carroll’s life
history in a ‘book’ and because of her, we now have much of his story
and memory chronicled. We lost our old friend in 2004, but his story
lives on due entirely to the foresight and efforts of Vicky! I would
like to take this very public forum to say– Thanks Vicky! And again,
thanks Gary!


11/6/2014 (2127)

No blog yesterday

For the record I was not able to get a blog posted yesterday.



Cancer benefit for Ele Dietrich Slyter (’69)
Posted by Sophia Slyter Anderson (BHS ‘1997):  Minot, ND

We are doing a benefit for my parents Ele and Richard Slyter at Shepherd’s Hill at the Crossroads up by St.  John on Sunday November 9 from 7:30 am to 3pm. There will be a pancake and sausage breakfast served all day as well as a silent auction and free will donation to help defer the travel and medical costs due to cancer treatment.  My mom has already started chemo treatments,  and Minot is the closest cancer centre.  As the doctors aren’t expensive enough the 2 hour drive one way will definitely add up. If you could help get the word out I would greatly appreciate it.  If there are any questions  people can feel free to contact me at byte_me6879@  I’m on Facebook as well Sophia Tigz Anderson  and my phone number is 701-720-1869. Everyone is welcome to attend and if anyone would like to donate to the silent auction or directly to them it would be greatly appreciated.   Thank you for your time.  



Novie, Bernadette’s niece’s 33rd birthday dinner last night at the Laguna in the Ayala Mall

Stokes 2127


Joke of the day
Posted by Vickie Metcalfe (’70):  Bottineau, ND

 Power of Believing in One’s Friend

 A contestant, Sally, on ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’ had reached the final plateau. If she answered the next question correctly, she would win $1,000,000. If she answered incorrectly, she would pocket only the $25,000 milestone money.

And as she suspected it would be, the million-dollar question was no pushover. It was, ‘Which of the following species of birds does not build its own nest but instead lays its eggs in the nests of other birds?

Is it:

A) the condor

B) the buzzard

C) the cuckoo

D) the vulture

The woman was on the spot. She did not know the answer. She had used up her 50/50 Lifeline and her Ask the Audience Lifeline. All that remained was her Phone-a-Friend Lifeline. She hoped she would not have to use it because her friend was, well, blonde, but she had no alternative.

She called her friend and gave her the question and the four choices.

The blond responded unhesitatingly:

‘That’s easy. The answer is C: the cuckoo.’

The contestant had to make a decision and make it fast. She considered employing a reverse strategy and giving Meredith any answer except the one that her friend had given her. And considering her friend was a blonde that would seem to be the logical thing to do. But her friend had responded with such confidence, such certitude, that the contestant could not help but be convinced.

‘I need an answer,’ said Meredith.

Crossing her fingers, the contestant said, ‘C: The cuckoo.’

‘Is that your final answer?’

‘Yes, that is my final answer.’

And Meredith replied, ‘That answer is…. Absolutely correct! You are now a millionaire!’

Three days later, the contestant hosted a party for her family and friends, including the blonde who had helped her win the million dollars.

‘Joni, I just do not know how to thank you,’ said the contestant.

‘How did you happen to know the right answer?’

‘Oh, come on,’ said the blonde… ‘Everybody knows that cuckoos don’t build nests. They live in clocks.’

Sally fainted.


Blog (189) posted on August 13, 2008


Alaskan Cruise:

Folks, I got a message from Randy Flynn telling me his Mother – Minnie Flynn, his Aunt Edna (Susie) Millang and his sister K Flynn Richard are all signed up for and will be joining us on our Alaskan Cruise.  Gary
From Lois Lilleby Fielding (51): 

All the nice stories about Glen Shelver reminded me of the time he drove several of us high school girls to a Dragons basketball game in New Rockford, maybe a tournament.  A spring blizzard was raging, but somehow our parents allowed us to go.  The weather was a white out, but Glen was not concerned and we arrived safely.  I think he enjoyed young people very much and we all enjoyed the adventure, however I don’t remember who won the game.

A crazy incident:  One evening, while in early high school, Marshall Awalt, Dorothy Lamoureux, Shirley Johnson and I decided to go to Bottineau via the old gravel road in Marshall’s Model A (I think) with rumble seat.  Several miles out, the car was out of gas, so we walked awhile until we saw a farm home with a gas tank.  Through a window, we saw a man sleeping on a couch   We hoped to awaken him and buy some gas.  We knocked on the window, but he would not wake up.  The biggest problem was that his geese kept chasing us and hissing loudly.  Finally, we just walked back to Dunseith several miles and in the dark.  I guess we did not plan ahead.

Question:  Girls basketball started in Dunseith in about 1950.  How long did that continue?  We played using those old rules for girls.

Updated report for Ann Pritchard (Lung Transplant) posted by her daughter Pam:

Monday, August 11 11:00AM

Posted 8 minutes ago

Once again there was improvement on the x-ray from this morning, the middle section of the lung is showing some reduction in fluid. Yesterday and last night were stable as well. They are still trying to get as much extra fluid as they can out of her, this will help reduce the fluid in the lungs. We are waiting today to see how her immune cells have responded to the immune supressing treatment. The hope is that they are low in number. Additionally, we are still waiting to hear how the rejection antibodies are responding to the treatments. They may do another blood plasma cleaning this afternoon, depending on these results.
The whole team wants to try and gradually get her off of the ECMO machine. The sooner they can remove her from the machine the better. They want to begin this process tomorrow.


From Dick Johnson (68):

Gary and Friends,

Larry Hackman sent me an email today explaining the way the films were
shown at the theater. He said they were usually on 4 or 5 reels and the
people that had shown the films before would sometimes just throw them
back in the cans and let the next show hall try to figure out if they
were rewound or in the wrong order. I guess we were a little hard on
Tony for sometimes missing a cue! One other thing I remember happening
at the Althea was when someone in the back would kick a pop bottle over
and it would roll down the slope under the seats, nearly all the way to
the front row. There was no carpet, just the hardwood floor so it would
rattle and klink off the steel seat legs on it’s slow roll to the front!
Just thought it might bring back some memories for some of the readers
who nearly all went to the show at one time or another. Thanks again Gary!



Reply from Shirley Brennan (60): 

Yes Gary:

Yes Mike Groff is my nephew Pat’s Son. Joanne Bernstein’s Cousin.



From Randy Flynn (70): 


This past spring some memories of Notre Dame Academy in Willow City were mentioned. Many students from Dunseith attended Notre Dame Academy for a year or two. Allen Richard remembered Sister Albert as did the younger Neameyer twins.  I would like to inform those who knew Sister Albert Marie she has died.  I only received a message and was not home to speak with the caller.  I believe she departed this world on Friday night or early Saturday morning.  I have no further information at this time but will provide further information when I receive it.

From talking with Sister Albert over the past 25 years, I know she loved all of her former students.  To those who remember the joy and love of Sister Albert Marie, please, celebrate her life with a prayer.

Gary, thank you for all you do, for all of us.


From Allen Richard (65): 

Sister Albert was my first grade teacher at Notre Dame in Willow City.  Also Angela Berube and Rene Casavant.  I also remember that Joe, Gerald and I think Aime Casavant as well as Doreen and Jonne Houle had her as a teacher.

I’m sure a lot of others in the blog had her as a teacher too.

George is an old college buddy from Forestry days.


From: ndgeo@

To: allenrndmn@
Sent: 8/11/2008 10:03:36 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: Sister Albert Burkhartsmeier


Sister Albert had passed away last friday night.  She suffered from alzheimers for a long time.  She had been getting weaker for the last two weeks.  She was more than ready for her death.
She was one who I am glad to have known.  So now we pray for her soul in heaven and not for her earthly health.

Take care of yourself.

Message/Picture from Bill Grimme (65): 


Glad you liked the photos I sent. Hope they didn’t bore the family.

The girls in the night club picture were the bartender and the waitress. They said something to me in Russian and I assumed that they had asked to have their picture taken with me. At least that was my interpretation. I hope it was right.

Here is a picture from Paris. I have  wanted to eat a “Royale with Cheese” (a McDonald’s quarter pounder in France) ever since John Travolta talked about it in “Pulp Fiction”. So, I managed to get one in Paris.



Bill, you are so modest thinking we’ll be bored with your recent trip. We won’t.  We’d love a round trip report to include all your routes of travel.

I am including your cousin Wendal Cushing with this sending too.

Folks, Many of you probably remember Wendal Cushing from your forestry days.  Wendal was a professor there for many years.  Wendal’s mother and Bill’s mother were Fassett sisters.  Wendal lives, in Bottineau, next door to one of our 65 class mates, John Bedard.  They live one  bock over from my brother Darrel.  Last summer when I was out walking, Wendal was working in his immaculate yard.  When I walked by he stopped everything he was doing and invited me to sit down for a visit of which I did.  Gary.

                                    Bill Grimme in Paris
Grimme, Bill 2127

 Newspaper article from Larry Hackman (66): 

Folks, Larry Grossman is the nephew of our former DHS teacher, Mr. Ben Grossman.

Paul Grossman’s (70) Reply to Larry Hackman (66):

Yes, He is my cousin-we are the same age-that was quit  the story.  Sorry, I did not get back to you sooner – I am never in the house in the summer.   Paul


11/4/2014 (2126)

           Happy Birthday Sandy Gottbreht: Dunseith, ND
Gottbreht, Rick and Sandy 2126

All Saints day
Reply from Bob Lykins (DHS teacher mid 60’s):  Hutto, TX


I remember my TDY trips to Subic Bay Naval Base, Olongapo, PI over All Saints Day.  We would charter a boat, go out into the bay and cruise along the shore after dark, observing the cemeteries spread out up the hills from the shore.  It was so beautiful.  Everything was lit with candles resulting in a shimmering glow coming from the shore.  We would then pull into the shore where the main cemetery was located and walk through visiting with the families as they camped by the graves.  Some people even had baseball caps giving the name, birth and death dates of the patriarch buried there. It was amazing to see the final resting places of a rather large number of American service members who had retired there and raised families. There were food stands, strolling bands playing local popular tunes and a general festive atmosphere. It was a fun time.   Another cultural lesson for a north woods Minnesota boy.

Bob Lykins


Exploring Haunted San Haven
Web link posted by Vickie Metcalfe (’70):  Bottineau, ND



Roland Mongeon Home Being Auctions


Saturday November 8th 2014 11:00 a.m.


Beautiful Home on Lots 2,4, & 6 Block 14, Dunseith

4 bedrooms, 2  bath, full basement, with a three car insulated and finished garage.

2 bedrooms, large kitchen, full bathroom, laundry and living room on the main floor.

2 large bedrooms and full bathroom on the lower level with large family room.

Patio doors in kitchen lead to raised deck, house is fully carpeted, side by side refrigerator, stove, built in microwave, dishwasher, washer & dryer included.

This home has 2240 sq. ft. of floor space and 1008 sq. ft. garage. Large closets and lots of storage. This home is move in ready and great opportunity to have one of the nicer homes in town.

104 1st Ave. NW, Dunseith , N. Dak.

Roland Mongeon Home

Auctioneer Rod Hiatt lic 287                              Clerk- Family

For appointments call 701-871-2186

Terms: 10% down day of sale, balance due 45 days


Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe:  Bottineau & Minot, ND
Dunseith News

Blog (188) posted on August 12, 2008

From Shirley Brennan (60): 


Would you please send this to Randy Flynn. You asked once about the Groff family.  Mike was found dead last night in his home.

Shirley Brennan

Shirley, Is Mike a son of your sister Patti from the class of 52?  Gary


Updated report of Ann Pritchard posted by her daughter Pam:

Sunday, August 10 4:30PM

Posted 8 hours ago

The overall results of the ECMO stop test, over the couple hours they performed it, were good. With no help from the ECMO in providing oxygen she was able to stabilize on her own and even get better over the test period. From what I understand, this means that the lungs starting to do there job of providing oxygen to the blood and removing the carbon dioxide. We will see what the doctor’s final interpretation of the test results are tonight or tomorrow.

Around 2:30pm she began another round of blood plasma cleaning. She tolerated the procedure so well last night that they were comfortable doing it again this afternoon. I talked to the Dr. in charge of this procedure and it is pretty cool how it is done. They take the blood and spin it in a centrifuge at a certain speed. At this speed the heavy components which include the red blood cells which transport oxygen and the white blood cells which fight infection are separated from the rest of the blood, which is called plasma. This plasma is then taken from the blood and replaced with fresh plasma from blood donors. The plasma that is taken from the blood contains the rejection antibodies, that is the point of doing this procedure. Each time they do this they use about 16 units of plasma, this means that about 16 different blood donations are required to do this procedure once. They are on the 4th run of this procedure. So roughly 64 donations were needed to perform these procedures for her. Amazing!

I think tomorrow I am going to go donate some blood…


From Dick Johnson (68): 

Gary and Friends,

Today as I was out in the tractor baling hay, I was thinking about the

early 60s when the Althea theater had ‘midnight shows’. Most were horror
shows with the likes of Vincent Price and Boris Karloff being their
‘worst’! One I remember well was ‘House on Haunted Hill’ starring
Vincent Price. All the parents let us go as I suppose they had now real
idea what the shows were about! I remember being about 10 or 11 and
having the dickens scared out of me, as at that age you aren’t yet able
to separate fact from fiction. Anyway, at one of these shows an older
high school student, who had been drinking (No Name Here), sat right in
front of some of my friends and me. He was really paying attention to a
quiet scene when my friend (No Name Here Either) blew up his empty
popcorn bag and smacked it! The older guy screamed right out loud and
jumped up, much to our amusement, but then realized what had happened
and slapped the crap out of my buddy! Oh well, it seemed like a funny
thing to do at the time! Most of the time we got popcorn in boxes and
when the popcorn was gone we folded them flat and threw them like a
frisbee! Tony Hackman was the projector man and most movies were on two
reels. Sometimes he didn’t catch the end of the first reel before it ran
out and there was a blank screen for a few seconds. Everyone would yell,
“TONY–COME ON–WHAT THE HECK”, and throw their popcorn boxes at the
screen!! The second projector would start clattering and we were back to
the show! Just another memory from growing up in old Dunseith! Thanks Gary!



From Susan Fassett Martin (65): 

I don’t know which ND Gen site Neola was refering to, but there is an article on an Edward Masse on pgs 70-71 in the Prairie Past and Mountain Memories book.  He did have connections in Canada, so probably the same family.   It doesn’t say anything about a photgraphy shop tho.  I can send a copy of the write up to whoever was asking if I had an email address.

I am planning (along with Paula) on a trip to ND( Walhalla) on the 15th of this month.  I may be in Dunseith a couple of days, but have no concrete plans so far.

Hugs, Susan

Susan, please keep us posted with your tentative Dunseith plans.  I know lots of folks would love to see you.  You could arrange for folks to see and visit with you and if they like, look through some of the many scrap books of Dunseith memorabilia that you have.  Gary


From Bill Hosmer (48):

Gary, to assist Neola in her quest about a Masse Photo shop.  Page 70 of the Dunseith Centennial Book PRARIE PAST AND MOUNTAIN MEMORIES has an article about Edward and Emma Maase.  I remember that they lived just south of Floyd Nelson’s big house on the west side of town on the property which is now owned by Dennis Espe.   Since there is a strong Canadian connection the initiator may find some tie, although there is no reference to a Photography business.

I remember delivering sale bills to their house and getting the aroma of the tobacco he raised and cured right in the home.  The bird house in the picture of them in the Dunseith book is a memory I have, also, in going into their yard.  Their French accent was very strong, and I had trouble understanding them when I was a kid, probably 70 years ago.  It seems every time I saw him he had a curved pipe in his mouth. Thanks for another networking clue, Gary.  Thanks, Bill Hosmer


From Tim Martinson (69): 

Hi Gary,  Looking back thru the email list I find that I am missing

numbers 1, 14, 15, 81, 97, 111, 167,  and I received 186 but the

emails were covered by the article on the Johnson murders so

the emails were not readable.  The summer has been wet and

about the only excitement when it rains is the fishing is usually

excellent. My daughter and I spent a day on the Kenai River

and she was the lucky one, landing a 55 pound King.

Take Care,  Tim

Folks, If any of you are missing any of these messages, please let me know so I can resend them to you.  Gary



Moscow, Russia Pictures from Bill Grimme (65): 

Folks, Bill Grimme returned last week from a Russian cruise and a trip to Moscow, Russia.

I am sharing with you, some of the pictures he has shared with me.

Bill, you look great sporting that beard!  Who are the ladies in the Night club picture with you?


                             Bill Grimme in a Moscow Night club


Believe it or not, this is the inside of an underground subway stop in Moscow. Clean.





Can you believe this grocery store?






11/3/2014 (2125)

No Blog Yesterday

For the record I did not get a blog posted yesterday



    Happy Birthday Vickie Bergan Dietz (DHS ’82): Princeton, MN
Bergan Dietz, Vickie 2125



All Saints Day (11/1) and All Souls day (11/2) in the Philippines

All Saints Day and All Souls Day are federal holidays in the Philippines. On these days the Filipino’s flock to the cemeteries to pay respect to their lost loved ones. They set up tent covers and spend most of the day (11/1) in the cemeteries with lots of food and refreshments. Many spend the night there as well.

We set up a tent cover over Bernadette’s dad and brother’s grave on Friday. Saturday afternoon (11/1) we, along with all of Bernadette’s relatives went to the cemetery with a car load of prepared food and drinks. We got there about 3:00pm and left about 8:00pm. Most of Bernadette’s nieces and Nephews and their families rolled out their matts and spent the night there. We hired a jeepney to take them to and from the Cemetery. When we got up at 7:00 the next morning they were already home with all the Tent cover, tables/chairs, coolers, etc. The had a ball.
Stokes 2125-1 Stokes 2125-2


Federal funding fuels progress at Turtle Mountain
Web link posted by Vickie Metcalfe (’70): Bottineau, ND



Blog (187) posted on August 11, 2008

Folks, I just had a very nice visit with Bill Grimme (65).  He just returned from a 12 day Russian Cruise.  He had a wonderful trip.  Bill also told me he is seriously considering a trip to the Dunseith area next month, September. Bill is retired and is living in Birmingham, AL.   Gary

From Sharon Zorn Gerdes (62): 

Gary, I have been gone a long time, but one of the families that I never forgot, ( and often come to my mind) was Don and Bernice Johnson. They were so loved and highly respected, and that senseless loss was staggering to the community and all who knew them. Often I thought about Dick and wondered what happened to him and how he could forgive and live through something like that.

Thanks again for the wonderful job you are doing. You have created an entirely new world of memories that are forever precious and I eagerly wait for the next messages. Sharon Zorn Gerdes


Invitation to CarePage: Ann (Floyd (59) Pritchard  From her daughter Pam Smith: 

Note: Ann recently recieved a Lung Transplant.

A personal message just for you:

Please keep Ann in your thoughts and prayers. Please log onto the Care Pages website to receive daily updates on her status. She is in critical condition right now. Thank you – Pamela (Ann’s daughter) (smith_pamela_kay@yahoo.com)

You’ve been invited

to visit a CarePages website

Check in on a friend or loved one who needs your support now

You’ve been invited to visit Ann Pritchard’s CarePages website, which has been created to track Ann Pritchard’s health journey.

Once you accept your invitation, you can visit this personalized website to get progress updates,
view photos and share messages of support with Ann Pritchard. You’ll also have access to many
health resources and online tools exclusive to CarePages members. Membership is free, and it only
takes a few minutes to join.

Visit this CarePages website now: http://www.carepages.com/carepages/152782/invitations/14641/1c2e1423d66ad9912d5a162c360f9bc2da55ed72

(If the link is inactive, copy and paste the entire url into your browser’s address bar and hit enter on your keyboard.)

If you have any questions or concerns at all, our Customer Support Team is here for you Monday through Friday from 8AM to 6PM CST. Call (888) 852-5521 or email us at support@carepages.com.

The CarePages Team


Ann Pritchard – Friday, August 8 12:30

Posted 1 day ago

Mom had another good night last night – she continues to stay very stable making small gains. There was some concern that the amount of liquids going into her body were greater than the amount her body was eliminating. This was happening because of all of the medication they were giving her. They gave her lasicks medication to help her get rid of the extra fluid. It worked and now her fluid levels are equal. There goal is to eventually get her body to eliminate more fluid than going in so that it will start to pull the fluid out of her transplanted lung. The X-ray today shows that her transplanted lung is still full of fluid. However, the lung is still pliable and soft and the doctor can even hear that it is trying to work. She was also having some difficulty with the level of her blood platlettes being low. This was causing her to bleed at the sites where the ECMO machine enters her body. They gave her more platlettes last night in hopes to help her blood clot better. However, the challenge is that they don’t want it to clot too much as it will then clot in the ECMO machine. The doctors are very happy with her progress. It is very slow which is to be expected. They say we have now gone 100 feet into the mile we must go to bring her out of this situation. We love reading your messages to mom and the family so keep them going. We show them to dad each night and plan to read them to mom as soon as she can understand. Scott, Ann’s grandson arrived today and will be staying with Floyd. Floyd was able to get into the Gift of Life House last night. If you would like to send him any cards or messages, his address is: Floyd Pritchard Room 22, c/o Gift of Life House, 705 Second Street SW, Rochester, MN 55902. Love to all!

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Today was another stable day. The nurses all said that today went well. As I was leaving tonight they were going to do another blood cleaning to get rid of the rejection antibodies and inflammatory agents in her blood. They decided to do this because the rejection antibodies were elevated this evening. The primary doctor was not in this evening since he was up all night last night due to other cases. Hopefully the chest x-ray will show improvement again tomorrow morning.


Wayne (61) & Rosemary Smith:

Wayne & Rosemary, Congratulations on your 40th.  I’m hoping you had a good celebration. It takes a few days extra to get my paper here in the PI, so I’m posting this after your celebration for folks to see.  Gary

Smith, Wayne 2125


Darrayl Habberstad – DHS Class of 1959
Habberstadd, Darrayl 2125

From Neola Kofoid Garbe: 

I found this on the ND Geneology sight. Can any of you help? Neola

Dunseith Photographer – Antoine “Moss” Masse 1910
Posted by: Lynne MASSE (ID *****1160) Date: November 05, 2005 at 12:36:42
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According to the 1910 Census for Dunseith City, Gilbert Township, Rolette County, the entry for Antoine Moss (whose actual surname was Masse) is listed as occupation Photographer/Own Shop.

Can anyone confirm/advise if there is a business directory/reference that might confirm if there was in fact a photographers shop at that time?

Lynne – Alberta Canada

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For the record, I did not get a blog posted yesterday.



           Happy birthday Dave Wurgler (DHS ’64): Rugby, ND
Wurgler, Dave 2124


Alvin Haagenson Photo
Reply from Lore Richard Nelson (’46):    Mesa, AZ

 Hi Cheryl..What a great picture of your dad ,Alvin.. Your parents were such wonderful neighbors to us in those beautiful Turtle Mountains.. I have such  good memories as a child of all those Mountain neighbors. Hope you are still singing..so are Wayne and I .. His voice is as beautiful as ever, Gordie can attest to that..OLDER (never admit we are old, just older)  friends..Wayne and Lori Richard Nelson


Arts, Crafts & Bake Sale
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Joke of the day
Posted by Keith Pritchard:  Bottineau, ND

Nun in a taxi
A cabbie picks up a Nun.  She gets into the cab, and notices that the VERY handsome cab driver won’t stop staring at her.  She asks him why he is staring.

He replies:  ‘I have a question to ask you but I don’t want to offend you.’

She answers, ‘My son, you cannot offend me.  When you’re as old as I am and have been a nun as long as I have, you get a chance to see and hear just about
everything. I’m sure that there’s  nothing you could say or ask that I would find offensive.’

‘Well, I’ve always had a fantasy to have a nun kiss me.’

She responds, ‘Well, let’s see what we can do about that: #1, you have to be single and #2, you must be Catholic.’

The cab driver is very excited and says,  ‘Yes, I’m single and Catholic!’

‘OK’ the nun says. ‘Pull into the next alley.’

The nun fulfills his fantasy, with a kiss that would make a hooker blush.

But when they get back on the road, the cab driver starts crying.

‘My dear child,’ says the nun, ‘why are you crying?’

‘Forgive me but I’ve sinned. I lied and I must Confess, I’m married and I’m Jewish.’

The nun says, ‘That’s OK. My name is Kevin and I’m going to a Halloween  Party.’


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From Bob Hosmer (56): 

To Gary Morgan— Gary, I haven’t adjusted to our culture either–and it’s a good thing.  Keep swimming upstream; it shows that you’re alive.

We also know third culture life.  We lived in Japan for 15 years and our kids are truly third culture.  Our son never did adjust back to the states.  He has been more years in Japan than the states, married a Japanese, has three children and one granddaughter.

I’ve always appreciated your sport skills.  You were all around a superb athlete.  Your brother, Dick, also was very good.  I ran with him one evening through shanty town and all the way to San Haven on the dirt road that lead up that way.  It wasn’t a race.  It was a challenge to one’s stamina.

I find being anchored to the Unchanging One gives me the needed stability in our current post-modern culture.

Have a good day.

Bob Hosmer


From Bev Morinville Azure (72): 

I to had a hard time adjusting to  coming back from living  overseas ……….but   I  still say and  always  will we live in the  most  wonderful country in the world. I do agree with Gary  M  to a degree  we need to  start standing up and  tell our  government  we  love our freedoms  including our freedom  to have the TEN COMMANDMENTS IN OUR  COURTS


From LeaRae Parrill Espe (67):

Since we have had quite a few football stories lately, I wanted to let everyone know that the Bottineau Jr College (Forestry) is reinstating Football after nearly 50 years.  September 20 will be the Homecoming game and they are inviting all former alumni to take part in activities.  That will also be the weekend for Fall Festival and many activities are planned around the city.   Coach Neil Arntzen headed up a committee for fundraising to get this program going again.



I ran across this article in the 1982 Dunseith Centennial book about the deaths of Don & Bernice Johnson.  A while back we had many replies from you folks addressing how Don & Bernice had touch your lives in many ways. Dick has continued their legacy with all of his community involvements and to us with all that he contributes.  Through Dick, the Johnson family continues to be a pillar of the Dunseith/Rolette county community.


Dick Johnson’s reply to my message.  Gary


This story was in the newspapers all around the state when it happened,

but many folks probably don’t know what all happened in detail so it
wouldn’t hurt to post the article for them. It was a terrible time for
our small family for sure, but the entire community stood behind us
throughout the ordeal and we will never forget that. Red Paint filed an
appeal a couple years ago but lost so should be there for good. De
Noyer, I was told, was released after serving part of his sentence but
violated his parole and went back. I heard he died in a car wreck some
time later. Never did hear for sure. Thanks Gary!


My message to Dick. Gary


I ran across this article in the Dunseith Book that I had not seen before.  I know that it was a tremendous loss for you loosing both of your parents at the same time and in such a brutal way.  Being an only child would have made it even worse.  Reading this article, your parents were well loved and highly respected by the community.  Their passing was felt by the entire community.

I’d love to post this, if it’s OK with you. If you rather I didn’t, I will totally understand.  Please let me know.


Johnson, Don 2124

Picture provided by Neola Kofoid Garbe:neolag@min.midco.net

Does anyone recognize this gentleman?


Obituary provided by Neola Kofoid Garbe :neolag@min.midco.netDobois, Eleanor 2124